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What are my Chances of seeing the Mountain Gorillas?

likelihood of seeing mountain Gorillas in Uganda

Will I see the Gorillas in the Wild in Uganda? What are my Chances?

A question often asked: What are my chances of seeing the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda – the answer is 99%

What are my chances of spotting the Mountain Gorillas? Will I see the Gorillas? The answer is over 99%, yes.  In over a Decade of Gorilla Trekking Tour, we had one customer who did not spot the gentle giants(Gorillas) on the 1st day but then did spot on the 2nd.  There is no such thing as Unplanned Gorilla Happenstances, remember the substantial Gorilla Permit rate aids for several things that you are not aware of, that are not in the TripAdvisor remarks by so-called Gorilla specialists

Will I spot the Gorillas? Chance? – When it is related to Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, there is not much opportunity left. Things are established in such a manner that 99%+ of Gorilla Trekkers have their meeting with a Gorilla Family.

Gorilla Trekking is the primary activity that generates Tourism Dollars.  The Ugandan Government has effortlessly done everything to secure the gentle giants (mountain Gorillas). Not only because of preservation reasons that the Trekking Dollars pay. Gorilla Tourism implies jobs for numerous Ugandans, who have better than standard salaried jobs as wardens/stewards, Porters, Lodge Staff, and yes Safari Operators, Driver Guides, etc. If Gorilla Trekking were a Hit or Miss or Miss Gamble, it would interpret thousands of probable Gorilla Trekker taking Trekking off of their bucket list.

What is the Secret to Seeing Gorillas on Your Trek in Uganda?

Will I spot the Gorillas on my Trek? The answer is Pre-Trackers -Beneath the locator, unknown to most gorilla trekkers, behind the scenes, prior the crack of beginning. While the haze still dangles over the Forest, before you set off on your Gorilla Trekking Day, the Pre-Trackers are hitting the trail to search for the familiarized Gorilla Families that are being tracked on that specific day. They are fortified with GPS Devices, have Satellite Phones, and go directly to yesterday’s Gorilla Group position. Gorillas do not normally move more than 2- 3 km per day.  The Pre-Trackers are totally skilled and professionals in searching & tracing today’s path and place of the Gorilla Family you will be touring later.

Once the Pre-Trackers have sited, you will be spotting later today they call in the directs to Park offices, let the wardens know as to where to go. This all happens when you personally you are still asleep/ having a cup of Big Gorilla Coffee & Breakfast at your accommodation place (lodge/hotel)

You will credit the Rangers and Trackers on your successful Gorilla Trek. The trackers and wardens merit a lot of recognition. But then in actual sense they are held behind the scene heroes, the pre-trackers, the reason for accomplishment is the pre-trackers who get less acclaim for a job well done.

What are my chances of seeing the Mountain Gorillas? As you can spot, the Pre-Trackers eliminate several of the component of opportunity out of your Gorilla Trek.  The wardens/rangers that will guide you into the forest toward your Gorilla Family are not finding out the Gorilla Family, they are plainly following guidelines given by the unrecognized/behind the scenes heroes of Gorilla Tourism- the Pre-trackers.