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5-Things You Never knew About Gorilla Trekking-The Reality

What you do not know about Gorilla Trekking

Here are 5-Things You Never Knew About Gorilla Trekking

What you do not know about Gorilla Trekking-The Reality against Insights/Perceptions & those observations can charge you Thousands of Dollars, Money that you outlay because you do not know. There are Gorilla Trekking truths you should know since what you read on the internet, what you read in Transfer Magazine, on TripAdvisor Posts, in mediums such as Fodors or Lonely Planet’s Thorn tree Forum are sentiments often partial, intolerant and they leave out the truth on the ground.  The writers of such post are simply emitting Buffaloes (Uglish -Ugandan English Phrase) as we say in Uganda, they do not know what they are gabbing about.

Do we know what we are chitchatting about when it comes to Gorilla Trekking?  We have to, Gorilla Trekking is both our business as well as our Desire. We know gentle giants(Gorillas), we stay and labour here. trekking the Gorillas (Gentle Giants) is not a reflection, it is not a supplement it is our Business implying that we have to know all there is to find out about it and what we put on the internet is present & the situation on the ground.

We take it one step further something that makes what we write about real & that is what we inscribe about we have done ourselves.  Gorilla Trekking is the most expensive Tourism Activity in Africa & as a Gorilla Safari Operator, we need to make sure that you get the worth for your Money whether you are on mid-range lodge Tour / a high class amenity one.

5-Things you never identified about Gorilla Trekking.  Gorilla Trekking is not a common African Tour Activity, it is done by a segment of the Tourists that polish the massive African Continent, hence there are more things not known, then known by several which outcomes into diffusion of facts that is plainly wrong, opinion reliant & not comparative, lack of facts.  We hope that the below which is reliant on our as a Ugandan Gorilla Tour Operator will be of help to you and give you information that you need.


5-Things You Never Knew About Gorilla Trekking

  • Gorilla Trekking is better in Rwanda:

That is an allegory happily proliferated by Rwandan Tourism, Transfer Agents, International Safari Operators that were considerate to Rwanda.  Gorilla Trekking.  Here is our take, Gorilla Trekking is an adventure with the gentle giants (Mountain Gorillas) of Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo, it is an adventure that is imperative and not the country. One should ask one of the thousands that have contributed in the Great Gorilla Trekker Migration from Rwanda to Uganda whether they had a slighter encounter trekking Gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park/ Bwindi Impenetrable National Park/Forest.  You will receive the resonances of a categorical no.  Uganda has become the Principal Mountain Gorilla Terminus, Uganda had replied by supplementing Gorilla Families that can be toured and now provides almost twice the number of permits that Rwanda does 152, each day equated to 80.

Put that aside and let us engrave it to your adventure – as a safari operator we infrequently receive any criticisms about Gorilla Trekking, in the past 5 years, one was the awareness of a trekker, what gorilla trekking must be like & the truth, the other was a blunder by a Uganda Wildlife Ranger.

Rwanda is not better than Uganda in terms of Trekking Gorillas, the bottom line is that Rwanda is more lavish/luxurious than Uganda, by $900 and that has occasioned in very little desires with us for Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda.

  • I want interaction with the Gorillas on my Trek

Gorilla Trekking is not like other Vocational industry providing in Africa like walk with Lions, petting Lion Cubs, tiding on the back of Elephants/ feeding and spending time with the endangered Chimpanzees.  Forget Dian Fossey and the movie “Gorillas in the Mist,” you will not be cuddling with Gorillas as she did and neither will you be feeding any gentle giants(Gorillas), something some have inscribed to us about.  Yes, we all have sighted the photos of John King II being clad by a gorilla, but that is not the custom, that was a gorilla group touring a lodge at Buhoma and that again is not the custom.

There is nothing theatrical about the Gorilla venture, it happens in the desolate, you, the wardens, we the safari operator are not in charge, Gorillas/gentle giants are in control and if they need to advance you out of interest, that is not in the gorilla trekking script, these endangered gentle giants(Gorillas) are in charge as to what occurs/happens.  There is no interface, no Koko the Gorilla sign language.  This is the desolate, you are entering the living room of a Gorilla family, their place in the desolate, what happens, for the most part, is up to them. You the Trekker, an onlooker, if you decide the extensive Gorilla Habituation Experience you become an active contestant in the Habituation Process.  Gorilla Trekking is probable, random except that you will be with a gorilla family.

  • Gorilla Tourism Funds Gorilla Conservation:

I am a preservationist and am against Gorilla Tourism.  Dian Fossey, a pioneer in Gorilla Preservation in her day would approve with you, Today, spotting what has been done Preservation Wise for the Gentle giants(Gorilla), the preservation of the Forests would be in peace with Gorilla Tourism as it occurs and her namesake foundation now is.  Without the Gorilla Tourism, the Gorilla homes would long have been twisted into farms, plantations, and Villages.

It is because of Gorilla Tourism that the total of Mountain Gorillas has seen a dramatic accumulation to over 1,000 and that is without the census being finalized in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which will also show an upsurge.  The sharing of permit and entrance charges into the secured Gorilla Habitats along with education has elevated the responsiveness level of the adjacent communities, condensed poaching to minimal levels.

There is a reason that Gorilla permit rates are above other tourism activities, the money is used to keep Gorillas well, they are supervised there is Gorilla Doctors Forest Calls made, Wardens/stewards are being added, Children educated about Preservation & Gorillas and so on.

The health and welfare of gentle giants (Gorillas) are on the up and so is the health and welfare of the adjacent Communities.  Gorilla Tourism has directly participated to the funding of hospitals like Bwindi Community Hospital that is one of the best rural hospitals in Uganda.

Tracking for Cash – means Gorilla Conservation is funded

  • I am not going to trek Gorillas in Uganda-it is too long of a Drive:

The official airport for Uganda is Entebbe International Airport and yes to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park from it (Entebbe International Airport) it is a 9 hr transfer.  What most travelers/trekkers do not understand is since most have not looked at a map and still today several Gorilla Safari Operators do not tell you, there is a closer airport to Gorilla Trekking than Entebbe.  You can have a flight into Kigali- Rwanda, the unsanctioned Uganda Gorilla Trekking airport and within 3 hrs you will have reached in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park / 4 hrs in the southern section of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park/Forest. That is exactly what most of our customers do. Plan B is to book a flight to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park/Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, a short, picturesque flight from Entebbe International airport, but it comes with a charge tag that can add on 500 plus Dollars to your Tour charge.  Plan C- is to weave a safari together that involves Gorilla Trekking plus other parks.

Many start their Tour with us in Kigali and 7-days later, at the end of their Gorilla, Chimpanzee Wildlife Tour they transfer back by booking a flight back home out of Entebbe International Airport.

The East African Tourism Visa is best matched for such travelers/trekkers and covers 3 countries involving Rwanda & Uganda.

  • There are Guerrillas in the Gorilla Tracking Areas:

There are only gentle giants(Gorillas) in Uganda and Rwanda currently, there are only Gorillas that you can harmless tour on a Gorilla Trek accompanied by wardens & the armed escorts/military.  The same cannot be said about Democratic Republic of Congo & Virunga National Park which has been bolted for most of 2018 and there is no indication that it will open again soon.  The reason it got locked was that of uncertainty in the unstable Eastern Region of the Congo and the Guerrilla Activity which directly hindered Gorilla Trekkers.

Every protection is taken as you head out for a Trek that you are safe.  That involves a tight border control in Southwest Uganda and northwest Rwanda.  The acquisition of weapons is constrained in both Uganda & Rwanda, all those crossing the boundaries into Uganda & Rwanda are checked for illegal /smuggled material.

Flawed reports by individuals that do not know their topography area events taking part in one country and tie it into another.  The term Virunga – shelters the Volcanoes that are in Rwanda, Uganda & DR Congo.  Virunga National Park, the earliest park in Africa is in DR Congo and at times procedures there get linked with Uganda/ Rwanda when that, in actuality, is not the case at all.

Safe and Secure Gorilla Trekking is taking place in Uganda and Rwanda.

What you might not know about the Role of Gorilla Tour Operator;

Things You Never Knew About Gorilla Trekking -We (Monumental Expeditions Safaris) spot like a Gorilla go-between, we establish the Date, the accommodation, the transportation, make sure that you have everything that you need for a tremendous trek and then it is up to the gentle giants(Gorillas) as to how your date with them goes in both Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park all situated & positioned in the Uganda(the Pearl of Africa).

The Gorilla happenstance is in the remote/desolate, not in a Zoo, you are on the lawn of the gentle giants (Gorillas.  Pre-Trackers, the trackers, wardens, porters all will support you but eventually it is the gentle giants(Gorillas) who are in control.  99% of the time, things go better than planned, better than you imagined, infrequently, hardly, your prospects and the truth of the trek may not contest.  That is why it is good to find out all that you can about Gorilla Trekking before you do plan for the safari/tour to spot gentle giants in the Bwindi impenetrable National park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

The best Advice we as a Gorilla Matchmaker, a Gorilla Operatives can offer you, put aside your prospects reliant on other people’s input, your involvement will most likely be better than you imagine.