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Gorilla Trekking -Virunga National Park – Congo

Gorilla Trekking -Virunga National Park – Congo

These gentle giants do reside in the Virunga National Park which is characterized by being part of UNESCO Heritage Site in Congo. This park is located/situated in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo and still borders Rwanda and Uganda. The Park is covered with an area of 7800 km 2 and shelters about a population of 200 Mountain Gorillas mainly in the Southern part of the National Park

How much is a Gorilla Permit when going for Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National Park(Congo)?

A Gorilla permit in Congo does cost $450 and allowed to see/spot these mountains Gorillas,spend time with these gentle giants,watch how they run their day to day matters in their natural habitats and that is all allowed  for strictly 1 hr, compared to Uganda ‘s permit cost at $600 and Rwanda’s which is expensive above the two countries costing at $1500, Congo’s gorilla permit is the cheapest among the 2 countries (Uganda and Rwanda). However, there are discounted Gorilla Permits in Congo especially during the low season (wet season) of May, April, November & October at a price of $350 per person.

Tips to Help you plan your Gorilla Tour to Congo (Virunga National Park

  1. Have your Yellow Fever Vaccination because this is an important requirement. You will be denied access into this country minus proof of your Vaccination. Other diseases wanted to be proven of are Hepatitis Typhoid, Meningitis Rabies plus anti-Malaria is also recommended.
  2. Application for a Visa is important in DRC and must be given in in advance which costs $ 100.
  3. You should also purchase your Gorilla Permit in advance to avoid regretting which goes for $450

How to Access the Virunga National Park?

Most tourists to this national Park get /have a Flight to Kigali International Airport, get a connection through Gisenyi town using the road, then cross through to Goma in DRC using a dirty road. From Gisenyi town to the Offices of the Park at Bukima is about 2 hrs drive. OR by still using road and 4*4 vehicle you will transfer to Goma (base for all Gorillas treks in Virunga National Park) for about 5-6 hrs

Gorilla Families in Virunga National Park (Congo)

Munyaga Family-being headed by Munyaga (dominant silverback) and Bilali (dominant female) consists of 7 gorillas, located in Bukima near Goma section and the most recent discovered and habituated family. Kabirizi Family which is found near the Goma section, contains 34members with 2 silverbacks being headed by Kabirizi (Dominant silver back), Lulengo Family found in Jomba near Bunagana, has gotten 6 gorillas with 1 silverback, led by Lulengo himself. Humba Family which consists of 16 Gorillas 1 silverback(Humba) found in Bukima near Goma section, this is the calmest family in this park. Mapuwa Family…resides in Jomba near Bunagana, contains 15 members with 1 silverback (Mapuwa heading and so protective) son to Rugendo and brother to Humba. Rugendo Family- this family contains 6 members with 3 silver backs, first habituated group in 1989.

Accommodation in The Virunga National Park

For trekkers to have an incredible venture while tracking these Gentle Giants of Virunga National Park, various classic places where to stay (accommodation) with wonderful services provided and amenities exist. These include:

Mikeno Lodge-hidden treasure in Virunga National Park, located in the center with a spectacular view of forests and upscale and very comfortable bungalows, Tchegera Island –situated off Northern shore of Lake Kivu and it’s a perfect place for relaxation, Bukima Tented Camp. … Bukima Tented Camp is a simple camp located outside the Virunga National Park boundary and is one of the starting points for gorilla trekking in this park. The camp has 6 tents, of which four feature double beds and the remaining ones’ feature twin beds. Lulimbi Tented Camp and Nyiragongo Volcano Summit shelters.