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Wildlife safaris Uganda

Uganda Wildlife safaris

Uganda Wildlife Safaris allows you tour and visit various and several National Parks found in Uganda, of which among them is Queen Elizabeth National Park, then Murchison Falls National Park among the few for activities like Game viewing, boat cruise/launch, of course not forgetting well enough the Gorilla tours in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Wildlife safaris in Uganda make it possible for you to spot animals like lions soothing, elephants strolling and Giant forest hog smothering. Any tourist on a Uganda Safari touring Queen Elizabeth National Park can’t fail to be astonished by the massive range existing there- in, simply a pictorial buffet, embark on a boat tour, Game drive, a Nature/ woodland walk or basically relish any of the multitudes splendid views.

The occurrence of the vegetation diversity in Murchison Falls National Park, stretching from riparian forests and swamp lands- the Savannah, offers you a chance of spotting various animals found in Uganda. This is another exciting destination to venture, this beautiful fall area coverage is about 50 ft and made up by the River Nile. This National Park is characterized with the noise by the falls as it rumbles and at this point you can take the best photos that will give you great experience of the park. It’s also one spot that is well known to dock/haven various bird species which activity you can engage yourself in,in your leisure time.

A great venture /encounter when on a boat cruise/ launch, tour upstream to the falls in Africa. A great over view of animals like Elephants, hartebeest, giraffes, buffalos, crocodiles, numerous antelopes and several birds involving the rare Shoe bill stork that are spotted at the water’s edge as the launch floats along.

You will also tour the Impenetrable Bwindi Forest, tracking /trekking through the Jungle in search for the endangered species (mountain gorillas) which normally takes so many hours, but then once found you are allowed spend time with them for strictly 1 hr-watch how they play, live their lives, etc. Bwindi is famous for its vast Gorilla population. These gentle giants are so friendly and daring to sit & watch.

In the sequence of tracking the famous Chimpanzees in the Kibale National Park, this park contains the loveliest and most diverse tracts of tropical forest in Uganda. This park shelters about 70 mammal species of which most famously 13 species of primates(includes Chimpanzees), you will also get a chance to come across and view/spot other wildlife like monkeys, mangabeys, bush baboons, etc. This is the most rewarding destination to explore in Uganda.

The exquisite mountaineering and sightseeing safari in Uganda to mount Elgon. This takes you to the eastern part of the country being able to get a chance to hike on the 4th tallest mountain in the East African region. Its characterized with the largest volcanic mountain caldera ranging to 42 km 2 largest volcanic base in the world covering 4,000 km 2

The Sipi falls mentioned as one of the finest waterfalls in Uganda noticeable by mystic sightseeing chance meeting. This safari is also featured by these falls (Sipi falls). More so the safari to the Sezibwa falls, the largest rain forest in the central Uganda-the Mabira forest with various bird species & flora, to mention but a few.

Kidepo Safari Uganda Wildlife, this being a true jewel with plenty of Wildlife. It still stands out to be the true version of tourism in Uganda though stays unknown to many. This park shelters over 470 bird species fit for bird watchers,75 species of mammals and all these fall under the prime game of sightseeing and viewing location. This is the best & finest virgin destination every wildlife viewer can never miss to tour /visit in Uganda.

Sport fishing Safari in Uganda- an activity done on /along the famous lake Victoria, Murchison Falls National Park, Jinja River Nile & lake Mburo.Uganda being a water rich country with about 25% of its surface under water, it features  a multitude of lakes involving lake Victoria(largest in Uganda  & Africa,2nd largest in the world),lake kyoga in the central, lake George, Lake Edward, Lake Albert,etc.Therefore with all the mentioned above tourists who love fishing ,it’s one activity you can get involved in on your safari.

Margherita Peak Hike is less high than Mt Kilimanjaro, also less well known and less frequently climbed. yet it entails more practical skill and every bit as much energy and will power. Reliant on the season, the hike can offer a total of hitches like rain and mud. Adventurers will be well remunerated for their labors. The hike structures wonderful views, amazing flora, babbling monkeys and colorful birds. There are even options for someone who is unable to climb to the top of Margherita. What an experience