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9 Days Uganda Tree Lions, Wildlife and Chimpanzee Safari

Brief information about the tour

This 9 Days Uganda Tree Lions, Wildlife, and Chimpanzee Safari includes a wildlife safari in Murchison Falls National Park, as well as a boat safari along the Nile to the bottom of the falls. Going down in Kibale Forest for the famed Chimpanzee trekking adventure, as well as at Queen Elizabeth National Park before proceeding to Bwindi impenetrable forest for the gorilla trekking adventure.

Day By Day Tour Summary

  • Day 1: Kampala – Murchison Falls National Park.
  • Day 2: Game Drive and Boat Ride on the Victoria Nile.
  • Day 3: Murchison Falls – Kibale Forest National Park.
  • Day 4:  Chimpanzee Trekking & Bigodi Walk.
  • Day 5: Kibale – Queen Elizabeth National Park.
  • Day 6:  Queen Elizabeth National Park.
  • Day 7: Chimpanzee Tracking Kyambura – Bwindi.
  • Day 8: Gorilla Tracking Safari in Bwindi Forests National Park.
  • Day 9: Departure; Bwindi – Kampala – Entebbe.

Day 1: Kampala – Murchison Falls National Park.

At 7 a.m., a professional tour guide from monumental expeditions will pick you up from your accommodation and brief you on the day’s activities before you leave on the 6-hour trip to Murchison Falls National Park through Nakasongola to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. After a successful rhino tracking session, you will hike within the sanctuary.  you will return to Masindi for lunch at the Masindi. After lunch, drive out of Masindi and proceed to the top of the falls.9 Days Uganda Tree Lions, Wildlife and Chimpanzee Safari

Day 2: Game Drive and Boat Ride on the Victoria Nile.

Breakfast should be served at 6.30 a.m., and you should leave for the game drive by 7 a.m. This is an excellent time to catch nighttime and predators before they return to their lairs, as well as early risers. The River Nile divides Murchison Falls National Park into south and north sections. Because the north part has a larger animal population, it is more popular for game drives. If your lodge is in the southern portion, you must drive to the ferry crossing and cross to the other side to begin your game drive.9 Days Uganda Tree Lions, Wildlife and Chimpanzee Safari

Navigate the major drive routes, particularly in the Paraa region, to see giraffes, elephants, jackals, buffaloes, lions, warthogs, Jackson’s Hartebeests, antelopes, hyenas, waterbucks, and the elusive leopards. The game drive lasts around 4 hours, following which you return to the resort for lunch and leisure. Later, at about 2.30 pm, you go for the boat cruise on the Victoria Nile.

Several aquatic creatures, including hippos and crocodiles, make their home on the Nile. Several animals visit the Nile to sip water, cool down, and refresh themselves, while others munch fresh grass along the banks. The boat journey is perfect for seeing animals up close. Expect to see buffaloes, elephants, antelopes, and a variety of birds. The ride brings you to the base of Murchison Falls, where you may walk to the summit for amazing views of these magnificent falls. Following this exhilarating nature boat cruise.

Day 3: Murchison FallsKibale Forest National Park.

Drive all day through gorgeous scenery and past traditional dwellings and farms along the Albertine Rift rocky cliffs to Fort Portal via Hoima. Fort Portal is situated in the shadow of the legendary Mountains of the Moon. Drive to your lodging for a peaceful evening with spectacular views of African nature.

Day 4:  Chimpanzee Trekking & Bigodi Walk.

9 Days Uganda Tree Lions, Wildlife and Chimpanzee SafariEarly morning journey for chimps and ten other ape species, including a host’s, Red Colobus, blues, red-tailed, and grey-cheeked mangabey. The guide will offer extensive explanations not just of monkeys, but also of all forest wildlife and vegetation, ensuring that your trip is both interesting and pleasurable. This hike is good for watching the bird life and monkeys up close. Kibale Forest, a dense rainforest with a high overhead, is Africa’s best chimpanzee refuge. Following the chimpanzee tracking in the afternoon, you will proceed on a nature walk to the Bigodi swamp to view the unique flora and wildlife.

Day 5: Kibale – Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Early in the morning, you will stroll to the crater lakes and see the Vanilla plantation near Ndali Lodge. Later, drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park at your leisure for a day of rest and exploration. Overnight meals are provided at your safari lodge.

Day 6:  Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Morning game drive in Uganda’s premier park, where all big game is plentiful. The complex ecosystem of Queen Elizabeth National Park‘s grassy plains, tropical forests, rivers, marshes, lakes, and volcanic craters is home to an extraordinary amount of animals. With the enormous Rwenzoris as a background, game drives in this park give exceptional opportunities to observe lions, leopards, big forest hogs, Cape buffalo, elephants, defassa waterbuck, Uganda Kob, Topi, and bushbuck. After lunch, take a boat ride along the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park.9 Days Uganda Tree Lions, Wildlife and Chimpanzee Safari

Day 7: Chimpanzee Tracking Kyambura – Bwindi.

After breakfast, you will travel to Kyambura Gorge for chimp tracking, where you will follow the chimps as they search for food and care for their youths as a family. You will then travel to Bwindi Forest National Park via Ishasha for a game drive in search of tree-climbing lions, with lunch at Ishasha Wildness Camp. Arrive at your lodge, settle in, and enjoy a relaxed evening with breathtaking views and forest noises.

Day 8: Gorilla Tracking Safari in Bwindi Forests National Park.

After breakfast, proceed to the visitor center for a briefing about the park and gorilla adventures. Enter the jungle to find the bashful primates hiding in the gloom. Tourists are permitted one hour with the primates to enjoy their company and snap beautiful shots. Bring rain clothes, walking shoes, shelter, bug repellent, sunscreen, a packed lunch, and bottled mineral water. Spend the evening exploring the surrounding communities, which include traditional Bakiga houses, local brewers, traditional healers, Batwa cultural shows, local schools, and art and artisan shops.

Day 9: Departure:  Bwindi – Kampala – Entebbe.

After breakfast, board the safari vehicle and return to Kampala, stopping for lunch along the way. Stop by the equator once more to pick up keepsakes from your Uganda safari. Drive to the airport to catch your return trip home.

End Of Tour


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  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Gorilla permit
  • Drinking water


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