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Uganda culture safaris

Cultural safaris in Uganda

As far as Tourism industry is concerned in Uganda, cultural safaris have been a greet column in it since the country contains a series of cultures all originate from different places with different customs. Several cultures of Africa are fine unveiled in East Africa where a total of the outstanding realistic cultures in the whole Africa occur. So cultural safaris in East Africa are the finest way you can get to know the African culture so much deeper, and trust me basically cultural safaris in East Africa do grant us an opportunity (travelers) who tour and passionately interrelate with the various dissimilar cultures that determine the occurrence of Africa. This kind of safari does enable you to passionately participate in the different cultural dances, cultural music, dramas and folk tales, and so on, they equal the base for you-travelers transferring from different parts of the world like America, Europe, Asia, to respect and be grateful of the cultural ethics/morals of African legacy and all this is done and gotten once you embark on the Cultural safaris in Uganda.

Shelter to most varied cultures on the African continent-and that is Uganda, it contains about 50 tribes all stationed in the Pearl of Africa all speaking different distinguishing languages from each other. But then these dissimilar languages of Uganda do develop from 2 major ethnic groups and these are ‘Bantu’ and ‘Nilotic’. The ‘Bantu’ do cover/occupy the central, west, south and eastern regions of the country whereas the ‘Nilotic’ do occupy the North, North east and North west areas of Uganda. The welcoming and friendly behaviour of most of the different cultures in Uganda they display to our tourists as one of the characteristic-hospitality level in every sense, therefore despite the distinguishing languages articulated by the different tribes of Uganda, cordiality/hospitality is the principal comparison that syndicates Uganda as one. Cordiality displayed by Ugandans does ranks it in the 2nd position among the most hospitable worldwide countries.

Cultural encounters in Uganda

Several cultural safaris to Uganda are mainly directed /steered in dissimilar areas where a specific culture is overriding such as Historical sites, Kingdoms &Villages. But then you can still encounter the general Uganda culture once you have embarked on the Kampala city safaris.

The Batwa culture

These are regarded and believed to be the earliest people residing in earliest rain forests of Bwindi Impenetrable forest & Mgahinga National Park positioned in the south western parts of Uganda. The Batwa people are the innovative and earliest populaces of the area. Now despite being shelter to the radiant vegetation and a series of distinguishing primates such as mountain Gorillas, we see Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as the basic & inventive shelter for these earliest people-the Batwa. Still they were referred to as the vastly known as the forest caretakers/guardians by the indigenous populace.

For as long as I can remember these Batwa people have lived in peace with the nature in the forest and endured by hunting trivial animals, plus collecting fruits and harvesting the other forest plants/flora for food to eat and herbal medicine. Around the year of 1992 these people’s lives became a total mess when the forest was being promoted and exalted to a National park status and also UNESCO world heritage site.

A meeting with these people(Batwa) will spring you a lifetime chance to find more about their way of living, endurance/survival, stealthy hiking tricks, hunting tricks of these people and so on. Not only that but you can still tour where they stay-their homesteads, find out how women do prepare and serve food to their families, relax/lessen up with the presentation of their local songs /folk tale from elders of the earliest people.

Buganda Kingdom

This Buganda safari will move you to places such as Kasubi tombs, Buganda parliament (Bulange mengo), Kabaka’s palace and so on. This is a novel involvement of culture in Uganda, combined with the History and the expedition of Uganda’s refinement/evolution. Your safari to Buganda kingdom will offer you an opportunity to visit their traditional sites, know more about the culture insights and so much more about other cultures which triumph in the central parts of Uganda.

Among the most cherished places of Buganda is the Kabaka’s palace, where he exactly stays, him (the King), his prince and the princess as well. And for that reason there are 2 palaces in Kampala-one positioned in Kireke and the other in Rubaga just with in the city. The old Kabaka palace is one which is highly toured by travelers and actually the most substantial. Under here you are able to find out more about Buganda details like the previous Kings ever lived in this palace prior the current one (Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi), the different work done in there, etc.

You could still tour the Kasubi tombs positioned in Kasubi where the Royal family is ever/gets buried. The Royal tombs at Kasubi Tombs are adorned under the United Nations educational, Scientific and conservational organisation (UNESCO) world heritage sites and hugely documented as a great implication of the Buganda Kingdom. The grass thatched roof of the tombs move way back many past years to 1882 when they were set up as the palace for Kabaka Muteesa 1(architecture narrates). But then after 2 years Kabaka Muteesa 1 passed on and that’s when the palace turned into his tomb until of late. There are other more interesting places as regards Buganda Kingdom like the Buganda Parliament and so on that we have not about but then try having a tour to it and find out more about Buganda culture.

Toro Kingdom

This is another interesting culture in Uganda and under the Heritage industry. This culture is positioned in the western parts of Uganda –Kabarole district. Toro is among the outstanding traditional kingdoms in Uganda,2nd in position to be recognized and worth after Buganda kingdom. The culture of the Batoro people is being symbolized by the Toro kingdom palace which is seated on a hill over standing and overseeing the Fort Portal town. Straight from the palace you get a clear and full epic spot/view of the town below. Your tour to the Royal and loyal palace of Toro is going to edify your knowledge about the Kingdom and the late Libyan president –Muamar Gadhafi.

Still you can tour the Karambi tombs of Toro kingdom where Tor past kings who died are buried and put to rest. This royal tomb is also used to safeguard & store royal tools of the kingdom like the royal regalia, spears, drums and so on that were used and of value to the first kings of Toro. At Karambi tombs you can tour the graves of the princes & the princesses of the kingdom, the existing big mango trees do ornate sweet and delicious fruits that you can test and eat during your tour/safari to the Karambi tombs of this great kingdom –Toro kingdom.

There are other cultural sites in Uganda which haven’t been mentioned as yet like the Karamojong who are positioned in the North eastern parts of Uganda and historical sites scattered all over the country like Bigo Byamugenyi of Bunyoro kingdom, Nyero paintings which are located in Tororo in the Eastern parts of Uganda. You could still desire to find out more and learn more about business culture of the Ugandans, please do tour Kampala city most especially the Owino market known as St. Balikudembe market, you can relish the tales that can be told to you by the roadside vendors and other more different hawkers in the city of Kampala. Cultural safaris in Uganda does amend across the lifestyles of dissimilar tribes, religions, and deviate at the stunning communal phases like food, dressing,etc.