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Uganda Safari Abduction.

We can’t deny the fact that in today’s tourism segment, yes, abduction has obviously become widespread upsetting the smooth running/flow of safaris. And yes cases of abduction are reported now and then where park guards and tourists are mostly affected. Any place for tourism can be safe or unsafe and becoming a victim of abduction can happen to anyone on any safari but keeping acute/keen and careful helps you to do your safaris successfully.

How to avoid any chances of becoming a victim of Abduction on your safari?

Check the foreign travel advice website

Always make sure to check the website of the foreign office travel advice before you confirm a tour/trip to any destination and check/approve the safety of that specific place you wish and intend to tour. This enables you find out the security state of the country and other different places that are safe in case the former is not safe. Normally, websites of foreign office travel advice regularly are updated about the security information on & of every country. Every time you spot a warning on a certain place/area/destination avoid that place. For example, if you visit any travel advise site now days, you are likely to find a warning about DR Congo till further notice. Therefore, all tourists are required to find out the security status of a specific destination where most cases they are heading to/going to have a safari/tour, confirm its safety and confirm your safari.

Be confident and friendly

Tourists or travelers you are advised to be more confident and much as you can’t feel free in a new country, be natural in your expression and keep a low profile just like an individual in the area. Well, confidence assists you create trust from local people around you who in turn freely tell you all facts about that specific area. Take a look at this, if using public transport, be steady while negotiating the prices/rates and be certain of where you are going. Reluctant of knowing your stop points and the routes to use is a crucial cause of abducts. In addition to confidence, be bond with people you come across since the friendlier you are to these people, the safer you are with them.

Always keep in touch with your people back home.

Live communication with your people back home is very important and highly recommended. There many ways of how to do this, through phones, emails, whats- up and text messages, thus updating the people you trust about your condition this other side, location, routes and timetable. Not only that but still updates help in police investigations in case of any problem arising since it’s the police first to trace the last people the person talked to/with and those people who were seen last with the victim.

Learn and know your environment/surroundings

Tourists are advised to always visit the surroundings whenever they arrival in a new place. Knowing and studying the map of the area is very vital since it indicates all the surroundings, the routes, close by towns and police offices and be aware of what is in your neighborhood helps you avoid dangerous places and know your safe places where to run in case of any problem.

Be responsible for your life.

Make sure wherever you are whether day or night time be alert and responsible for yourself. Tourists are advised not to fully trust and believe in the new people they have come in contact with at waiting places, airports, and shopping malls and even at the hotels/lodges. You are free to talk to them, but do not hurry to share your confidential info/details those you do not know. Avoid walking recklessly in dangerous places at late hours. In general, whichever tour you are preparing and getting ready to embark on, be additional careful. Obeying and following the above mentioned tips to avoid falling and becoming a victim of abduction /kidnap, keep friendly and be confident with the new surroundings/environment, take full responsibility of yourself and relish your safari.

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