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Gorilla trekking in October

Why Gorilla Trek in October  Gorilla trekking in October 

  •  During this time, gorilla permit costs are reduced to attract more tourists and trekkers to Uganda. The same as the high season ($800 in Uganda). Its true Uganda had abolished low season discounted gorilla permits around years ago, but later the President of Uganda sighted tourism as the sector that will drive the country out of poverty in the coming years, and this can only be done if there are offers of low season (October) discounted gorilla permits. This not only increases tourist inflow but also creates awareness and tourism earnings for the development of the sector in Uganda.


  • Accommodation costs are more favorable in this season than in the high season because the occupancy rate is low, hence attracting budget travelers. Gorilla trekking in the low season of October brings you the best experience as the number of trekkers is small, which makes the gorilla families less congested by the number of visitors. During the low season of October, most of the lodges do reduce their rates to attract more trekkers to book with them, and this is an added advantage.


  •  Throughout the year, one can decide to gorilla trek these gentle giants and you may decide to tour during the high season, but then you might find that it’s raining either in the morning or night. That’s why it’s always recommended that you always wear long-sleeved shirts, trousers, rain jackets/coats, waterproof boots and ponchos. And you will also see the rangers and guides wearing them like water-proof boots. Carry a water-proof food pack, a water-proof camera protector, and many other water-proof items. The wet season begins in the months of March through May, October and November. These gentle giants can easily be trekked/tracked in the mountain Gorilla scope/radius because, during that season, they are all over the place in search for plenty of food during the low season (October)


  •   Bwindi  Impenetrable National Park is always open for gorilla trekking activity all year in & year out, whether in the low season of March, April, and May or the high season of June, August & December – February. The trails in the forest are drier and less slippery, mountain gorillas are much easier to trek, and your chance of a dry gorilla viewing experience is higher during these months compared to low seasons. This might result in an incredible, unforgettable experience and photography because it will be much easier.


Monumental Expeditions is here to serve you, pre-purchase permits, and organize a gorilla tour that will fit your budget, time and interest. All you have to do is send in the exact date you tend or want to gorilla trek and we will check the availability of gorilla permits for you at the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Once we find out that UWA has the permits, you then have to send us your full names, as they appear on your passport, and your nationality, so we can forward them to the Uganda Wildlife Authority to issue your gorilla permit. The Uganda Wildlife Authority is the only body mandated to sell gorilla permits on behalf of the Ugandan government and the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife.