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Gorilla Trekking Gears and Equipment

What must i pack for my Gorilla Trekking safari

Equipment’s you must have along for your Gorilla Trekking activity. This is very important because they help and give a lot of support hence quickening your view and spending time with the gentle giants freely and with a lot of ease

  • Pair of Binoculars

You are advised to carry a pair of binoculars to enable you view a lot of other various plants and simple animal species within the National park. Much as you are on Gorilla trekking but there are other animals therein like elephants, Chimpanzees, Black and White monkeys, etc. especially in Bwindi National Park. Apart from that there are other activities like Birding, Game driving that you will have to enjoy too.

  • Cameras, Extra Batteries, Flash light,

Charge your batteries early and very well but of course carry some extra batteries, since photography is a paramount component in adventure /touring/trekking you will have to take a lot of photographs with the 1hr inclusive when with the Gorillas. Flash light is also needed for purposes of taking photos at night in the dark during night game drives.

  • Trekking Poles.

These poles will enable you balance when moving on a steepy ground within the forests. Sometimes the guides may provide for you or you can get them still from the campsites.

  • Energy giving Snacks

Trekking seems to take long hours and you might get hungry and thirsty, so these light snacks can help out. In other wards before you leave you lodge you are advised to pack lunch and lots of drinking water.


There are other more things one needs to pack for this Gorilla trek activity simple but pack-able like Insect repellent, Sun blocker cream, Hand wipes, Malaria medicine, Citronella soap (acts both as soap & insect repellent), you should as well equip yourself with what to wear as well for this activity as stated below.

  • Wear long sleeved blouse(ladies) & long sleeved shirts (men)/Trousers

These can be in materials of either Khaki zip –up trousers or jeans and better off if you can get waterproof trousers. Now the longness of this blouse, shirt and trouser protects you from being pricked by thorns, anything that can scratch you, nettles or insect bites, the sun burning, tree branches, itchy plants, etc. And please do tack in your trousers to your hiking boots to avoid safari flies from entering you. Cotton garments are recommendable and my ladies please wear comfortable bras since the hike is tough.

  • Wear Water proof sturdy boots

Wear light weight and water proof hiking boots to avoid sliding off when the trails become slippery especially when it does rain, the boots should be comfortable, wear in good & thick socks for you, rubber boots or gum boots. These good hiking boots will give you good stability, balance, traction & support to your ankles.

  • Wear A Rain Jacket

Tourists are advised to carry wind proof and water proof rain jackets with hoods on them. This is so because Gorillas are trekked in rain forests, usually in morning hours, it might rain anytime it doesn’t matter whether dry season or not therefore rain jackets should come handy.

  • Wear Sturdy Gardening Gloves

Remember when moving it can tend to be slippery so you are forced to touch or get hold on something in the forest just in case such happens, so there itching plants, trees or even climbing trees-you may be harmed but to avoid that wear gloves. Still these gloves will protect you from harm of germs and other items which could scratch you.

  • Put on A Hat and Sun Glasses.

All you need is a wide brimmed hat which will protect your heads and neck from rain or the sun. In case you didn’t leave home with one buy on the way from any local craft market trust me you will be glad that you wore your hat.

Sun glasses with ultraviolet rays’ filter are advisable to protect your eyes against ultraviolet rays. And just in case one set of glasses falls off please move with at least 2 sets.

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