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When and Where do I get my East African Tourist Visa?

East African Tourist Visa – Makes – Uganda – Rwanda – Kenya Border less

Visit Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya – $100  – 90 days – Multiple Entries

What is a Visa?

A visa is a restricted sanction/consent approved by a terrain to a foreigner, accepting/tolerating them to enter, remain within, or to leave that territory.

When and Where do I get my East African Tourist Visa?

The time and money-saving East African Tourist Visa makes the boundaries of Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda border-less.  This visa grants you admission to 4 countries for $100 & you fill out forms when you apply, when you go into another country – it is purely a settlement/immigration ingress card, and it is welcome to Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

This has long been unsettled/unpaid, here is the realism about rate, if you did not have a 3 country visa, you would be spending more on tourist visas, this way you have a single $100 charge that springs hassle-free entrance and re-entrance for up to 90-day multi-entry admission to all 3 countries.

Tanzania has until now declined to link with the East African Effort to stimulate/sponsor East Africa as one Destination and is not a contestant in the East African Visa Program. Confidently, that will revolve shortly, though there is nothing on the skyline that designates that Tanzania will contribute.

Your African Safari made it more comfortable with the East African Tourist Visa

When it comes with the border-less boundaries, where you purchase one Visa (single tourist Visa) & can tour the 3 countries (Uganda, Rwanda & Kenya) transferring in East Africa has become more available & more expedient with Boundary/Border-Crossings have become more tranquil in East Africa. Now you can speedily book your flight into Entebbe-Uganda going on a Tour & end up in Rwanda,

So then engage in Gorilla Tracking in both countries and then fly out of Kigali-Rwanda back home with the use of a single Visa for both countries, yes, border-less boundaries have come to East Africa, and you profit in saving both time and money. You can Tour Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda on a single $100, 90-day East African tourist visa, it does not get any calmer or less affluent.

You can have a flight into Kigali- Rwanda and start your East African Tour in the Land of a Thousand Hills, trips across Uganda (Pearl of Africa) & end up in Mystic Kenya but all with one visa.  

East African Visa Requirements by Country:

Uganda – East African Border-less Visa:

Now for stance if Uganda happens to be the first country you are to tour to East Africa you can acquire/attain the Visa on reaching/Arrival by asking for it, you can do so via online or apply at the Ugandan Embassy in your country. The coolest, least classy way is to apply for the East African Visa on your reaching/arrival at the point of Entry like Entebbe International Airport.

Acquiring your Visa on Arrival is the cheap way for you to get your visa.  There are no mailing charges, no long forms to fill out online, no passport photos, just $100 and in Cash, which brands you the satisfied receiver of a Visa.  Do have your Travel plan with you, only in case you want to display proof of Travel objectives.  A Yellow Fever Certificate is mandatory on Entrance to Uganda.

Uganda online East African Visa Application

Rwanda – East-African Tourist Visa:

Apply Online through the Rwanda Immigration website. Related to the application for the single entry visa but make sure to make a choice of the East African Tourist Visa instead of Rwandan Tourist Visa.

Regrettably, Rwanda which as of January 1 – 2018 gives the unvarying Rwandan Tourist Visa to all arrivals, does not give the East African Visa on arrival.  Something that Rwanda Immigration wants to reassess since Rwanda is always at the lead of making Visas easier to access.

The online procedure with Rwanda to state it has been a bit tough to our Customers.  Hence we present this workaround to those that Tour Rwandan & Uganda only. You can now openly & clearly request for an East African Visa on arrival in Rwanda.

The other alternative is to access a Rwanda Tourist Visa on Arrival, when continuing to Uganda, access a Ugandan Tourist Visa at the boundary/border. 

This is what our Customers do that Fly into Rwanda, Trek Gorillas, Chimpanzees in Uganda and still have a flight out of Entebbe, Uganda which cuts down on Transfer Times.

Kenya- East African Visa:

Kenya referred to as “the Goliath of Tourism” in East Africa desires to extremely look at its current East African Tourist Visa Application Procedure it is presenting to Tourists/travelers.  It is the vilest of all 3 contesting Countries in the East African Visa Scheme. Now if one speedily can rub in/apply for a usual Kenyan E-Visa, one cannot even rub in/apply online for the East African Visa if your tour to Africa begins in Kenya.  You are and have been hailed with this message – Soon Coming,” that is not satisfactory if you need to stimulate/encourage East Africa as a single Tourist Terminus.

Here is what you have to do obtain an East African Visa through Kenya:  For those starting their tour in Kenya, you can find facts on the visa application procedure on the consular segment of your local Kenya embassy or its website.  Hopefully, there is a Kenyan Embassy or Consular Office in your country – if not – Contact Kenyan Immigration at the link above.

East-African Tourist Visa Confusion

Avoid the East Africa Tourist Visa Mis-understanding. The East-African Tourist Visa was announced as Solution slanting, but today the realism is that we have One East African Tourist Visa but 3- Diverse strategies in applying for it.  That makes it puzzling and unreasonable for tourists to East Africa.

Many of our Customers that fly into Rwanda and embark on a Gorilla – Chimpanzee Wildlife Tour in Uganda decline the East African Visa & acquire a Visa on arrival in Rwanda and at the boundary with Uganda at the same rate or less.  In Rwanda on arrival, you have to request for the East African Visa precisely. Our Solution proposition is this – rub in /apply the KISS method keeping it simple. Some Countries, tend to have forgotten that happy visitors are identical with income for the country/countries, jobs, savings, progress, & yes money for the preservation of wildlife and primates for future cohorts. Travellers do not need to fill out long forms online or in person, have letters of offers and any other administrative roadblocks to their time in Africa.

Online – is not expedient– it is unwieldy, and tiresome designed by administrative pinheads who know nothing about Tourism.  

On Arrival East African Tourism Visa is the Solution:  Uganda did not plan an on arrival scheme, it happened because the online scheme originally had too many hitches, neither did Rwanda, they both need the online scheme.  But now it is a part of the scheme, and it works well for our customers.  One East African Tourist Visa – 3 Countries – the same way of rubbing in/applying in all 3 countries should be the average.  We advise on arrival and a modest online application with no gigabyte uploads.  Keep it modest, and keep Tourists coming.

Croc Alert: Do not use Rwanda Transfer Authorization Amenity or Uganda Travel Authorization Amenities -Customers lost money – no Visa

Get your Visa on arrival where possible- Embassies, or official Country Immigration Amenities – but not simulations sites that take your money and you lost your money and have no visa. Rwanda Travel Authorization Amenity is not based in Rwanda but functions out of Spain. 

They also have a Uganda Transfer Authorization Site.  We have been asked to link this page and others to their page, which we refuted even though we were provided pay for click-through. Both Rwanda & Uganda proposes not using online 3rd Party Visa issuance agency.

Discover Uganda – The Pearl of Africa

We invite you to tour Uganda- Africa’s Principal Gorilla and Chimpanzee Terminus plus Wildlife, Picturesque Wonders, Volcanoes, the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, the River Nile, but most of all approachable, hospitable people.

Uganda is one of the harmless, protected & Steady countries in all of Africa, below the locator for many, off-the-beaten Tourism Track for most, where safe Gorilla Trekking is still inexpensive/reasonable with its $600 Gorilla Permits

Winston Churchill in 1907 during his African Transfers fell in love with Uganda and propagated the slogan/phrase – “The Pearl of Africa” which has persisted so until at present.  It was he who said.

“For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life — bird, insect, reptile, beast — for vast scale — Uganda is truly “the Pearl of Africa.”

The Kingdom of Uganda is a fairy tale. The scenery is different, the climate is different and most of all, the people are different from anything elsewhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa…. what message I bring back…. concentrate on Uganda.

Uganda is from end to end a ‘beautiful garden’ where ‘staple food’ of the people grows almost without labour. Does it not sound like a paradise on earth?  It is the Pearl of Africa.”