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Brief information about the tour

4 days Mount Rwenzori safari is the best package we can offer experienced mountain climbers is a four-day walk and climb of Uganda’s Rwenzori mountains. The snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains run along the western rift valley between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The mountains, historically known as the “Rwenzori mountains,” rise to a height of 5,109 meters and are still referred to as “mountains of the moon.”

During this safari, you will be able to stroll the majestic Rwenzori mountain, with a decent chance of witnessing a rewarding terrain, plant species, and the stunningly beautiful Nyamwamba valley at its peak. Food, hotel, ropes, and a harness are all included in the trip. Boots, sleeping bags, hats, gloves, and raincoats can also be rented. Although stretchers and mattresses are available, we recommend bringing a sleeping bag and warm clothing.

Day By Day Tour Summary

  • Day 1: Transfer from Kampala to Rwenzori Mountain National Park
  • Day 2: Trekking day in the Bamboo Forest
  • Day 3: Hiking day to descend through the Bamboo Forest
  • Day 4: Return back to Kampala/ Entebbe Airport

Day 1: Transfer from Kampala to Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Depending on where you are, a professional tour guide from monumental expeditions will pick you up at 6 a.m. and drive you to the Rwenzori Mountain National Park. You’ll have a chance to experiment and snap images at the equator. Continue your journey to Fort Portal for lunch before proceeding to the park. Check in at the lodge and have a little break before the evening nature walks in the forest. Dinner and a good night’s sleep.

4 Days Mount RwenzoriDay 2: Trekking day in The Bamboo Forest

Get up early, have breakfast, and then go 12 kilometers beyond Kilembe from Kasese to the trekkers’ hostel in Kyanjiki. If you are able to arrive as late as 10 a.m., the trekking experience begins at 8:00 a.m. You’ll meet your guides there before beginning the 2.2-kilometer climb to the 1,727-meter-high UWA ranger station. Here, park rangers will inform you of the day’s events and restrictions. Today’s walk will be 8.6 kilometers long and should take between 5 and 6 hours to finish. It will start at 1667 meters and climb to 3171 meters.

The first two kilometers of ascent lead you through a montane forest, where you may see tall trees covered in thick undergrowth, a great diversity of bird species, and monkeys. Unless it is pouring heavily, you will continue to follow a steep rise up to a major ridge with few pebbles and solid footing. There are unspoiled woodlands with a wide variety of trees and flora.

Groups of 15 to 20 black and white colobus monkeys may be seen hanging among the trees near where we ate. After lunch, we’ll climb another half-kilometer to a little cave that used to be a poacher’s hideout. The thick bamboo habitat is home to several bird and insect species.

As we approach 3000 meters, the bamboo, which is fairly magnificent, gives place to massive heather trees wrapped in bearded moss. After a day of climbing, you’ll stop at Samalira camp to take in the panoramic views of the slopes leading to Lake George and Queen Elizabeth National Park, as well as a fine view of Kasese town on the left.

4 Days Mount RwenzoriDay 3: Hiking day to descend through the Bamboo Forest

After breakfast, we’ll continue our descent into the bamboo forest. The location is significantly wetter than the route leading to Samalira camp on the mountain’s southern windward side, which receives a lot of rain. When we cross through the sine rock shelter at roughly 2600 meters, the bamboo gives way to afro-montane woods.

Sine, a poacher in the highlands, spent more than 30 years living in this rock shelter. We’ll next descend to the ridge’s foot, where we may cross a large, swift-moving creek and reach the Musenga rock shelter. We have our lunch here and take a little break before walking the last 6 kilometers through the deep montane forest to the ranger station. We’ll bid our goodbyes and climb the remaining 1.2 kilometers to our waiting cars and the trekkers’ dormitory. Dinner and a good night’s sleep.

4 Days Mount RwenzoriDay 4: Return back to Kampala/ Entebbe Airport

Get up, eat breakfast, and go to Kampala to be dropped off at your hotel or Entebbe Airport to catch your flight home. This will be the end of your four-day hike up Rwenzori Mountain.

End Of Tour


  • 4×4 safari vehicle
  • A tour guide
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Gorilla permit
  • Drinking water


  • Tips
  • Insurance
  •  Visas
  • International flights
  • Beverages
  • Laundry services

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