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Adrenaline adventures safari in Uganda

Uganda adrenaline adventures

This venture brings out the excitement and expedition fun in Uganda-Pearl of Africa. Uganda Adrenaline Adventures does grant you an opportunity to hype your ecstasy during the Uganda safari. This can only become so interesting for those who are the venturous type, the thrilling high height, rapid waters, plus the hiking up to the highest altitudes is all which does brand the Uganda Adrenaline Adventures. Regardless, the Adrenaline ventures in Uganda are all you require to refurbish your safari involvement, due to the fact that these activities get you dynamic and completely tangled, unlike the birding, game drives plus other activities in the wilds. Uganda is one of the finest /best safari terminus in Africa and probably in the whole world as well, this country is wealthy with a plentiful of calming, venturous and revitalizing activities you can relish while on you tour to the Pearl of Africa. Tourism in Uganda is highly reliant on the natural lures/attractions which are displayed in the different regions/areas of the country. The ranking highlight on most of the Uganda tours is the Gorilla trekking safari, conversely there exists other several stimulating activities you can get engaged in and relish highly like hiking the snow covered mountain of the moon (Mountain Rwenzori), game drives which happen in Queen Elizabeth National Park, plus more other interesting activities you can engage in for a memorable experience.

What to do for the Uganda Adrenaline Safari

There is a line of stimulating activities you can engage in and truthfully love while you relish the loveliness and back drop of this Country-Uganda (Pearl of Africa) all in this type of safari. There are tabled activities that children shouldn’t get involved but then on the other hand there are those where you are permitted to engage with your entire family & friends. The fact is, for whatever, let it be desolate water rafting, fun family expeditions, Kayaking, exciting picturesque sight, there is all you desire to add to your Adrenaline safari to the pearl of Africa. Below are some of the stimulating activities you can involve in your travel plan as regards Uganda Adrenaline Safari.


This is one activity that you can get engaged in and relish the Nile waters just in case you could have missed the rafting action. Now when it comes to Kayaking you probably do enjoy alone with no other people/team whereas when it comes to white water rafting it’s not the case. You can puff/hype your involvement on the rapids or can scull your leisure via the 1st grades of flat waters on the Nile River. Despite the secluded dabbling/paddling, there exists the rescue group to watch over you so as to guarantee your safety and yet be able to relish your Kayaking experience.

White water Rafting

Among the tabled activities one has gotten to engage in during the Uganda Adrenaline safari, this ranks the top of them all. And so, white water rafting activity is only conducted at the source of the Nile-Jinja town, and most Adrenaline raising experiences does imply the grade five experiences. White water rafting activity does grant you a high opportunity for you to sense and feel the vigor of the Nile river straight from its foundation on Lake Victoria in Jinja .1 st grades 1-3 are humble seafaring/sailing stages that you can relish with extremely your whole family and friends plus those rafting for the first time. Grades 4-5 are extremely tougher rapids towards the Itanda falls along the Nile in Jinja and they are considered always inspiring grades, conversely, most venturous.

Bungee jumping

If this activity is highlighted on your Uganda Adrenaline safari list, then you are on the right track because it’s going to help you drive fear out of you. This activity once engaged gives you an opportunity so as to get delighted/elated as you fall from a great height and touch the waters of the Nile. Bungee jumping is mainly conducted from the Nile resort in Jinja & Bujagali falls. Now the upside view of the Nile river and the tree coverings might get your fall such an exciting on. Straight from a height of about 44 m, you then fall at liberty facing in the Nile below-there you go this stimulating activity does dare your height fright.

Boat cruises

This is another venturous activity one can add on her/his Uganda Adrenaline Safari in the pearl of Africa. The Nile boat cruise in Jinja is done from the source of the Nile where you can relish the water from the river bank to the Island, plug of the source of the Nile, where you can well relish the crafts shopping & then do sail back. Then still in Jinja –former Bujagali is another place for conducting a boat cruise, it’s now a freshly established Bujagali lake between the Bujagali dam & Owen falls dam in Jinja. The Nile boat cruise does enable you sight and view clearly the sunset, the far- fetched sights of the adjacent landscape.

Still one can enjoy a Nile Boat cruise in Murchison falls National Park. From the source, the Nile river transfers northwards and splits Murchison falls National park into 2 sections, Chobe & Paara. The bottom cruise transfers towards the bottom of Murchison falls and provides you good wildlife spotting sessions. Then from the bottom the boat cruise will transfer you to the Albert delta, at this point is where the Nile moves into the Lake Albert. Morning Nile downstream boat cruise in Murchison Falls National Park provides you an opportunity to view the primeval shoe bill stork bird.

Where to go for Uganda Adrenaline Adventures

Mainly here you can focus on the prime destination which is Jinja town in Uganda where you can relish your Adrenaline safari in Uganda. This town(Jinja) provides the most exciting and remarkable adrenaline ventures which are conducted at the source of the Nile, and in this same sense Jinja town is referred to as the Adrenaline capital of East Africa.

Lake Mburo National Park is another where you will relish some of the venturous activities like Cycling, horseback riding, and so on. Murchison falls National Park is another with some few other adrenaline activities can be relished from like hiking on top of the thunderous falls, remember its Murchison falls, the most powerful waterfalls of East Africa. Mountain Rwenzori is still part of the list because it will offer you a fine venture when you hike to the top of it, plus Mountain Elgon inclusive when it comes to climbing under mountaineering activities, to mention but a few.

Uganda Adrenaline safari activities could also involve Zip-lining, Quad biking,Sipi falls hike, Hot air ballooning in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park, Sport fishing in Murchison falls,etc.

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