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Uganda safari itinerary

Ultimate Uganda safari  and others things to get involved in.

Itinerary simply means a travel plan. So a comprehensive document that gives a traveler a full portrayed/account of a day by day trip, the activities inclusive that are to be engaged in and done. Usually Uganda Tours/Safaris are deliberate/scheduled for diverse tour excursions in the Pearl of Africa.

The Uganda Safari Camps do provide the best and most desired accommodation for any Safari/Tour Budget in Uganda & are very reasonable by all kinds of tourists. Due to the existence of the endangered mountain Gorillas residing in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park & Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and yet both National Parks are positioned in Uganda, this alone has held Uganda (Pearl of Africa) in the ranking and renown level/position in the World Tourism market. Both these Parks are located in the South western part of Uganda along the DR Congo boundary and also feature among the game parks that make up the massive Virunga Preservation area. Half of the outstanding mountain Gorillas are wandering in the Montane Tropical Forest of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park & Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Not only that but also the activity of Chimpanzee tracking its self also is another Safari one can embark on in Uganda because it also attracts a huge total of travelers to the Pearl of Africa. The famous ‘Primate Capital of the World’ that is the name given to Kibale National Park after having recognized a huge populace of Chimpanzees residing in this park. Kibale National Park(13 species) shelters over 1,500 chimpanzees that do swing in the dense tree canopies of its tropical rain-forest but then not only these endangered species live there ,this park also shelters other various primate species like Vervet monkeys, Black & White colobus monkeys, Grey checked mangabey,to mention but a few and all this can be spotted and sighted only if you embark on the Uganda Safari to Kibale National Park. And don’t even forget the Bush babies at night part of the other stimulating creatures of the forest.

Kibale National Park is also a Birder’s utopia, its positioned in the western region of Uganda, quiet a remarkable Safari terminus and structures a splendid Magombe wetland where Bigodi Swamp is established. This Swamp(Bigodi) is safeguarded & managed by the indigenous community group known as ‘Kafred’. Bigodi swamp shelters over 40 bird species which avian lovers wonder at when they spot them during their swamp walk, still also shelters various creatures like the insects-termites in fluctuating types, millipedes, caterpillars & centipedes,etc.

Well where else can you embark on a rich Wildlife Safari Itinerary apart from the incredible likes of National Parks like Murchison falls & Queen Elizabeth. These are highly recognized as the major/chief Wildlife Terminus/destinations in Uganda. They hold the most required ‘Big Five’ because of the presence of the Open savannah grasslands in the western side of Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park is the largest park of them all, structured with Budongo forest & Kaniyo Padidi forest reserve too for a wide & huge Murchison falls secured area within the Northwestern side of the country. This park shelters one of the most stunning species of Wildlife in the Pearl of Africa-Rothschild’s Giraffes among other mammals, it also does feature one of the most thunderous & greatest waterfalls in East Africa and Africa as a whole. Due to the occurrence of great loads of water from the Victoria Nile at the point try to squash through a gorge confined with hard rocks & channel of about 6 m wide, dropping off from a height of about 45 m to the bottom of the falls where it forms a dive pull & proceeds downstream to the Albert delta. A muddled proximate/surrounding is formed around the area from the pressure at which the water of the Victoria Nile passes and the thunderous sound made out of the water echoing down the high cliff with a quivering sound. And it’s true that most of the travelers/tourists do wonder at the great falls and also relish birding along the Albert delta to see the required after Shoe Bill stork.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most toured park among them in Uganda all because it shelters the varied series of Wildlife /Game enabling game viewing an eccentric activity within the area. This park shelters about 90 species of mammals, over 10 species of primates involving the Chimpanzees and a vast range of bird species totaling to about 600 species.

Top Uganda Safari Itineraries 

Of course let’s not miss the facts here that most tourists/travelers come /transfer to Uganda with a principal ideal to tour mountain Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable National Park, and all is possible due to the ranking existence of the Gorilla populace residing in the highland areas of the dense forest- Bwindi Impenetrable. Don’t forget this National Park has the highest scores of mountain Gorillas to be trekked by Primate lovers all over the World.

So a Uganda Mountain Gorilla Safari Itinerary to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park will take you through a total of fascinating places. You can access this park through a number of routes since it is the last park in the far west of Uganda. Bwindi Impenetrable is approximately 8 hrs from Kampala.

If you are transferring to Uganda mainly to get engaged in the Gorilla trekking safari, then transfer direct to the south western side of Uganda towards the boundary of Congo. In case you decide to transfer by road, drive via Kasese/Mbarara route to Kihihi, then to the park. Then again you can have a direct flight straight from Kajjansi Airfield/Entebbe International Airport –Kihihi Airstrip where you will be picked up by the driver/guide and taken to the lodge where you are going to stay in the park(Bwindi Impenetrable).Piece of advice its quiet better when embarking on a Gorilla trekking itinerary ,you actually do stay within the lodges of the park for a minimum of at least Days, which is still affordable and cheapest Mountain Gorilla Trekking package in Uganda.

A Uganda Safari Itinerary heading to the western region for Wildlife venture will have you relish the western course which goes via Masaka, Mbarara & Kasese. It will take you 3 hrs from Kampala to arrive at the 1st National Park along the course to the Western Safari Circuit.

Lake Mburo is the first Wildlife Safari terminus you can reach along the Western Tour strip of Uganda. You could possibly have a stopover at Lake Mburo National park & relish the setting of the area during your game drive where you will be able to spot a lot of wildlife involving the splendid and lovely Zebras.

Your next stopover will be in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kasese where you get an opportunity to relish the exclusive Wildlife involving the Big Five excluding the Rhinos. In this park you can be able to relish the Kazinga Channel cruise, a chance for you to still relish a fine series of bird species some of which are normal East African birds & others are migrant while others are widespread to the Albertine region of Uganda.

Alternatively, you can still transfer to Murchison Falls National park in the Northwestern region of Uganda. Here you will first drop off to the likes of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary before reaching the park, where you will spot and get an opportunity to trek the Black Rhinos in Uganda on the base and as well spot the Shoe Bill stork. Then after proceed to the park (Murchison Falls) going through Kaniyo Padidi ,relish the Chimpanzee trekking activity in the forest,moreso tour the Jane Goodall research institute. Then your Safari will proceed to Paara where you can decide and select where to stay(Accommodation) like Paara Safari lodge, Red Chilli Safari Camp,etc.Engage in  Game drives where you be able to widely game view in Buligi game tracks, Boat cruise to the Albert delta, hike to the Top of the falls and so on for your Uganda Safari Itinerary.

In summary, Uganda (Pearl of Africa) is a luxuriant/rich Tourism Terminus gifted and blessed with a lot of natural endowment. Therefore, a Uganda Safari Itinerary will enable you explore and relish a lot of things you have never visualized and a lot you have always desired to find out about Africa. Monumental Expeditions Safaris is right here ready to provide you with a wonderful and personalized Uganda Safari Itinerary, which will give you quiet a memorable Experience in the Pearl of Africa.

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