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Uganda wildlife safari

What Wildlife you can expect to see in Uganda

Uganda is a very beautiful and stunning terminus providing a mixture of savannah and forest parks. It shelters a massive of animals in categories of mammals, Birds, Reptiles and fish. And then we have got the high spots of the endangered Gorilla species and Chimpanzees leading us to engage in the trekking activity but still other smaller primates can be sighted as well. Not only that, Uganda also provides savannah tours and the Big five are present. Lions are commonly spotted in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park & Kidepo Valley National Park where they are believed of hunting the Uganda Kobs always.

Animals to view on Animals safari

Uganda shelters the world’s largest living land mammal –the African bush elephant, Uganda ‘s National Antelope –Uganda Kob, primates are well denoted in Uganda like the biggest primate the mountain Gorilla, the African Lion referred to as the king of beasts, Rothschild Giraffes-the tallest animals reaching up to 18 feet in height, African Buffaloes(the black death), Rhinos-the large primitive looking mammals,Chimpanzees,Leopards that are widely spread and characterized with the element of camouflaging while the most elusive  animal among the Big-five, the great blue Turaco-which can be 30 inches long and weigh up to 2.7 pounds,Plain Zebras, Cheetahs, Red tailed monkey, Golden monkey, Ugandan red colobus, Uganda mangabey, the Nile crocodiles referred to as the fresh water hunter, the Hippopotamus-the river horse, among others, the Black & white colobus is extensive throughout the country. Uganda also shelters a total of Antelope species, rare sitatunga antelope is infrequently seen but positioned in the 6 national parks in the country.

  • African Bush Elephant

A huge male can stand 13 feet tall and does weigh 11.5 tons, quiet an impressive view, while a standard size male stands around 10.5 feet tall and weighs 6.6tons.Females are particularly small.

  • Mountain Gorilla

This is the biggest primate, a sub species of the Eastern gorilla. And over half of the world’s gorilla populace reside in Uganda’s forest. Remember these gorillas don’t survive in detention.

  • African Lion

This is referred to as the king of beasts, another member of the Big-Five. These are the most social of the big cats and reside in family groups termed as prides that contain several linked females, their cubs plus 1 or 2 adult males. The lionesses do most of the hunting and normally concentrate on the big game like the buffalos, giraffes and the main task of the male lions is to safeguard/defend the pride from the enemies.

  • Chimpanzees

A chimpanzee troop can contain individuals between 30 and 150.They live in grasslands, woodlands and tropical rain forests. These endangered species are omnivorous and their favourite food are fruits. These creatures reach maturity when between 11 & 13 years old and they can stay for up to 60 yrs. So many more animals but to mention but a few.

When is the Best time for Animals safari in Uganda?

Most of Uganda ‘s National Parks are toured year in and year out but then the best time for spotting these animals is in the peak season from months of June-August & December –February when animals do gather around /near the water bodies like rivers and other water points.

During the wet season (September –November & March –May) it’s also fine only that the roads can become obstructed /impassable and hiking trails do become very slippery and stimulating/challenging and therefore the whole experience or venture may get conceded. Mountain gorillas can be tracked year in and year out but then the venture can be ruined to some extent due to the heavy rain in the wet season.

Uganda undeniably has gotten one of the most beautiful and attractive wildlife gifted with a very huge and vast species of animals positioned in several and various parts of the country. Currently the mountain Gorillas in Uganda are an autograph of the country’s wildlife and most sighted too by the travelers.