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Uganda Reptile Village

Uganda Reptile Village, located within Entebbe, Uganda’s main entrance town, is one of the top recommendable spots where travellers on Uganda safari tours may delightfully enjoy the sights of diverse African Reptiles that are protected in Uganda. Uganda Reptile Village, whose main goal is to sensitise and educate the local community about the importance of protecting and conserving different reptile species as well as other important environmental resources such as forests, swamps, and water bodies, is playing an important role in saving the unique natural resources that are under threat from human behaviour.

Taking your Uganda safari trip to Reptile Village in Entebbe will let you to get up close and personal with over 50 reptiles and twenty reptile spices that are on show. Boomslangs, skinks, chameleons, cobras, monitor lizards, and tortoises are among the distinctive reptile species on show. Your Uganda excursions and safaris to the Reptile Village will provide you with the rare opportunity to touch and interact with Africa’s most dangerous snake, the Gaboon Viper.

Taking a Uganda Safari Tour to the reptile village will allow you to explore the site’s two famous basins. The first area you will see is an open basin that is home to non-climbing animals, while the other basin is home to four separate kinds of tortoises.
The venue is unique in that it caters to visitors on Uganda safaris and excursions who have small children. They will have a fantastic experience watching these sluggish but entertaining creatures dine on their vegetables. You will reach the present location where the colour shifting chameleons are safeguarded if you stroll down gently under the instruction of an expert guide.

At the site’s outskirts, visitors may take in the sights of marshy areas that are home to various reptiles, birds, and monkeys.
Tourists on safari to Uganda’s Reptile Village will enjoy exciting activities like as sport fishing and canoe cruising on the three-kilometer-long man-made river stream in the swamp area. In addition, guests may go on a wet land walk to explore the surroundings surrounding Repitle Village, where they can see many bird species and fauna.

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