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Essential Two Must Haves for Gorilla Trekking-a Porter and Walking Stick

Must-Haves for Gorilla Trekking – a Porter and Walking Stick

Two Things that will free you on a Gorilla – Chimpanzee Trek, Hike, Climb – a Porter and Walking Stick

What you cannot go without -the Two Must-Haves for Gorilla Trekking – a Porter and Walking Stick- you will need both on your Trek into Bwindi Impenetrable National Park/ Volcanoes National Park. Now Gorilla Trekking activity is not just a walk in the Park, no, but the landscape can be rough to traverse, and most of us desire a bit of assistance from a Friend. Gorilla Trekking is not a wander in the park. The walking stick and porters will be respected by most.

Use a Ugandan / Rwandan Porter plus a walking stick and you are ready for a Venture of a lifetime, 1hr with the mountain gorillas / the extensive Gorilla Habituation Experience which takes the whole-day venture with 4 hrs with the gentle giants (Mountain Gorillas) being familiarized/Habituated.

Must-Haves for Gorilla Trekking – A Porter to give a helping hand with your day-pack, a walking stick to stabilize/balance yourself while Gorilla Trekking, you will be glad that you used both of them at the finishing of your Gorilla Trek. The walking stick and the help of a porter are wanted when ascending the Volcanoes in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.


Two Must-Haves for Gorilla Trekking – a Porter and Walking Stick – You will be glad you followed our Advice:

Using a Porter for your Gorilla Trek?

The answer is simple – it frees you to focus on your trekking, your settings, and the gentle giants/gorillas themselves.  Your pack may not feel weighty, but 5 hrs through the bushes of a rainforest can alter that rather speedily.

It is not belittling to involve the amenities of a porter, it sanctions the porter to earn a living, be able to pay school fees, rent, buy food, and so on.  The charge for a porter is $20, which is a tiny rate to pay related to the assistance Porters give liberty to your involvement- trekking the gorillas.

Using a porter makes your trekking more pleasant, liberating you up to traffic more restfully via the often dense vegetation. Your porter stays with you throughout the trek and will assist you cross the trickier parts of the traces and get anything from your bag that you may need.

Ask any porter what it means to carry your things, and they answer back, an occupation with self-esteem, instead of laboring in the fields for a chickenfeed.

Ask any trekker as to what it means to involve the amenities of a porter.  Most often they would tell you that it was most supportive to have a porter, the $15- $20 was well worth spent and that the porter made the alteration by making your load lighter and attracting the Gorilla Trek Encounter.

Even if you are young and agile – please make good use of a porter and capitalize in the life and future of a Ugandan.


Why use a Walking Stick on a Gorilla Trek?

The answer once again is simple – it liberates you, it escorts your time on the Gorilla Trek, it offers you balance and pays a Ugandan/ Rwandan who makes them. There is the bare walking stick that most often is about 5 feet in height. There is the most attractive, fixed walking stick that makes an outstanding souvenir of your gorilla trek in Uganda/ Rwanda. You can acquire a walking stick at the start of your trek, access it free of charge from some lodges or buy an attractive one at a souvenir shop, in any case, do not trek without it.You can take your walking stick with you on the Tour and use it on Chimpanzee Trekking or hiking while in Uganda.

Two Must-Haves for Gorilla Trekking – a Porter and Walking Stick-