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Uganda Safari Camps

Uganda safari camps

High Quality safari accommodation in Uganda.

The Uganda Safari Camps do provide the best and most desired accommodation for any Safari/Tour Budget in Uganda & are very reasonable by all kinds of tourists. Your Uganda Safari is totally and well sorted out when it comes to where to stay /accommodation with the presence of several safari camps positioned in various National Parks. Uganda Safari Camps are categorized in a diverse manner reliant on Nature & other things. And these are the levels at which they are categorized –Luxury/expensive, others are cheaper and more reasonable for the Budget Safari in Uganda. There is a fine possibility of a Safari camp to outfit totally in your Ugandan Safari procedure.

What to Expect for Uganda Safari Camps?

Well most times Safari camps are mistakenly inferred to as Safari lodges, yet my dear there is a clear difference between the two. Now when searching for safari camps, once you type in safari camps it might /will bring safari lodges, clearly what you must be aware of is that Safari camps are usually porch/tented. Notwithstanding, some other safari campsites offer the real taste of safari camping where you carry your own camp & also straight it by yourself, however the service worker will plan the campsite for you in a barrier and other services.

Uganda Safari Camps are categorized in unlike types, like luxuries & Budget camps. Luxury Uganda Safari camps are characterized with being so expansive than the Budget ones, services offered as in regards to the luxury camps are unique like the hair driers, elaborate beds, calm decor among other luxurious respects. If you love to experience the Wild gorgeousness of the natural world in the Uganda National Parks, the option is one stay in the Uganda Safari camps. These camps do provide you with such an exploratory experience from the sound of the animals at night/ the swings in the forest trees during the blowy nights/even the pride of a lion trying to get rest at your door step for the night, spotting a Giraffe head just near to your window/even  patent at a trivial herd of Elephants a few steps from your tented bungalow.

Uganda Safari Camps in Murchison Falls National Park

This National Park is positioned in the North-western region of Uganda, the largest of them all. It contains Safari camps like Yebo & Red chilli rest camp. Red chilli rest is found in the southern part of Murchison falls National Park, falls under the best Budget accommodation, it provides where to stay in Bandas & campsite for the venturous tourists. These bandas contain en-suite bathrooms, toilets & relaxed bedrooms, the campsite still has a well-recognized lavatory & washroom, cooking section, security lights, etc. This camp also provides free tents for all the tourists who would love to camp at the locations.

Yebo Safari camp is positioned in the southern section of MFNP close to Mubako gate. This camp provides mid-range accommodation with well furnished rooms & roomy with a touch of African cultural design. It provides space for some venturous campers where they can straighten their tents & fully plunge into the Wild African Safari nights & evenings. Yebo safari camp provides a remarkable high spot of the park like the verdant forest of Budongo.

Uganda Safari Camps in Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is the 2nd largest National Park in Uganda and it does contain a total of safari camps, highly toured as well and gives you a wide range to select from which safari camp for a better safari experience in Uganda for you. And they are as below:-

Queen Elizabeth Safari camp which is positioned in the park its self, located in the south western part of Uganda, sited at the Kyambura Escarpment about 15 mins from Karugutu the park’s gate. Since QENP is located in the right post where you can spot Mountain Rwenzori very well and purer, both lake Edward & George, the incredible Kazinga channel, and so much more interesting sights & sounds of the wasteland. This camp (Queen Elizabeth safari) is one fine preference for your Budget safari to QENP.

There also the Simba Safari camp, the most prominent among them all in QENP, situated in one of the barest areas of the park and near to the Kasenyi plains where lion tracking does occur. This camp is found on top of a Hill which oversees lake Kikorongo on the verge of QENP. Simba Safari camp is newly established camp familiar with providing incomparable Safari special from the accommodation point of view. One of the components that makes this camp become your best option for you is the hospitality it highly offers to its visitors. All its rooms(Simba Safari camp) are well positioned with an incredible sight of the Kazinga Channel, lake George & the extensive plains of savannah grassland spotted with the cactus trees & other savannah woodland tree species.

Uganda Safari Camps in Kibale National Park

There is what we call the Kibale Forest camp situated in the southern part of the park adjoining magombe swamp where the Bigodi Swamp walk occurs from, itself(safari camp) falling under the mid-range safari camp, providing average accommodation in safari tented camps along the borderline of KNP where it will perfectly fit in your Budget safari plan. The dependable African touch provided by this safari camp via a total of paintings for the fine Safari involvement/experience.

The Nyanabulitwa country resort & Safari camp which is Budget means of accommodation in KNP and mainly focuses at the Budget tourists/travelers for Primate safaris. This park provides accommodation in cottages, Bandas wit verandas and a spectacular camping site. The safari camp is an eco-friendly flair supplied with solar energy, grass thatched camp cottages & an outdoor camping site for a real African safari exploration.

Uganda Safari camps in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park 

This park has camps like Gorilla forest camp, situated within the cosiness of the dense forest trees. It is considered as one of the distant camps in Africa positioned in deep in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This camp contains cottages from where you are able to spot the gentle gorilla passing straight by your room. Still once more you can be able to feel the sound of the forest birds, monkeys & the breeze night bring the forest around the camp to life with swashes of the trees in the forest.

Mahogany Spring camp which is found close to Buhoma section of BINP,falling under the luxury safari camp and near the park entrance at Buhoma section in the North of BINP. This safari camp is positioned in one of the most secluded & picturesque parts of the park. Mahogany spring camp provides accommodation in the most contented greater suites in double, triple beds & expensive  presidential suite. The forest calmness/composure around this camp makes the facility worth a memorable experience among the rest of the other camps.

To mention but a few there are still more other Uganda Safari camps like those in Kidepo Valley National Park-Apoka safari camp, Adere safari camp, among others and Lake Mburo National Park having Rwonyo rest camp, Lake Mburo camp mantana tented camp,etc.All these contain spectacular accommodation suites and at affordable rates and with a conducive atmosphere offering you a decent stay in Uganda and having quiet an unforgettable experience –Uganda Safari.