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Gorilla Trekking Permits Uganda, Rwanda & Congo. Cost & Tips

The world’s biggest population of mountain gorillas is found in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo, making these countries attractive destinations for ecotourists wishing to see these endangered animals.

So What Exactly Is A Gorilla Permit?

A gorilla permit is a document that permits you to see mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. With this permit, you pay for one hour in the company of one family of mountain gorillas.

The costs for a gorilla permit are crucial since they limit the number of tourists that may visit the parks while also contributing to gorilla conservation initiatives. It doesn’t matter how long you take to visit the gorillas; the fee remains the same for one hour.

Gorilla Trekking Permits Uganda, Rwanda & Congo. Cost & Tips

The world’s biggest population of mountain gorillas is found in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo, making these countries attractive destinations for ecotourists wishing to see these endangered animals. Thousands of travelers flock to Uganda and Rwanda each year to undertake gorilla trekking.

These visits not only give up-close contact with these wonderful creatures, but they also assist to finance mountain gorilla conservation. In order to visit the mountain gorillas, every tourist must acquire a permit.

Permits can be obtained via a tour operator or safari business that purchased them from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in Uganda and the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in Rwanda. A gorilla permit costs $700 in Uganda and $1500 in Rwanda.



Gorilla Habituation Permits

Gorilla habituation is the process of acclimatizing wild gorillas to the presence of people. This is critical for gorilla tourism because it allows people to engage securely with these wonderful animals. Gorilla habituation licenses cost extra than standard gorilla permits because they allow visitors to spend four hours with the gorillas instead of just one.Gorilla Trekking Permits Uganda, Rwanda & Congo. Cost & Tips

You may contribute to the extra time required to gradually acclimate the gorillas to human presence. This procedure is critical for both human and gorilla safety, and it helps to guarantee that gorilla tourism has a low impact on gorilla populations. In Uganda, gorilla habituation licenses cost $1500 and guarantee four hours with the gorillas.


How Much Does A Gorilla Permit Cost In Uganda?

A gorilla permit costs $ 700 per trekker (1 hour with the gorillas)

For every hike, a gorilla habitat permit costs $ 1500. ( 4 hours with the gorillas)

A three-day expedition to visit the gorillas starts at $1200 per person and includes transportation, lodging, and meals, however, other tour companies charge different prices. You have the option of visiting either Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or Mount Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.


Cost Of Rwanda Gorilla Permit

In Rwanda, a gorilla license costs $ 1500 per person. Rwanda offers luxury trekking choices as well as high-end lodging for those looking to enjoy a luxury gorilla trek in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda.


Congo Gorilla Permit

Congo is the cheapest choice for gorilla tracking because a gorilla trip permit costs $ 400 per person for each trek. You will get the opportunity to visit Virunga National Park in Congo.


How To Purchase A Gorilla Permit

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), a government organization in Uganda, offers gorilla licenses. The UWA is in charge of the country’s tourism and wildlife conservation. UWA permits can be acquired directly, although working with a reliable tour company is the most convenient option. A permit to observe the endangered mountain gorillas is usually included in the price of a gorilla safari. Book at least six months in advance to ensure availability. A permit may be obtained in Rwanda through the Rwanda Development Board or any Rwanda safari business.


How Do I Cancel A Gorilla Permit? Any Refunds

Please keep in mind that gorilla permit payments are paid to individual governments, and if a trip is canceled, it is the government’s responsibility to reimburse the tour operator or safari firm. Only if the government reimburses the tour operator may a travel agency issue a refund. As a result, before you book your journey date, double-check your travel dates, airlines, and so on.

The refund policy is as follows.

  1. If you cancel after just paying a deposit, you will not be entitled to any refund.
  2. If you cancel three months before your voyage, you will receive a 75% refund.
  3. If you cancel one and a half months before your walk, you will receive a 50% refund.
  4. A month prior will attract just a 25% return.
  5. There will be no reimbursement if you cancel within a week of the event.


What Does A Gorilla Permit Cover

A permit covers the whole walk with armed guides, from the time you enter the jungle to the time you view the gorillas and return to the trekking station. Additional expenses like as lodging, transportation, porter, water, food, and so on are not included. While visiting Uganda and Rwanda for a gorilla safari, it is crucial to clarify with your tour operator whether you will need a porter, trekking pole, rain jacket, and other items to bring.

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As of 2022, there are no discounted gorilla licenses available in Uganda or Rwanda. A gorilla permit in Uganda costs $ 700, whereas a gorilla permit in Rwanda costs $1500.


How many gorilla permits are issued per day?

In addition, there are 8 gorilla habituation permits available each day in Bwindi forest, which are located in two habituation gorilla families south of Bwindi forest. Mgahinga National Park has only one gorilla group and offers a total of eight permits per day.

There is a strong demand for gorilla trekking permits during the peak seasons, which are also the dry season, which lasts from December to February and June to October, while the other months are less competitive but still fully booked. When scheduling your Uganda gorilla safari, it is critical to book your gorilla permit at least 10 months in advance to ensure your position.


The current cost of Uganda gorilla permits for 2022 and 2023.

Starting on July 1, 2022, all Uganda gorilla licenses in Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks will be offered at $700 per permit year-round, with no low season reductions. Tourists may book Uganda gorilla excursions now through July 2020 and take advantage of the cheaper gorilla permit pricing that is still in effect until July.

According to the Uganda Wildlife Authority, foreign residents working in Uganda and the rest of East Africa will pay $700 for a gorilla permit, up from $600, while nationals and the rest of East Africa will pay $70, which covers Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, and Burundi citizens looking to see gorillas in the wild.

Now, Uganda continues to provide the most reasonable gorilla permit ticket with a very excellent probability of seeing mountain gorillas in the wild. Since Rwanda raised the price of Rwanda gorilla trekking permits from $750 to $1500, Uganda has seen an influx of tourists hoping to see gorillas since it is more reasonable and a sure bet.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has sought for the past two years to keep the gorilla permit fee at $600, but there is a huge need to aid the people living around the park since they are critical to effective gorilla conservation and preservation in Uganda.

In the last two years, Uganda has experienced a fast growth in the demand for gorilla licenses, with many tourists crossing into Uganda from Rwanda to avoid the expensive price of Rwanda gorilla permits.



Gorilla Tourism Benefits Communities

The Batwa pygmies are the most numerous in the area around Bwindi National Park, while certain Bakiga tribes rely heavily on the park for survival. These tribes have large numbers, high birth rates, and very poor living standards. The Batwa pygmies, who had previously lived within the forest and relied on it for food and shelter, were relocated to the forest’s edge to make a place for gorilla conservation. These communities are critical to gorilla protection programs because they have extensive knowledge of the gorillas because they used to live with them.


How to Get Cheap Gorilla Permits

Any tourist who is interested in obtaining these cheap permits should contact us to enquire about the availability of the permits on the dates of their (tourists’) choice. You will be provided the Company’s bank account where you can make payments for your gorilla safari after it is confirmed that gorilla permits are available for the dates you desire to visit. If you do not prefer to book the complete safari with the firm, we may still obtain that permission for you, but you will be asked to pay a commission. Upon payment, UWA will get permission after enquiring about your passport data (name, country, passport number).

To confirm your participation in gorilla trekking, a scanned copy of the permit will be emailed to you.

Those interested in trekking gorillas in the months of April, May, and November should book their permits immediately, and the tracking days chosen should fall within those discounted months.