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Rwanda Gorilla Permits In 2023, Booking Information & Cost

Mountain Gorilla Tracking / Trekking permits are in great demand, and with only a limited number of tourists authorized to track each day, it takes careful preparation to ensure a chance to track the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda.

How to Get a Gorilla Permit in Rwanda

Choose a Reputable Tour Operator

It is always more convenient to book your gorilla permit through a reputable tour operator in Rwanda. This is due to the fact that safari firms give much more than simply a permit. They will book your accommodation, arrange your visa, offer transportation, and take you around Rwanda. We recommend booking with a reputable travel operator, such as monumental expeditions and safaris.

Rwanda Gorilla Permits In 2023, Booking Information & Cost

Details about hiking Rwanda’s gorillas and obtaining Rwanda gorilla permits.

Rwanda’s Mountain Gorillas are one of the most popular attractions for travelers. Mountain Gorilla Tracking / Trekking permits are in great demand, and with only a limited number of tourists authorized to track each day, it takes careful preparation to ensure a chance to track the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda.


Make contact with the Rwanda Development Board.

If you do not want to book via a tour company, please contact the Rwanda Development Board for assistance in obtaining a permit.


Visit More Than One Place in Rwanda

The easiest way to obtain a Rwanda gorilla tracking permit is to book a Mountain Gorilla Tracking-Safari for either a 5-day safari or a longer safari that includes more Rwanda National Parks such as Nyungwe Forest National Park and Akagera National Park. If you spend long days in Rwanda, the Rwanda Development Board will grant you a discount on your gorilla permit.


Other Less Expensive Locations

A gorilla permit in Rwanda costs US $ 1500, but tracking Uganda gorillas saves you US $ 900. You may still visit Rwanda, but you must pass into Uganda to see the gorillas! Wild Whispers Africa is a well-known firm that can assist you with gorilla permits and monitoring on either side.

A Mountain Gorilla Permit costs USD 1500 per person. One must be at least 15 years old. Permission can be obtained for the

The majority of tourists who participate in Rwanda gorilla tours a Mountain Gorilla Tracking / Trekking Safari see them since the guides are quite informed about the area where the habituated group resides.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority will award each guest a certificate upon completion of the Tracking or Trekking-Safari.

The US $ 1500 may appear to be a lot, but nothing compares to the thrill of having experienced these wonderful and rare giants.

Gorilla tracking is a worthwhile pastime; it might compel you to visit Volcanoes National Park and appreciate its splendor by walking through the jungle. There are roughly seven known gorilla groups that tourists see.


Seeing Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda

The Mubare group, which consists of roughly 6 individuals and a silverback, was formally opened for tourists in 1993.

The Habinyanja group was formed in 1998 and comprises of 18 people with around two silverbacks.

The Rushegura group, which has roughly 19 members, was established for tourism in 2002.

The Nkuringo group has roughly 19 members and was established for tourism in 2004.

The Nshongi group, which has 36 members and three silverbacks, was ready for tourists in September 2009.

The Bitukura group, which consists of 13 members, opens for tourism in December 2008.

The Kyaguriro group has roughly 17 members.

Gorilla tracking is often regarded as Uganda’s most desired secondary tourist activity. It is preferable to plan ahead of time so that permits may be reserved.

Gorilla tracking is a physically demanding activity that requires persons who are physically fit. Briefing and registration take place at the Buhoma park office, and Nkuringo begins at 07.45 am, with tracking beginning at 8.30 am. Depending on where you obtain the gorillas, this activity might take all day or just a few hours.


How to Track Rwanda’s Gorillas

The park has strict laws and procedures in place to safeguard both tourists and gorillas.

Infectious ailments such as diarrhea and flu are a hazard for gorillas, thus visitors with such illnesses will be denied entry.

It is always preferable to see gorillas from a distance and in groups rather than surrounding them.

It is crucial to keep a gap of roughly 5m between yourself and the gorillas. If they are approaching you, try to move backward.

A digital camera is best, and no flash is permitted.

Take this seriously: avoid eating or smoking near the gorillas; instead, keep a 200-meter distance.

Cover your mouth and step away from the gorillas if you need to cough or sneeze.

As you approach the gorillas, avoid making amusing noises or sounds. Also, abrupt movements are not permitted.

Once at the park, do not spit or little on the green vegetation or earth.

Keep in mind that you only have one hour to visit the gorillas.

Because age is so critical, persons under the age of 15 are not authorized to monitor gorillas.

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