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Gorilla Trekking –the most Expensive Tourist Activity in Africa

Gorilla Trekking on The Cheap? – There is no such Thing

The $1,500 Permits in Rwanda make Gorilla Trekking – the most Expensive Tourist Activity in Africa

The most Expensive Tourist Activity in Africa-Gorilla Trekking. Affluent yes, but where else can you spot these gentle giants (mountain Gorillas) except on a National Geographic, or BBC Wild TV Program, no Mountain Gorillas residing in a Zoo around the world, they do not endure in detention.  Mountain Gorillas, the largest of a kind in the World are only located and situated in the Wild of Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo. They can be Safely trekked in Steady & protected Uganda and Rwanda.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking is on the Bucket List of many rotating the world who want to have the personal Gorilla venture in the heart of Africa where less than 900 of the Gorillas are positioned and an extensive total of the Permit money participates to the preservation of gentle giants (mountain Gorillas), also supports the adjacent societies with infrastructure projects that profit all.

  • Rwanda’s 1 hr with a Gorilla Family Permit ($1,500) charges you $25 per minute
  • Uganda’s 1 hr with a Gorilla Family Permit ($600) charges you $10 per minute
  • Uganda’s 4 hrs with a Gorilla Family Permit ($1,500) charges you $6.25 per minute

2017 – Rwanda establishes itself as an Upmarket Safari Destination:

Rwanda twisted the Gorilla Trekking industry by May 7 – 2017 upside down and bowled the dice incoming the unknown (with advice from its marketing Consultants) by raising the Gorilla Permits from $750 -$1,500. Once again the little David of the East African Union picked a rock and suspended it out at invented Goliath of African Tourism founding itself as a one of kind luxury tourism terminus which is their marketing policy for outstanding Rwanda for the next few years, this in line with the fashionable lodges that exist or are being constructed in the country.

Even Rwandan operatives were in a state of tremor and distrust.  Transfer Communities responded, even objected & wanted the Rwandan Development Board to cancel their decision. The much valued Transfer Weekly wrote that moderate and budget trekkers would go to Uganda to Trek Gentle giants(Gorillas), while well to do trekkers would make up the loss.

Today the $1,500 Gorilla Permits in Rwanda makes Gorilla Trekking activity tend to be the most Expensive Tourist Encounter in Africa.  Add to the $1,500 2 nights of accommodation/lodging, ground transport, tips and drinks which can be from Hundreds to factually a few thousand. If $1,500 is not enough, you can spend more, for $15,000 on a secluded, luxurious Gorilla Trek.  You can have a Gorilla Family to yourself for 1 hour along with your family or friends.  Just you and the gentle giants(Gorillas) plus wardens and porters and what the South African Blogger, the Fynbo Gu wrote “a Truckload of Cash.

Rwanda is taking a road less traveled – focusing on luxury – upmarket Travelers and they just might succeed

 Uganda, where Gorilla Trekking – the most Expensive Tourist Activity in Africa becomes more affordable for most with $600 Permits

Fly into Kigali Rwanda, the port of gateway not only to outstanding Rwanda but the entry to Southwest Uganda with its 2 Gorilla Parks (Mgahinga Gorilla National Park & Bwindi Impenetrable National Park) where you are able to save $900 on a Gorilla Permit since Uganda has not yet raised the charges on the Gorilla Permits but kept them at a rate of $600 as Rwanda doubled its permit prices to $1,500.

Gorilla Trekking – the most Expensive Tourist venture in Africa becomes more reasonable in Uganda where your Gorilla Dollars spring a bit more with lower permit rate and accommodation that particularly in the up-market category is significantly lower in fee by hundreds of dollars per day.

Budget, Mid-Range & many Upmarket Tourists/trekkers are deciding to come to Uganda for the second most luxurious 1 Day Tourist Venture in Africa – Gorilla Trekking at $600 Permit rates. The reduced $450 Gorilla Permits during April, May, November have been reduced since Uganda is getting enough of an increase by being $900 lower for Permits than Rwanda.

Uganda has its own high class good when it comes to the gentle giants(Mountain Gorillas) and that is the one-of-a-kind Gorilla Habituation Experience where you spend 4 hrs with a Gorilla Family on an all-day Gorilla Trek.  An encounter that has become very famous in the short time of its occurrence because Trekkers get more time to spend with a Gorilla Family and there are fewer Trekkers since only 4 trekkers are permitted to contribute instead of 8 trekkers.

Uganda has chosen to market a more affordable Gorilla Trekking – involving raised Permit obtain ability/availability 

Well Gorilla Trekking may be highly sighted and spotted as the most Expensive Tourist Venture in Africa but that does not stop Gorilla Trekkers from transferring to Rwanda & Uganda where Gorilla Trekking as an activity is harmless and protected.  We spot that with our own Customers where there has been a very significantly raise in Gorilla Trekking Tours and that involve the Gorilla Habituation Experience.

We also have realised that Gorilla Trekkers need more than 1 hour with the Gorillas (Gentle Giants) of the Forest, or even the extensive 4 hr Gorilla Habituation Experience(GHEX).  While Gorilla Trekking Tours have seen no downturn for us, we have seen a rapid raise of trekkers wanting to involve Chimpanzee Trekking or the all-day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience(CHEX).

Gorilla Trekking on Budget -as you can spot that is an allegory, it does not matter whether you are bunking in a hall while trekking, there is still the permit rate that makes Gorilla Trekking activity one of the most luxurious/high class venture in Africa. Mountain Gorilla Trekking is an unforgettable asset/investment for yourself as you venture the implausible close-up experience with the mountain Gorillas(Gentle Giants) of the Forest.

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