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1 Day Kampala City Tour


A 1 day Kampala city tour will offer you a close look and feel of Uganda’s national and commercial capital, which borders the massive Lake Victoria, Africa’s biggest lake. Uganda’s Capital City Kampala on your 1 Day Kampala City Uganda tour that femur bones all around town of equipment and tall smokestacks with neverending snakes of smoke chasing themselves foreverever and ever obscuring the Gracious Uganda capital city natives with different cultures cuddled by the azimuth of the earth abiding out noticeably through the core of this city elevated on the royal Hills is without a doubt the 13th fastest growing city on the planet. During your one-day Uganda safari,

Safari Highlights

  • Day 1 : kampla city tour and departure

Activity Highlights

  • City tour

Day 1 : kampla city tour and departure

After breakfast and preparation, a tour guide will collect you up from your lodging or house and take you through a tour briefing. Proceed to your city tour in the center of Kampala, which never sleeps, where you will meet a variety of people.


You will visit the city center to meet with Ugandans, see dusty retail malls, banks, and the Uganda parliament and governing organization. As you go through the city, listen to your monumental expeditions professional tour guide as he teaches you about Uganda’s independence and governance, as well as the cheaper guest accommodations, eateries, and forex bureaus.


Things to do on your 1 Day Kampala City Tour

Visit owino market, Uganda’s first and largest market, with over 40,000 sellers and a reputation for selling second hand clothing at low prices, as well as Nakasero market, while you enjoy your rewarding experience. 1 Day in Kampala


Examine how the locals advertise their fruits and vegetables; this will allow you to identify various local items in both marketplaces. This enables residents to sustain themselves, such as the crippled, widows, the sick, and those engaged in market business.

Explore the city’s slum district. It accommodates the locals, allowing them to observe how they confront life by living at home and how work is done in their neighborhood. Listen to their narrative, including the local blacksmith, on how they came to reside there. Then visit the metalworking businesses, furniture stores, and fruit dealers.


This will help you obtain a thorough idea of slum life and the accompanying activities that take place in such regions; the area is occupied with indigenous who give in and out their skins to earn a livelihood every day. The countless street sellers wandering from location to location selling their wares demonstrates the manner of life here.

Visit the largest mosque in Uganda, which was built as a gift to Uganda by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya on his safari. Explore the inside and outside of the mosque. See how the Moslem tradition is carried out, where they wear fitted clothing that cover their wrists to ankles and even cover their heads, which can accommodate over 15,000 people.

Visit Kabaka’s palace and the first parliament of the Buganda kingdom, where Buganda members met and sat to debate kingdom concerns. The creation of this horrific Kampala began with a scratch on a nail.

1 Day Kampala City TourView the first automobile and battle weapons used during the Kabaka’s reign, as well as the traditional architectural in the palace. The guide will take you to Amin’s torture dungeons, where he used to torture and murder opposition people, before taking you to Kabaka’s lake.

Visit the city’s oldest Catholic Church and largest edifice, as well as the well-known church of martyrs, which has a historical story that still floating the spirits of the latter innocent people who were slaughtered here years ago. More information about this location will be provided by our tour leader.


Proceed to the Namirembe Cathedral, Uganda’s first church and the first Anglican Church to be erected in Uganda. It is the largest in East Africa, with a capacity of 10,000 people. Put your feet in this exact spot. Your guide will accompany you through the church, providing complete information.

Drive to the Kasubi tombs. Visit the tombs of Buganda’s fabled rulers, where they are buried. It is the world’s biggest grass thatched structure and one of the most visited tombs and traditional architecture. It is a spiritual and political site of the Ganda people, and it is highly valued in Buganda tradition, having 5 graves of different Buganda monarchs.

View numerous arts and a cultural hamlet with grass thatched huts at the Uganda Museum, which showcases and exhibits ethnological natural historical and traditional life. The Museum holds the majority of Uganda’s ancient antiquities, such as cultural homes from every tribe in Uganda, allowing visitors to relive the past days and historical experiences.


Look at former Ugandan President Idi Amin’s Mercedes exhibits, long-horned Buffalo, and Indian elephants from 20 million years ago, then buy yourself a craft before you live for recollection.

A Bahia temple is packed with worshippers. It is claimed that one religion would unite all human races. Enjoy the photographic environment with magnificent spot sightings, view the colorful birds over 50 kinds and little critters like squirrels for a more relaxed wonder in spring of free people.1 Day Kampala City Tour

Visit the shrines of Uganda martyrs who were burned alive by Buganda’s kabaka for their religious beliefs in Jesus. And the shrines are built in the pattern of a typical Buganda house called as ‘akasisira,’ and visitors can also see the hut’s 22 pillars, which reflect the 22 martyrs that were slaughtered.1 Day Kampala City Tour


You will see the water, which is thought to be a traditional healer. Finally, the trip will take you to the region where our guide picked you up from your apartment or lodging.

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