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Cost of Uganda safaris

Prices of safaris in Uganda

This simply means the financial tags devoted to every Uganda Safari package & these fees reliant on the activities and other more factors that will be tinted. For instance, if it is transferring/spending a Holiday in Africa, then Uganda is one of the terminus that tourists’ mind first runs to. But then no one embarks on a safari in a new country /place without really not figuring out first the Prices/rates of the Safari like in Uganda and how these prices/fees can be broken/reduced down to a purer understanding of the packages & more informed choices. It is imperative that you take some time and find out /dig deeper into the facts of Uganda /any other Terminus and find out the different prices, currency & the main costs/rates that you have to incur while on your Uganda/African safari. With all this it will enable you to make the right choices where to go, when to move, what to do /the activities, where to stay(Accommodation) and finally how to tolerate/endure your moments in Uganda.

Park Prices

The park prices/charges are paramount in this case, part of the Total cost of any Uganda Safari. Now all these National Parks in Uganda in different locations have all gotten their own prices/charges postulated by the Uganda Wildlife Authority(UWA) reliant on different categories. Take an example for instance if your Uganda Safari is taking you to National Parks like Kibale, Bwindi Impenetrable, Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, to mention but a few then your park entry charges are reasonably higher compared to the other National Parks in Question like Semliki, Mountain Rwenzori, Mt. Elgon, Katonga Game Reserve, Toro Semliki Game Reserve, etc. So then the National Parks you decide to tour in on your Uganda Safari highly define the cost/rate of your Safari/Tour package in Uganda (Pearl of Africa). Feel free to visit the UWA website for more facts about the park prices/rates/fees.

Accommodation choice for a Safari in Uganda

We are much aware that as it applies to the park entrance fees and so as well to accommodation where by that still different lodges & hotels also do charge differently. Still accommodation section also has varying rates reliant on a total of factors, involving services, the location/position among others. Fortunately, enough all National Parks in Uganda do contain accommodation facilities within them and all ranging in levels of Luxury, Mid-range and Budget/cheap. The kind of decision that you surely make in relation to accommodation will contribute much to the cost of your Safari Uganda. Luxury/deluxe accommodation is costly & expensive, whereas mid-range goes for the medium customers and the Budget/cheap accommodation is basically for those preparing and planning a tight budget but then so fond of Uganda’s beauty in the Wilds. Luckily enough all the accommodation facilities in different National Parks in Uganda do provide such an exclusive service, offer good meals and are quiet hospitable enough, so you don’t have to worry.

Activities Included on your Travel Plan(Itinerary) for a Safari in Uganda.

Usually there is a total of activities added onto your itinerary of any Uganda Safari and that normally determines and defines the cost of your Safari in Uganda. Regardless of the more activities included in your travel plan, the more entertainment and enjoyment you will get for your Holiday in The Pearl of Africa. So that throws more light on certain activities like Mountain Gorilla Tracking permit costs $600 per person if to engage in Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks, but then effective 1st July 2020 its will be raised to $700 per person. Remember this activity (Gorilla Trekking) is the high spot of all the Uganda Safari and that’s why it is the most expensive among them all. Keenly if you join the Gorilla trekking permit rates to the other rates of all the activities you wish to get involved in, in BINP like the Batwa cultural Experience ($200) & other activities, there they will realize that their itinerary/travel plan is going to go high. Therefore, we recommend you to firstly check your pockets before you embark on any safari in Uganda (Pearl of Africa).

The Means of Transport in Uganda

There are several means of transport in Uganda (Pearl of Africa) however you are offered the means that is more suitable for you to go for a Uganda Safari. But then public means of transport is more reliable and recommendable because it is mostly used and cheaper. In Uganda all public means of transport can transfer you to any terminus/destination. Only it is a little hectic to use public means of transport once you are new in the country. Now this means of transport can be clearly expensive since most National Parks in Uganda are positioned in secluded and remote/distant areas, only if you are with a tour company because here transported is provided by it (the tour company), the driver will transfer you from the airport to the National Park. If you wish to use Air transport by the chartered planes of Uganda to dissimilar safari terminus, then the rates might go high compared to Road transport.

Duration of stay on a Uganda Safari

It is evident that the longer the safari the more it is charged and so therefore the costs are high. If you are having a longer safari in Uganda it is automatic that the charges are going to be high, but we recommend you that in case you are to stay for a longer safari then book a Budget Safari instead. If you have a fitted Budget for a Uganda Safari, then decide a shorter period to stay.

Travel /Transfer Operator

Different prices are associated with different safari companies in Uganda and is so due to the fact that the Tourism industry is a free market construction with free entry and free exit. Surely that is okay because truly a safari company that spends its time to design you your travel plan/itinerary, safari needs deserve to be paid for his humble services offered. Even though some safari operators will charge high and others will be considerate. For purposes of fairness and honesty it would be best if you work with the trusted Travel operators/companies or any other recommendable operator.

Other prices you must consider

If it I a safari in Uganda then involve the price for the food you are to eat along the way en-route meals, tipping in different terminus/destinations, purchasing of souvenirs, etc. It is so important to revise the different pricing/rating of items of a safari package to take on. Not only that but also gather information about a certain National park like the entry charges, Gorilla trekking permits, Chimpanzee trekking, activity prices and so on but remember all prices are postulated by UWA/still can visit their website for more information.