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Where Is Kibale National Park Found?

Where Is Kibale National Park Found? Kibale National Park is located in Uganda’s Western region, in the Kabarole district, and is known as the highest park, with an elevation of about 1590 metres above sea level, and the lowest level, with an elevation of 1,100 metres on the Albertine Rift Valley, which leads to the southern part of Kibale National Park. Furthermore, this national park is located at an elevation of 1,100 to 1,600 metres above sea level. Kibale National Park is well-known and frequently visited because it is home to a large number of chimpanzee species, making it the best destination in Uganda for tourists interested in chimp trekking activities. As a result, chimps are regarded as the park’s main attraction.

Kibale National Park was initially designated as a forest reserve in 1993, and then as a national park in 1932. This national park is a fantastic site for a safari in Uganda since it is a huge tropical rain forest bordered by savannah grasslands, forests, and savannah wetlands on the rift valley bottom. Kibale National area is best renowned for its chimps, but it also has over 375 bird species, 13 primate species, and 70 animal species, which draw travellers from all over the globe to explore the area.

Furthermore, Kibale National Park offers various tourist attractions that have drawn many visitors, contributing significantly to the development of Uganda’s tourism sector. These attractions include; stunning crater lakes, where it is well known that this park has over 15 crater lakes, Kihingami wetlands, which are located near Sebitoli in the northern part of the park, Bigodi wetland sanctuary, which is a good destination where bird lovers should visit and they will be able to sight see many bird species such as the rare shoebill stork, Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru, and many more.


Activities at Kibale National Park.

Tourists who visit Kibale National Park for a safari in Uganda are usually spoiled for choice when it comes to indulging in exciting activities that allow them to discover new things and make lasting memories. Furthermore, these activities include:


Kibale National Park is also regarded as a fantastic destination for bird viewing because it is home to over 375 bird species. Birding activities in this national park cost 30 USD per person and normally begin at 7 a.m. from the Kanyanchu Vision Centre. As a result, visitors to this national park will observe bird species such as the white-collared olive back, the black-crowned waxbill, and the yellow spotted barbet.


Hiking and nature walks.

Hiking and guided nature walks in Kibale National Park are enjoyable experiences that allow travellers to be enthralled by the park’s grandeur and to witness nocturnal animal species like as nightjars, bush babies, tree hyrax, and crickets, among others. Tourists are always accompanied by park guides and rangers throughout these activities, who assure their safety and guide them through. Furthermore, travellers may participate in these activities during the day or at night, and it should be remembered that day nature walks cost 30 USD per person and night nature walks cost 40 USD per person, Where Is Kibale National Park Found?.


Cultural Encounters.

Tourists visiting Kibale National Park have the opportunity to explore surrounding settlements and interact with the locals. The Bakiiga tribe and the Batooro tribe are two ethnic tribes that live in the neighbourhood. Visitors have the opportunity to watch cultural dances, listen to traditional folk songs, learn how to prepare local meals, and never miss the story telling part because during that time, visitors always have the opportunity to learn a lot about the history of these people. In addition, travellers can visit the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary, which is a community-based organisation that promotes eco-tourism.