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Ziwa rhino sanctuary

Activities at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary was constituted in the year of 2005, Rhinos were acquainted by the Uganda rhino fund due to the fact that they had become extant because of wars, poaching and hunting in all the national parks around 1983, conversely, it’s this sanctuary (Ziwa Rhino) in Uganda that havens rhinos & tourists who tour the place will get a chance of tracking the rhinos while on foot.

This sanctuary works with Uganda Wildlife Authority & Ziwa Ranchers limited to preserve, breed the threatened rhinos & when they become many presented to national parks where they once subsisted. This sanctuary began with 6 rhinos and since then the total of these animal species has accumulated to about 22 rhinos. So as to offer security for the threatened rhinos. Ziwa rhino sanctuary has gotten 24-hour security, 78 trained & proficient park wardens plus a 6 feet tall electric fence where several animals stay. Still this sanctuary does shelter 40 animals involving Hippos, monkeys, Antelopes, reptiles like crocodiles, bird species, to mention but a few and also presents other more various exciting activities.

Things to do and spot at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda.

Rhino tracking

The prime activity carried out here is the Rhino tracking activity where tourists will track the Rhinos while on foot. This activity is conducted by well skilled and knowledgeable wardens/guides, begins with a session of informing you about the prospects, don’t s & dos at the sanctuary entrance, reliant on their position(rhinos) at which they are, you could probably transfer 1st to view near to where they are so as to avert walking long distances & then trek to where they are with the ranger guide who will be communicating facts about the rhinos & answering questions once asked. During this activity you can get near to these animal species about 6-7m, find out more about the rhinos ‘ways of behaving, how they feed, record and take a plentiful of photos, be able to relish the moment. This activity (rhino tracking) in Ziwa rhino sanctuary rates $50 (FNR), $ 40 (FR), UGX 30,000 for East African citizens, $25 for foreign non-resident children, $20 foreign resident children & UGX 10,000 for East African children.

Bird watching

This sanctuary shelters approximately a total of 300 bird species which ranks it the finest bird terminus in Uganda. There exist 4 birding trails which have been formulated in the sanctuary, i.e. trails via woodlands, Savannah, swamps, etc. Bird viewing in the sanctuary is embarked on either in the morning /evening but then strictly for 2 hrs and during this activity you can spot birds species like the ancient shoe-bill stork, African black flycatcher, Senegal coucal, brown parrot, red headed weaver, African black crake, African fish eagle, broad billed roller, red winged starling, etc.

Guided nature walk

This is a stimulating activity where tourists get chance to transfer out/get out of the car and discover the sanctuary while on foot. This activity begins with a session of informing about the don’t s and dos, and also conducted in the Savannah plains with a ranger guide who will be sharing facts with you and also help you sight a diversity of animals such as bush-bucks, Hippos, water-bucks, leopards, duikers, etc.

Shoe-bill canoe ride

This ride is conducted on a 10 km Lugogo wetland & tourists will get a chance to spot several animals & birds species involving the subtle shoe-bill stork, speckle breasted woodpecker, giant kingfisher, open billed stork, palm nut vulture, white crested turaco, great egret, African fish eagle, to mention but a few. Canoes used in the ride are provided by the community and in return they are paid for their offered amenities thus being a portion on the preservation relationship.

 Night walk

Night walk is an activity strictly conducted by the ranger guide and flashy lights for a distinct sighting at night, it’s still a new activity in the sanctuary, and basically the night walk begins at about 8:00 pm and concluded at around 11:00 pm thence taking roughly 2 hrs & 30 minutes. As you embark on this activity you will be able to spot the nocturnal animals such as leopards, etc.

What to pack for your tour to Ziwa rhino sanctuary?

  •  Comfortable hiking shoes so as to keep your feet dry during your rhino tracking activity and nature walk plus bird watching as well.
  • Hat & sun glasses (protect you from the direct sun rays during nature walk or rhino tracking most especially in the peak season), insect repellent to protect you from the insects bites like from the tsetse flies, mosquitoes, etc.
  • Waterproof rain jacket, to protect you from the rain just in case it rains, flashlight when you embark on the night walks.
  • A pair of binoculars to be able to spot those animals that are far, camera to take photos on your safari in Uganda -pearl of Africa plus light clothes, etc.

Travel options to Ziwa rhino sanctuary

This sanctuary is positioned in Nakasongola district in the norther region of Uganda. It is approximately 180 km by road along Kampala – Gulu highway and equivalent to a transfer duration of 3 hrs. This sanctuary is located in Nakasongola district via the Murchison falls national park (largest national park and highly toured park in Uganda), so then you can join rhino tracking with other far-fetched activities in this park (MFNP) like boat cruise to the bottom of the falls &Victoria Nile delta, game drives, spot fishing, bird watching, Hot air ballooning, Chimpanzee tracking in Budongo forest, etc. So in case you desire to relish your gripping rhino tracking activity at Ziwa sanctuary, make sure to book a 3 Day Murchison falls wildlife tour of which you will be able to pass along the sanctuary as you proceed to the park.



Where to stray while on your safari to Ziwa rhino sanctuary in Uganda

There exists accommodation ranging in levels of luxury, mid-range and budget lodges and hotels like Amuka safari lodge, guest house & camping grounds for budget tourists, Exclusive amenities presented/provided by Amuka safari lodge involve standard chalets each with 1 bedroom, family chalets each with 3 beds, limited free Wi-Fi, restaurant that serves both traditional and international dishes, all this enabling you have a comfortable safari, lessen up after your rhino tracking and such unforgettable experience.