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Waragi –The Drink of Choice –a Taste of Uganda on Safari

Some Claim that Uganda Waragi is a Tourist Attraction

Waragi-The Drink of Choice-Uganda’s Gin Made and Sold in a variety of Ways – A Taste of Uganda

Waragi-The Drink of top notch for several Ugandans. Waragi Gin is a palate/taste of Uganda. Those having a trip relish a Waragi Sun-downer after having engaged in tracking of Gorillas /Chimpanzees, hiking one of the Virunga Volcanoes in Uganda, or at the conclusion of a long game drive across the Ishasha Plains.

“Waragi, a phrase which most believe comes from “War Gin”, something which the British gave Ugandan Soldiers before battle to offer them with alcohol-tempted courage. The British used mostly crews of Nubian Soldiers, and Waragi was given to maintain good spirits. The drink blows out throughout Uganda, chiefly as corn refined alcohol, called “Enguli” in Luganda.  In the central parts-as Enguli, north- as Lira-Lira and in the west- as Kasese-Kasese all in the parts of Uganda.  Most of the corn Waragi is made from Sugar Cane, but also Bananas, and Cassava.  Uganda Waragi, the triple refined Brand promotes itself as the Spirit that muddles us. It is something exclusively Ugandan that might not be the tourist attraction but its maker titles that it is.

Waragi-The Drink of Choice

Travellers may not be fascinated by it but rapidly start to relish it while on a Tour in Uganda (Pearl of Africa). They relish it so much to the extent that once they are leaving they carry a bottle with them. But bare this in mind since this drink(Waragi)/Drink of Choice in Uganda is not a word commonly used in their home countries, most Travellers to Uganda know less about it.

Travellers from around Africa herd to the other city that never Slumbers-Kampala. Well unlike in New York city, the bars in Kampala never retire & the party is powered in portion by Waragi taking Revelers who keep on rocking the Ugandan elegance. We advise a shot of common logic before you bounce out for a night in the streets of Kampala town, Entebbe, Jinja and many more other cities in Uganda. The act you often sight is someone having a bottle of beer and Waragi at their table, using the Beer as a prompt something we do not recommend.

For your Safety: Most Travellers embarking on a Tour in Uganda do not go out on the town. However, Kampala has become famous for its lively being structured by CNN and various news outlets as something not to be error. For your welfare and security, not acknowledging Ugandan Culture, we recommend that you go with a Ugandan.  Uganda is harmless & protected. Things do happenstance when people take Waragi and other alcoholic drinks. Kampala Nightlife – Safety and Security in the City that never Slumbers Stay Safe, hit the town with a Ugandan.

Waragi-The Drink of Choice for many Ugandans has become the Drink of Choice for many Travellers, Trip Goers, Primate Trekkers, etc.  The Spirit of Uganda appears to be contagious on as it has developed the procedural Sun-downer Drink for many, often punched with a Krest Bitter Lemon soda or a locally presented Novida Soda that exists in in various flavors.  Uganda Waragi is now also refined in different flavors- Coconut, Pineapple and Coffee. Uganda Waragi could be used producing some pleasant meals in our up-market lodges, but that has not yet caught on, but someday it just might. Meanwhile relish a truly Ugandan Taste relishing a Waragi in the Wild. “Do drink responsibly,” the morning game drive or gorilla trek begins a little bit earlier.

Waragi-The Drink of Choice is locally produced in villages and hamlets. 

Most Waragi in Uganda is Fruit based corn and not double or triple refined as the brands Uganda Waragi/ Leading Waragi. Most Ugandan Waragi is formed under appalling/terrible conditions using cast off oil drums as the fermentation kettles without filters implying that any froths that endured the vapour will stay in the drink. Huge amounts of firewood are used in the procedures which is injurious to forests. The procedure is simply crude and possibly hazardous, and it is fine you stick to the store-brands.  Even there, the plastic packets were found with scums in them.  They are now disqualified, but it is uncertain that they will not be sold.

There are laws in Uganda. However, when it comes to Waragi corn, they are not obligatory. Places where they distill from are imagined to be licensed under the Enguli act, yet whole villages involving one where Teetotalers formulate Waragi. Producing corn Waragi is money making and chains many a family, buys land, pays school fees, and brings monetary liberation.

Periodically catastrophe forays as in 2010 when 80 people died due to drinking Waragi that confined high amounts of methanol in the Kabale District. It has not stopped corn Waragi that rates a trifle in judgement to the sale-able products which rate $6.00 for a 750 ml bottle.  Other products are much lower. A 200 ml bottle of Leading Waragi rates 70 cents at a local Shop and is triple distilled.

Is Uganda Waragi the Spirit that binds us? Some would contend that it is via addiction, crying, grief, and failing health for most of them. Waragi-The Drink of Choice is part of Ugandan values. It is there at weddings, funerals, family gatherings, cultural events. It is part of what makes Uganda an exceptional, the Pearl of Africa. Involvements shape Memories, and we think that a Sun-downer Waragi after a Gorilla Trek can be considered a portion of that while you are on tour with us in the Pearl of Africa.

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