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Uganda cycling safaris

Cycling safaris in Uganda

Well this is a less done and engaged in activity in Uganda, interesting though and offers a greater picture of Uganda as a country. Cycling safari will surely provide you with a different sort, relishing much of the setting and close interface with the indigenous people, plus nature unlike with the game drives mountain climbing and boat cruises in Uganda. Cycling safari can be done in several and various parts of the country involving National Parks. But then the most reputed destinations of cycling involve Jinja, Kampala, Lake Bunyonyi, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mountain Rwenzori, Lake Mburo National Park, etc. Cycling safaris enable you and offer you chance to widely spot the country and its features therein plus learning more about Uganda as well like for instance if you cycled in the city, you can ride in the market places. In this case you can relish your safari from start to end, all new and thrilling sights and sounds in the Pearl of Africa.

Rid for a woman organisation positioned in Buhoma section does manages the cycling safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. They offer flexible activities like mountain biking, rides which provide an amazing setting of the Bwindi forest, that permit tourists/travelers to spend much time in the park other than just being involved in the trekking of Gorillas and then retire. This organisation does provide opportunity to travelers to widely spot and discover the park on directed bicycle rides and at the same time manage the indigenous bordering communities around and close to the park. In case you are to perform in the cycling safari, the Rid for a woman organisation is ready to provide cycling safety procedures for tourists involving the helmet.

Cycling safari in Kampala  

Due to the fact that Kampala city is positioned/located around Lake Victoria, then that aids cycling safari around the city. There are cycling safaris where a tourist does ride typically in the streets. Cycling safaris still do occur around the Islands of Sesse in approximately 30 minutes.The challenge is when riding through the stunning villages and picturesque nature, there exists remarkable climbs and tracks that have gotten mixed wide grave fire roads and single pathways with encounter of the welcoming people and explore the real pearl of Africa. While going on an easy and simple pace, it can take basically 20 km long.

Cycling safari in Jinja

Jinja is the finest destination where cycling safaris can clearly take place due to the fact that there is existence of a series of companies that do organise this specific safari(Cycling safari) like Red dirt Uganda, Nile River Explorers,Bike ventures,etc.Mountain bikes do grant and offer an opportunity to travelers/bikers to involve themselves in intact nature of the green countryside ,the dirty trails over the rough  topography and via the river beds, ride along the banks of River Nile plus the homesteads. These bicycles/cycles do demand you to manage balance, steering and braking joined with good physical fitness.

Cycling safari in Lake Mburo National Park

This is recorded as the smallest and most trivial National Park among the 10 National parks in Uganda and therefore it does have much of the activities for one to get engaged in, much of the game drives and boat cruise activities are done here. There have been other activities introduced in this park since there are no marauders like lions, leopards, so this can help in prolonging one’s safari in an interesting way. And cycling is among the introduced activities, where travelers do venture the park and the adjacent neighborhood. There are guided bike rides beginning from 1 hr-3 hrs and here tourists ride amongst animals like antelopes, Zebras, Elephants, Buffaloes within the park.

What you need for Cycling safari.

Once you are embarking on a Cycling safari in Uganda you need to pack light clothes like track suits, leggings/shorts. For the case of Helmets and bikes for protection in case of accidents, they are provided by the biking companies. Pack sporty attires, sun cream, raincoat, a bottle of water,etc.Cycling safaris in Uganda are done year in, year out and the best time /season recommended is during the rainy season because the more muddy the ground gets this does make it better since sliding turns the activity more exciting yet for the peak season the ground is very dusty .Cycling is more interesting and done in the morning and evening hours of the day. Once you are to participate in this activity, it is rated about $15-$30 spending approximately 1-3 hrs basing on your riding techniques and physical fitness.