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 Gorilla Tracking Permit Uganda

Cost of a Gorilla Permit in Uganda

A Gorilla permit is a license/ticket/document issued to travelers above 15yrs allowing them to tour/trek mountain Gorillas in their natural habitats or any of the 3 habitats. (Bwindi impenetrable National park-Uganda), Volcanoes National park-Rwanda and Mgahinga National park-Uganda). Gorilla trekking is an exhilarating activity done in only three countries (Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo).

Cost of a Gorilla Permit in Uganda

Cost of Uganda Gorilla permit through -Uganda Wildlife Authority headquarters costs $600 per person (Foreign Non- residents), $500 (foreign residents), UGX250,000 (East African citizens) and the Gorilla Habituation experience permit is $1500.

When should one book a Gorilla Permit in Uganda?

One is usually advised to book a Gorilla permit at least 3-4 months earlier or prior to your trip and in the process pay the Gorilla permit fee in advance so that it can easily be gotten for you. Only when you have a Gorilla permit can you involve yourself in the Gorilla trekking activity. During peak/dry seasons of June, July, August, September, December and February, Gorilla permits in Uganda become scarce and highly competed for that’s why you are advised to book your permits earlier.

Facts about the Gorilla permit in Uganda

  • It determines the region where you will trek Gorillas from, includes where you are going to stay for all your tour time(Accommodation),  also specifies which section you are to be. For instance, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has many sections with each having its own Gorilla Groups or families and accommodation properties like Buhoma in the North, Ruhija in the East, Rushaga & Nkuringo in the south,
  • These permits are non-refundable once cancelled, this is because much as there could be a high demand of permits it may not suite the clients in terms of accommodation. Since each region has its own Gorilla group, for those wanting to trek in these regions you should let Monumental Expeditions know so that it can act perfectly well while booking your Gorilla permit.

    Procedures of how to get a Gorilla Permit in Uganda

Send us (Monumental Expeditions) your passport details which are needed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority for verification in order to issue your Gorilla Permit out. Contact us with your right date and month you feel like Gorilla trekking in Uganda then we shall check for the Gorilla permits available and inform you. We shall send you an invoice, transfer the funds then onto our account, pre-purchase your permits and then send you scanned copies.

Is there still an offer of discounted Gorilla permits in Uganda? 

Yes, Uganda Wildlife Authority extended discounted Gorilla permits for low season months of April, May and November at $450.00 per person for Foreign non-residents & $400 for East African residents holding working permits for Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda & Burundi. Compared to other months one paying $600 is here paying $450 thus saving $150 per permit. East African residents save $200 since they are charged $400 by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Why is there still an offer of Discounted Gorilla Permits in Uganda?

Its true Uganda had abolished low season discounted Gorilla permits around years, but later the President of Uganda sighted tourism as the sector that will drive the country out of poverty in the next coming years and this can only be done if there offers of low season discounted Gorilla permits. This not only increases on the Tourists inflow but also creates awareness and tourism earnings for the development of the sector in Uganda.

Booking of Discounted Gorilla Permits in Uganda? (When &How)

Uganda low season Gorilla permits at $450 for foreign non- residents and $200 for East African residents are offered in months of April, May and November of every year (. These discounts do attract more tourists and they are advised and encouraged to take advantage of these months since also the costs of accommodation also tend to go down lowering the General Gorilla Safari price. Monumental Expeditions is here to serve you pre-purchase permits, organize a Gorilla tour that will fit your budget, time and interest, all you got to do is send in your exact date you tend to Gorilla trek and we will check availability of Gorilla permits for you at the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Once we find out that UWA has got the permits you then have got to send us your full names as they appear on your passport, your Nationality so we forward them to the UWA to issue out your Gorilla Permit. UWA is the only body mandated to sell Gorilla permits on behalf of Uganda Government and the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife.

How payments for Discounted Gorilla Permit are made.

After all details are made or gotten and you have decided on your date to Gorilla trek in Uganda, Monumental Expeditions will send you an invoice with our Bank account details to enable you effect your payments. Full payments are usually considered of Gorilla permits & 20% deposit payment to confirm your safari and you can pay the rest 6 weeks to your safari. The 20% Visa and master card payments are also considered as an option in this case

“My Gorilla permit has been Pre-purchased or Booked”, how can you tell?

After your deposit being seen on our Bank account, definitely Monumental Expeditions office staff will check the Gorilla permit status at the UWA for your preferred trekking dates. Immediately our driver will drive or go with your passport book details and your discounted Gorilla permits to UWA once issued our company will scan and send you a copy of your records.

Allocation of Gorilla Permits in Uganda

Initially Gorilla Permits were given out according to gorilla families, but from January 2014, UWA considered issuing them out (Gorilla permits) basing on regions/sections. These sections or regions include: – Ruhija in the East of Bwindi, Rushaga and Nkuringo in the south of Bwindi while Buhoma in the North of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. So to buy a permit now you must choose a region and then you will be given one of that region if available.

So what happens then.

Now after the allocation of gorilla permits, on your day of arrival at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for gorilla trekking, they will then allocate you to a gorilla family depending on your physical fitness and interest. These interests may include, trekking a given Gorilla family of your choice and if there is space, they will fix you in that group, you may also wish to trek with your friends’/ family members whom you could have come with to this tour, this is as well very possible if there is still space. Still you may wish to have a simple, medium or hard trek, depending on availability they will allocate you accordingly.

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