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The Exclusive Mount Gahinga Lodge-Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Classy-Exclusive Luxury Mount Gahinga Lodge-Maghinga Gorilla Park.

Mount Gahinga Lodge is an exclusive lodge as regards accommodation in the gloom of the Virunga Volcanoes. This is the only high class lodge found outside of Maghinga Gorilla Park, it bases in rolling bottoms/bases of the esteem –stimulating Virunga Volcanoes, the Mufumbiro mountains (mountains that cook).

This lodge(Mount Gahinga) merges within the area, dazzling the demoded plans and charms of Southwest Uganda. It is the seamless vile for noticing and sightseeing Mgahinga Gorilla Park, it has a secluded trail that quickly takes you inside of the Park. In Mgahinga Gorilla Park, you can trek gentle giants(Gorillas) touring the popular Nyakagezi Gorilla Family. Meet the infrequent Golden Monkeys, ascent one of the 3 Volcanoes in the Park and hike along the Sabinyo Gorge / the Border Trail.

Furthermore, Mount Gahinga Lodge provides its activities to its customers. You can tour the Gahinga Batwa community that was assembled for about 130 ousted Batwa in the area. Take time and have a trip to the Vocational Center and spot how local crafts are made. Get involved in the Batwa Heritage Forest activity where you get to know more about their way of living (the native Batwa) in the forest for thousands of years.

This lodge contains 8 chalets/bungalows that are termed as “Bandas”. The 2 chalets are deluxe but all are relaxed exclusive bungalows with a fireplace for those chilly Gorilla Highlands evenings.

Every bungalow contains a terrace/balcony with striking spots seamless for the Gorilla Trek Sun-downers. Meals are superb cookery pleasures. A synthesis of meals you may have an idea about but with that native African touch. Drinks involving both soft drinks and alcoholic Beverages like House Wines, Local Beers & local spirits like Uganda Waragi are part of the full-board stay at the Lodge.

A 30 mins free of charge massage per guest per stay. Additional massages are obtainable at extra rate, all this you can relish, Full board accommodation.
A Personal Butler is at your brook and call to attend to your desires, Laundry amenity is provided as a consideration to the visitors. Furthermore, hairdryers are in the rooms. Wi-Fi is obtainable in the relaxed main Lodge building.

 Things to do and see while staying at Mount Gahinga Lodge

This park (Mgahinga Gorilla) is one of Uganda’s trivial National Parks. However, there are several things for you to do and see. 

Amongst those activities is Gorilla Trekking, the advantage is that a Luxury Gorilla Tour in Uganda comes at a portion of the rate that it would cost you in Rwanda, the Golden Monkey Trekking, which is a 4-5 hrs activity, Batwa Trail is another, spending time with the earliest people of the Forest. There are 3 volcanoes that you can ascent in the park, and they are 1 Day hikes, climbs.

Gorilla Trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla Park is the same as that of Rwanda completed on the sides of the same Volcanoes.

Getting to Mount Gahinga Lodge – Mgahinga Gorilla Park:

Reaching/arriving at Mount Gahinga Lodge (Mgahinga Gorilla Park) takes approximately 3 hrs from Kigali, Rwanda. Kigali International Airport not only obliges Rwanda but also southwest of Uganda. It is a picturesque transfer via the Gorilla Highlands of both Rwanda & Uganda that most do not care about. You can also book a flight from Entebbe, Uganda – Kisoro, which is the private airport to Mgahinga Gorilla Park. There is day to day flights with Aero- link Safari Airlines (from Entebbe t- Kisoro and back).