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Mountain gorillas in Uganda are trekked in the Tropical rain forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which has the most endangered species on planet Earth and Mgahinga National Park (Southwest Uganda) and Volcanoes National Park in the Northeast of Rwanda. Gorilla Trekking in both countries is done year in and year out.

Best time to trek (Low season)

Uganda being crossed by the Equator has got modified equatorial climate-2 rainy seasons, this season is known for its heavy rains between the months of March, April, May, and November,(the short one in October & November) and the longer one (mid-March –May), making hiking and trekking hard in the Impenetrable woods because of heavy rains, makes the trails too slippery, muddy and you also must have a 4 wheel drive to make it to the Gorillas because some families necessitate you to drive for some time to reach the beginning of the trailheads. So with the above, some people tend to be comfortable with trekking in this season. The rest of the months are dry although current variations in patterns of weather make it hard to forecast the seasons.

During this time Gorilla permits cost the same as the high/peak season ($1500 in Rwanda & $600 in Uganda). Where to stay (Accommodation) rates/ costs are more favorable in this season than the high season because the occupancy rate is low hence attracting budget trekkers. Gorilla Trekking (both Uganda & Rwanda) in the low/wet season brings you to the best encounter/venture as the number of trekkers is few which makes the gorilla families less congested by the number of visitors.

Best time to trek (High/Peak season).          

The best time to trek is during the dry/peak seasons of June, July, August, September, and part of October and December plus February. Here there is less rainfall or even no rain at all & the conditions are good and favorable for Gorilla trekking activity. Most trekkers /tourists choose to transfer during this season because of the dry weather and it is because of this that there is a high demand for Gorilla permits at this time which are $1500 in Rwanda & $600 in Uganda which is the current price of Gorilla Permits.

A Gorilla permit in Uganda is cheaper than that in Rwanda so this allows every trekker/tourist/visitor to meet his or her budget intending to go beyond the gorillas for a variation of encounters. Still, in this season, it’s perfect to trek Gorillas because the mountain Gorillas are found in temperate weathered regions with raised landscapes, meaning the climate remains cool throughout the year making it perfect weather for lengthy treks.

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