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Gorilla Trekking Choices-Uganda gives you more Trekking Choices

Only Uganda allows you to choose how you Trek Gorillas

The Gorilla Trekking Choices that you have in Uganda

Its only Uganda that offers trekkers a greater power of choice, more/various and several ways than Gorilla Trekking. It is only in Uganda that you can decide between two dissimilar & unlike habitats. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park/Forest, the earliest Afro-montane Rain-forest with its edges & gorges and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park where you trek the mountain Gorillas of the Forest on the sides of the threatening Virunga Volcanoes, only in Uganda where you can select between a steady Gorilla Trek where you stay with a Gorilla Family for 1 hr or engage in the extensive Gorilla Habituation Experience(4 hrs with a Gorilla Family) for  the all-day and still where you are a contestant in the Habituation procedure not an observer.

Only Uganda permits you to decide between a shoestring, cheap, mid-range, deluxe/high-class Gorilla Trekking Tour Choices. We as a Gorilla Safari Operator only present mid-range or luxury Gorilla Tours. We do so since we find that cheap/ shoestring Gorilla tours lessen the overall involvement of trekking the gentle giants (gorillas).

Not only that but still in Uganda you can still select normal Gorilla trek containing 8 contestants or can go for a secluded/private trek with just you, wardens and porters and all that at factually thousands of dollars less than the private trek provided in Rwanda at 15,000 for your group. In Uganda, it will cost you $4,800 or $5,600 after July 1, 2020.

Uganda offers Gorilla Trekkers the authority of choice since there are 20 Gorilla Families to trek, twice as many as in Rwanda. There are a number of 5 diverse Gorilla Trail heads where you can begin your trek.

Still Uganda gives you the finest Gorilla Trekking Tour supplements, and that involves the best Chimpanzee Trekking in East Africa. Ten diverse National Parks with plentiful of wildlife, Adrenaline Pumping Ventures. The tallest Mountain Range in Africa, plus Volcanoes in the east and west of the country. It has veiled Tropical Islands with sandy beaches on Africa’s largest lake (Lake Victoria).

Uganda honestly does provide Gorilla Trekkers the supremacy of choice. It is no wonder that Uganda is the Principal Primate, Mountain Gorilla Terminus in all of Africa.

Gorilla Trekking Choices-Uganda gives you more Trekking Choices.

  • Choose the Kind of Gorilla Trek that you would like

Gorilla Trekking Choices – Time to make Choices, and Uganda does give you more choices. Choose the park for Gorilla Trekking. Some choose to trek in both parks.

Decide whether you desire the unvarying trek which contains 8 contestants, and you are good to go and spend 1 hr with a gorilla family. In Uganda, you select the high class (4 contestant limit) Gorilla Habituation Experience.  The involvement occurs in the Rushaga section of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and there is a trifling total of permits obtainable.

Uganda does present secluded/Private Gorilla Trekking. This is just you & your part with the gentle giants (Mountain Gorillas) either on a Gorilla Trek or the Gorilla Habituation Experience. Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers and Porters would be with you.

  • Choose the Gorilla Family you want to trek

Gorilla Trekking Choices: When it comes to choosing the Gorilla Family that you desire to trek there are some boundaries and restrictions by which the Uganda Wildlife Authority wardens regulate which group you will trek. The only exclusion is the Nyakagezi family in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Your effort regulates the gorilla group that you will trek — your level of fitness, your age, and the warden’s choice. Our driver/guide helps in the procedures, and most often, you trek the gorilla group that you prefer/desire. Permits are distributed for an area and not for a gorilla group. The will power is made on the day of the trek and not in advance.

  • Choose between the Value+ Plus mid-range and Luxury Safaris

Monumental Expeditions Safaris offers you a choice between our Value+ Mid-range and Luxury Gorilla Tours. The involvement of our customers is our concern.

In our involvement/skill, a Shoestring or Cheap gorilla trekking tour does not complement the quality accommodation, meals, and amenity that most gorilla trekkers imagine.

We decide the lodges for your Gorilla Tour reliant on what is fine for you. We alter them at your appeal. Our online Tour Travel plans are samples. Most Gorilla Tours are specifically twisted for our customers taking in all the favorites and select that they gave us.

  • Choose the Gorilla Safari Add-Ons such as Chimpanzee Trekking:

Gorilla Trekking Choices and that involves Gorilla Tour Add-Ons. Uganda is more than gentle giants (Mountain Gorillas). It is the country of the Big-7 which offers for all the wildlife you imagine to spot on an African Tour plus endangered Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees.

Save transfer time, save money, and in the words of Winston Churchill, “Concentrate on Uganda.” After all, Uganda is the Pearl of Africa. There is much to see and do into this most bio-diverse country(Uganda) that you will miss during a three-day gorilla trekking tour.

Uganda is Africa shortened into one country, at least that is what Lonely Planet says. We happen to coincide.

  • Choose the Country that you fly into and out of

    Entebbe International Airport is not the only international airport that obliges Uganda. Unbeknown to several, Kigali International Airport is the other entry into Uganda, especially via Southwest Uganda which involves Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park/Forest, Lake Bunyonyi & Lake Mutanda. For years, long before others, we indicated on our website, “book a flight into Rwanda & Trek gentle giants(Gorillas) in Uganda. ‘Today over 89% of our Customers fly into Kigali and go on a tour in Uganda, several make flights out of Entebbe International Airport. They save time & the wear & tear of a 9 hr transfer since you can reach Bwindi Forest in 4 hrs from Kigali & Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in 3 hrs. You can decide to fly-in gorilla Tour from Entebbe & remove any transfer-times.

We give more Gorilla Trekking Choices

We know all about gentle giants (Mountain Gorilla). We have been called a gorilla match-makers. We are fully aware of the ins and outs of Gorilla Trekking, from permits to the right accommodation.

We offer the authority of choice. All of our Gorilla Trekking Tours are secluded/private. There are no other contestants but you. The tour goes by your schedule and no one else’s.

We have an established track record of over 10 years of impressive Tours/ Safaris. We have been on almost every gorilla trek ourselves, we check out the accommodation (lodges & Hotels) that we use on a systemic basis. We are a Gorilla intermediary, we establish the date, the definite date is up to the gorilla family you are trekking in the wild.

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