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Uganda night Game drive safari

Where to do night game drives in Uganda

Night Game Drives is another quiet an Experience that most tourists would love and prefer to have included in their itinerary. This is another incredible activity among the excluded activities. Like since now it’s so incredible that Uganda its self is blessed with 10 National parks, all recognized, safeguarded/protected, all measured for a series of Safari adventure activities and among them 3 of these National Parks do carry out Night Game drive. Lake Mburo, Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth.

Night Game Drives in Lake Mburo National Park. 

This is the smallest National Park among the 10 positioned/located along Masaka-Mbarara road, and highly conquered by Savannah grassland 7 Acacia woodland which colorfully makes the Night Game Drive a marvellous venture since it will give you an opportunity to sight and spot clearly of the Nocturnal animals that cannot be seen on a day game drive like the side stripped jackal, Bush pigs, White mongoose, Black Galago,etc.

Night Game Drives in Murchison falls National Park.

This is the largest National Park and the oldest of them all divisional into 2 (Northern side and Southern Side) that are covered and conquered with savannah and the forest vegetation that shelters a series of wildlife like the Rothschild Giraffes, Impalas, Zebras, Uganda Kobs, Lions, Elephants, Bushbacks, water backs, Chimpanzees, Red tailed monkeys, etc. Still in this National Park travelers will be able to widely view a variety of Bird species like the Papyrus Gonolek marabou stork, Shoe-bill stork, etc.

Now the Northern part of this National Park is where the activity of Night game drive is done from due to the existence of the open savannah grasslands in excess that do give a clear sight and view of the Nocturnal animals in the night. The good about the night game drive is it also gives wide sight/view of the nocturnal wildlife like Hyenas, Leopards, lions, Civet, porcupines, Hippos, etc. A great chance to view these animals that hide during the day and do the hunting in the night. Normally the Night game drives do have escorts who accompany the travelers/trekkers-the Uganda Wildlife Authority armed rangers, using the UWA vehicle/any other tour company vehicle and with a high lighting spot torch. Still more to view in the night like the moonlight sights in the Albertine Nile which can mark an incredible game drive in the Night for you.

Night Game Drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is one of the ranking destinations when it comes to Uganda Wildlife Safaris beside Murchison Falls National park, Kidepo Valley National Park and Lake Mburo National Park, exactly positions the 2nd largest National Park. This park contains and shelters a series of wildlife that can be sighted as well like the Tree climbing lions at the Ishasha section, African Elephant populace, Buffalo herds, a high close set of Hippos, bush backs, Oribis, etc. Of course in this National park there is a lot of magnificent sight capturing wonders like the Kazinga Channel, crater lakes, tropical rain-forests, etc.

Night Game drive in Queen Elizabeth National park has been limited and only takes place in the Mweya peninsula due to the fact that the Kasenyi section is highly toured by a total of tourists. Still this gives you a wide view of nocturnal wildlife in the park like cerval cats, the bush babies, civet genal, leopards that do hunt at night, etc.

The cost of a Uganda Safari Night Game drive

A person is charged $30 per night when you have used a private vehicle, those using the Uganda Wildlife Authority vehicle are charged $40 for the night Game drive. This price line does apply to all Parties-Foreign residents, Foreign non-residents and East African Residents do pay Ugx 50,000 for private vehicle and Ugx 40,000 shilling for the vehicle of UWA.

 What must I carry for my Uganda Night Game Drive?

Well in this case visitors/tourists are recommended to carry with themselves things like: –

Spotlight torches for to give them a clear sight of the Nocturnal wildlife at night, Insect repellent to safeguard your skin from night active insects like mosquitoes, since it is always cold at night, carry /wear strong and warm clothes like sweaters, enough batteries for your camera because of course you will take photos and avoid wearing bright colored clothes because they will destruct the nocturnal animals.

For all bookings and inquiries regarding the night game drives in Uganda please contact Monumental Expeditions safaris for such an incredible Venture-Night game drive.