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Where best can you Gorilla Trekking?

Where to See Gorillas in Africa Where can you go gorilla trekking?

You can trek these endangered species (Mountain gorillas) in the mountainous areas of Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Gorilla tours present you with a special and memorable opportunity to interact with the gorillas and influential gorillas. You are at liberty to decide where to trek these gentle giants (mountain gorillas) from.

Mountain gorillas are the largest apes in the world, and an outstanding number of them reside in central and eastern Africa. We appreciate the protection parties that have warranted the safety and fortification of these species. The trek is tedious in most cases, but as you proceed, there is nothing as exhilarating as knowing from your guide that you have reached the place where they are and that you can now closely spot them. The truth is that all exertions of this trek immediately disappear, and all you begin doing is relishing spotting & viewing these gorillas for an hour, watching the young ones jump in the branches, watching the female gorillas feed and mentor the groups, as well as the Silverback as he warrants the security and safety of his area code.

Here is where to watch Gorillas.


Uganda is one of Africa’s top places to spot mountain gorillas. They can be trekked in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and also in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, and both of these national parks are situated in the southwest of Uganda. Mgahinga Park falls in the Virunga chain, which is also combined with the parks in the DRC and Rwanda.

There are 4 gorilla sections in Bwindi (Rushaga, Ruhija, Buhoma, and Nkuringo sections) that are well familiarized/habituated and exposed to the vacation industry (tourism). Mgahinga has 1 habituated group (Nyakagezi). Each group permits only 8 individuals to trek per day. Bwindi also shelters over 200 butterfly species and 350 bird species, implying that bird watchers can also have a good time in this area.

There is also a likelihood of gorilla habituation, even though the permit for this activity costs $1500 and 4 hours are specified for the people per day, thus giving them more time to interact with these gentle giants (mountain gorillas). And if you are going to trek with mountain gorillas, you need a gorilla permit, which is given by the Uganda Wildlife Authority and costs $600.

How to Get There. 

Book a flight into Uganda via Entebbe Internal Airport, and then you will be cheered to the Pearl of Africa, and you will travel to one of the above parks using road means of transport, of which it is roughly an 8-hour drive; alternatively, you can also use air transport (regional charter flights) flying into Kisoro Airstrip.


This is a country where gorilla trekking activity is so advanced since the gorillas are trekked in Volcanoes National Park, which is situated about 80 km away from Kigali International Airport and it’s about a 2-hour drive. During your trip to Rwanda for gorilla trekking activity, you will have to tour Dian Fossey’s grave, one of the pronounced preservationists of these gorillas. In this national park, there are several birds and monkeys with great and spectacular views of the landscape.

The rangers and guides are skilled and nice; they will guide you through from the beginning point until you come close to the gorillas. They will also help you tolerate the steep slopes. It is recommended that you trek during the peak season because, in the wet season, the trails tend to be muddy and slippery. But still above all whether muddy or not, after spotting these mountain gorillas all your worries are thawed. Gorilla permits in Rwanda costs $1500 per person, its permits rates are slightly higher compared to that of Uganda.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The Mountain Gorillas staying here are the same group as those leaving in Rwanda’s Volcanoes and Uganda’s Mgahinga, but note that some the group dispersed in these three National parks varies from that residing in Bwindi Forest Impenetrable in Uganda. The mighty gorillas stay in Virunga National Park which is a pronounced UNESCO heritage site

There are also Eastern lowland gorillas staying in Kahuzi-Biega National Park which is one of the biggest parks in the country. So you are at freedom to trek anywhere though, Virunga National Park is vastly known. Another thing is that since the DRC has had political turbulence in the past, it is significant that you have enough evidence about its political state prior you transfer.DRC gorilla permit rate $400 per person.

What are the main differences between trekking gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda?

How do I decide where to go for mountain gorilla trekking?

Mountain gorilla trekking activity is a flair-planned and well-set eco-vocation industry exploration. It is the ranking trekkers allure in both Rwanda and Uganda, where you will live, since there is a decent range of accommodation selections that are at your disposal. You need to relax and relish the final guide to mountain gorilla trekking. The guides are also well-skilled and will habitually watch over you and will provide you with enough facts and statistics regarding gorilla trekking, They also know about the gorilla populace and speak English for those in Uganda and French for those in Rwanda.

The advantages of trekking the mountain gorillas in Uganda

The transfer from Kampala to Bwindi is so beautiful, and this takes a full day of driving. Though you are trekking mountain gorillas in Bwindi in sections like Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga, or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, you will also relish a set spot en route. The cost of gorilla permits in Uganda is inexpensive, and UWA presents off-dry-season reductions. Uganda has various things to present prior to or after your gorilla trekking tour. Rwanda and Uganda are so close to each other, but you could also trek these mountain gorillas in Rwanda and travel to Uganda for the rest of your vacation in East Africa, & vice versa.

You can meet the lovely gentle giants (mountain gorillas) at Kinigi, which is the vile for Gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park(Rwanda). There are also a maximum of over 880 mountain gorillas that reside in the mountains that separate Uganda, the DRC & Rwanda. This action is a must for the eco-tourist’s transfer list, trekking the gentle giants is a stunning wildlife exploration. Each and every time you are in the presence of these gentle giants, it always varies. There is no one who looks into the eyes of these gentle giants, which are so sensible, calm, and defenseless and can stay genuine, For the breach between apes and humans vanishes, we also know that these gentle giants still stay with us.

The act was so down when I first embarked on Uganda Gorilla Tours in Bwindi impenetrable national park in Uganda. The main high point of this trek was spotting a baby gorilla flopping from one arm in the moss-covered trees above us. The trek through the tea plantation and the haze-enclosed slopes of the jungle, like the forest, were the mystic parts of the whole encounter too.

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