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Lake Bunyonyi(Activities)

A natural wonder of the world.

This most lovely and beautiful lake is positioned in the south-western region of Uganda, approximately 7 km west of Kabale town, having a length of 25 km,width of 7 km and with a depth of 35,000 feet,that is why it is recognized as the deepest lake in East Africa and as well inflated with 29 islands. It is whispered to having been established/made 10,000 yrs ago, when river Ndego was gridlocked by flowing lava from one of the Volcanic ‘Virunga mountains’ jacketing the valley around the region into the festered water body, this is when this Lake (Bunyonyi) was then formed. So over the years this water body has settled into an attractive island bunched lake with fresh waters and fish.


Lake Bunyonyi is enclosed with vertical Kigezi adjoining hills, opulent/deluxe green vegetation, handily positioned in the distant area that complements the attractive backdrop/setting with a discreet mood to chill out, hide away and relish the swags of the finest south western typical weather. Since this lake is characterized with the moods to chill out and relish, it only means one thing that there are several activities one can get involved in on /along Lake Bunyonyi. Its outlook is restful/soothing and the activities therein are daring and exploratory, rest certain to retire from this place refreshed and with an altered spot of the world.

Activities done on Lake Bunyonyi

1.Boat and Canoe riding

The existence of safe waters on this lake, where one can transfer from one corner to the other relishing the picturesque spot, with the help of an indigenous guide and the presence of countless boats serious there for hiring on the banks of the lake willing and set to move you inland whole day, this is so incredible a trip and you are able to find out more about the embroidered 29 islands.

While on the other hand canoe riding is the major means of transport on Lake Bunyonyi. Indigenous people are rapidly making tours across the lake from one island to another island plus diverse sides of the hills to engage in their private business. This activity does grant you a chance to stop right in the middle of the lake for a little tranquility and heroic spot/sight. You are free to decide whether to be paddled/engage in the paddling by yourself as long you do have a guide. Lake Bunyonyi is not verminous/infested with any hazardous water animals like the Hippos, crocodiles, No, giving you such a beautiful and memorable ride on the lake(Bunyonyi).

2.Bird watching

‘A destination of several little birds’ It’s what it is referred to implying it shelters about 200 bird species such as Grey crowned cranes, flycatchers, white tailed blue monard, herons, woodpeckers, slender –billed baglafetch, and so on all over the lake banks. So if you are a bird watcher loving birds but also in terrible need for a silent getaway, then this is the ideal destination to be.


This is a Bilharzia free lake filled with fresh waters, there is no coast but features are put in place to permit easy bottomless dives into the open waters. A little change from the swimming pool is what you apparently deserve which necessitates you to tour Lake Bunyonyi for such. Chill and lessen up at the banks of the lake, sunbath and deep dive any time you feel like in the day.

4.Community visits/ visiting the Batwa pygmies.

Reclining at the stunning resorts is lessening but to encounter the Switzerland of Africa is another of its kind. What an exciting and stimulating activity to hike in the hills because here you get a clear sight and spot of the Banana plantations, fluent green vegetation and the embroidered 29 islands. This offers you an opportunity to know how these people live, earn a living, their cultural beliefs, History & legendary stories that have been told for ages.

Batwa pygmies are believed to be the earliest people living and residing in trivial groups on the boundary of Kabale & Kisoro in the Echuya forest reserve who are thought of having migrated from DR Congo. This populace of pygmies is believed to have come from DR Congo rain-forests where they were evicted due to the result of industrialization and then they transferred to western parts of Uganda. Approximately 4,000 residing in this area. This group of people do have a fascinating story to tell involving their mode of their existence, exceptional relationship with the forest who have been side-lined for some time now. They stay in trivial grass &stick houses and normally keep to themselves

5.Local /indigenous market

These markets around lake Bunyonyi have gotten it all, right from a series of things to sell like Vegetables,clothes,shoes,African crafts and so on and several people move around promptly as they bargain for cheaper rates, while others stay around and catch up with one another and others get involved in riding in with more stock to sell.

6.Mountain Biking and Zip lining

The presence of the several roads around the lake and uphill on the adjacent hills, gives you a clearer spot of the mystic islands and permits you to get up-close and personal with several indigenous people. Most of the accommodation places offer bikes for hire and this can be organized by your tour guide.

Zip lining on the other hand means you get to swing over the quiet waters of the lake and even make half flip-flops to touch the waters and have the breeze sensation on your face. This activity requires you to be sturdy tired with sturdy ropes connected between trees in the opposite banks of the river. It is a unique encounter to loiter over the lake and splash the water as you gist from one end to the other ,while the safety equipment is offered straight on site.

There are more activities one can engage in at Lake Bunyonyi that we have not mentioned above like exploring the islands, and others. Several tourists do spend time at Lake Bunyonyi after having trekked Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park/Mgahinga Gorilla National Park