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Traveling alone in Uganda


Every year, Adventure in the Wild Safaris prepares solo travel packages for hundreds of lone visitors looking to go on a safari in Uganda. These single travelers will have a great time in Uganda since they will be able to see various attractions such as lush sceneries and a variety of wildlife.

When they get to the park, they have a lot of fun since they are mixed in with other people, which helps them feel calm and enjoy their safari.

Benefits of traveling alone in Uganda.

First and foremost, while on this safari, you must capture excellent photographs of various locations. Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to participate in a picnic excursion on Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda’s deepest lake.

On this safari, you will need to get up extremely early in the morning for a game drive and see distinct wildlife such as elephants, Queen Elizabeth National Park, listen to the singing melodies of different bird species in various national parks, and so many other attractions to name a few.

One of the best aspects of traveling alone in Uganda is the freedom to see the nation on your own terms and at your own leisure. There is no rat race here.

The additional benefit of this is that it enables one to experience and explore the beauty of Uganda at his or her own tempo without anticipating rivalry.

What do you have to Expect?

The many sites and activities that are coordinated and incorporated into packages and itineraries are what make Uganda a popular and well-known destination for solo visitors.

The primary things that one should not miss when on safari in Uganda are mountain gorillas and chimp trekking.

However, there are many more activities on a Ugandan safari that one should not miss, such as boat cruises, wildlife drives, camping, resting, white-water rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, and quad-riding.

Seeing the Big 5 is really important on this trip. However, other bird species, such as the shoe bill, are also observed there, albeit to a lesser level.


Traveling alone in UgandaWhen compared to groups, solo travelers are always charged significantly more. This is because, in the event of a group, these people may split the costs, which a single traveler cannot do.

The expenditures that alone travelers must bear are unavoidable. These include mountain gorilla licenses, chimp permits, guide fees, transportation expenditures, and many more.

Solo travelers have complete control over their lodging expenses. Uganda provides a variety of lodgings ranging from luxury to midrange to affordable. As a result, a client is able to select any option from the lodges of his choosing.

Safety tips on traveling alone in Uganda.


  • If you need to access your emergency phone contacts and you lose your phone, make sure you write them down and keep them.


  • You must be extremely vigilant and continually keep your eyes peeled around the room if you want to stay up to speed on everything that is going on.


  • Take special care with your bags and belongings, and keep them apart from the others. Remember to keep extra cash on hand in case you need it, and always wear a money belt.


  • Because Luganda is a frequently used and spoken language in Uganda, you should try to acquire a few words if you want to make friends on your safari. However, this does not mean that English has lost its status as Uganda’s national language.


  • When going on a safari, try to wear clothes that protect your knees and shoulders. This is to preserve Uganda’s traditional culture.

  • Assume responsibility for telling someone nearby if you have gone there. This will aid in your safety.


  • Make careful to maintain appropriate hygiene anytime you are in public. There might be opportunists lurking in popular areas.


  • Make certain that you do not leave anything sorted, even if it is closed in the car or concealed elsewhere. Overall, keep your belongings protected in your lodging.


  • The Rwenzori mountain is one of Uganda’s most beautiful and popular hiking destinations. But remember not to walk alone. You must seek out others and hike with them. Hike with a companion.
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