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Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers means Safe & Secure Park Visits.

UWA Rangers –Keeping Uganda’s National Park Safe & Secure

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers equals to safe and secure National Park visits for Tourist.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority wardens are devoted men and women loyal to UWA’s Motto “Conserving for Future Generation”. Stewards/wardens wear many hats. They play the role of Preservationist, defender of Parks and travelers, Police Officers, Enforcers, Soldiers, Game rangers, scholars to the local society as to how to survive and stay in peace with wildlife and educating travelers about the natural Wonders they meet touring the Parks.

Like the police (protect & serve), Uganda Wildlife Authority wardens also safeguard wildlife preserving it and the parks for incoming/upcoming Generations and they safeguard travelers to the parks that are in-flowing unacquainted Terrain to them and need someone proficient of directing and safeguarding them while touring the Parks.

At times wardens have even given the eventual sacrifice, their very lives in crisis with rustlers.  Most do not become wardens because of Financial Gains but because they are upright men and women devoted to conserving the natural marvels found in Uganda. Uganda’s National Parks Are harmless and protected because of Uganda Wildlife wardens.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers –Keeping Uganda’s National Park Safe & Secure

UWA Rangers – Add Security-Knowledge-Wilderness Wisdom to your Treks, Climbs, Hikes, Nature Walks:

You are in unacquainted terrain when you are trekking these endangered species like Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys in Uganda. You do not spot what a Ranger sights while climbing or on a Nature Walk. You need directions and supervision when hiking Volcanoes/ Mountains of the Moon. The wardens bring years of involvement and bring a lot of common sense to your tour practice in Uganda /Rwanda.

The non-appearance of awareness/knowledge and common African wild intellect of a UWA warden could bring important difficulties for the lone hiker, climber, trekkers. Now regarding issues like warning you if danger is ahead of for instance a snake, near a crocodile, hippo, is common intellect with UWA warden watch and assignment which is to indicate to you what you might miss/error, keep you unharmed and protected and generate a fine involvement for you.

UWA Rangers -Gorilla Tracking:

Your trip to the gentle giants(Gorillas) in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park/Forest has a lot of behind the scenes actors in form of UWA wardens behind it. We have the Pre-Trackers who crown out searching for the Gorilla Group you are going to tour.

They also observe the health and welfare of the gorilla families in case of any medical attention they forward the details to the Gorilla Doctors.

UWA wardens are the ones who crown/take travelers to the Gorilla Family that they are tracking.  Everything is done to make sure that no harm befalls you and highly protected while enjoying your safari. Warden Tracker directs you to Gorillas, Golden Monkeys, and the Chimpanzees. It always comes down to Safety and Security involving Gorilla Trekking.

UWA – Ranger – Marine Anti-Poaching Patrols:

The act is late afternoon on Lake Albert neighboring Murchison Falls National Park, and the spot is passive, fishing boats not too far from shore outwardly fishing for Tilapia and Nile Perch. For many of those outwardly blameless fishermen, it is a cover, and as the night series, their real drive becomes current as they come to the shore, drop their weapons, snares, etc.

The Marine Anti-Poaching Patrols supervises the so-called fishing boats and take accomplishments like arrests upon discovering weapons, snares, etc.  The Anti-Poaching Boat Patrols have been quite effective in stopping rustlers oncoming from the Lake. This is also the case in Queen Elizabeth along Lake Edward that neighbors DR Congo.

UWA Rangers as Drone Operators:

Drones have become part of observing and watching rustlers in Parks. Rustlers can be sighted by Drones from above a lot earlier and clearer than it would take a foot-patrol to locate them.  They(Drones) can also be used to identify rustlers as they occur in the park and where they are residing.  Drones have become a vibrant part of UWA’s anti-poaching efforts. Still these drones are also used to keep the parks harmless and safe from filches and thugs who may hurt Travellers and other customers to the parks. Wildlife Game Tracks can be observed from above making sure that the tourists to the park below are un harmed and secure.

The drones are operated by skilled park stewards that qualified in their use, they (Drones) have become an essential part of keeping both wildlife and tourists Safe and Sound. And once again it is the warden that makes it a certainty.

Uganda Anti-Poaching Patrols and Investigations:

Rustling/Poaching in Uganda of animals like Elephants, Giraffes, Chimpanzees, Gorillas accumulating in totals has currently become importantly condensed due to the fact that the Uganda Wildlife Authority is rapidly and unceasingly in the news about the anxiety of poachers/rustlers. Anti-Poaching also includes trafficking of illegal wildlife like ivory, Rhino horns and others wildlife from areas like DR Congo to close by Uganda boundary and then to Entebbe /further on to Kenya. So poaching Patrols deal with both those killing wildlife for bush-meat, but also handles those who look at the value of a Hippo skin, ivory, pangolin scales, brown parrots, pangolin, turtles, monitor lizards, etc.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers and local Community Relationships:

Uganda like the rest of Africa is escalating, Uganda is a trivial country, and its populace requires land. Societies and Wildlife battles are regular and normal, trespassers and land-grabbers are making their existence known.  UWA Rangers face many odds involving government officials instead of preserving for oncoming generations.

There is evolution how local societies can deal with wildlife and parks they array from Beehive Fences for elephants to revenue distribution, from educating local societies, how the parks do and can profit from communities, another hat that UWA wardens often wear, that of a mediator. There is also the seizure of Crocodiles, Snakes, and other reptiles and animals and taking them to a park or wildlife reserve.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers – Conservation

Preserving for oncoming Generation is the Motto of UWA, and it is the stewards/wardens for a large part who make that come about/occur. The transferals of Rothschild (Uganda-Baringo) Giraffes from the north-side of Murchison Falls Park- Lake Mburo and the south-side of Murchison Falls Park is just one instance.

The rare Roan Antelopes in Kidepo Valley Park is doing fine and another detail that preservation works, even the reaping of the eggs from Ostriches attracting opportunities of birth.

Preservation work done by wardens is a day to day routine and involves dealing with Travellers whose entering, permit fees pay much of the preservation rate, something that is often not comprehended.

UWA Rangers – Paying the Ultimate Price:

The life of a Uganda Wildlife Authority warden most times is not relaxing. Lovely because even some have gotten to pay the eventual rate/ price for their amenity. Rustlers kill them, fall in traps set by rustlers, gunned down by land-grabbers and trespassers, attacked by animals of which buffaloes are the most hazardous, poisonous snakes bite them and fall off rock faces and other risky places.

Every year of 9th June, Uganda rejoices Heroes Day, dedicating those who have made a variance in the lives of Ugandans. A proper memorial widows and orphans fund would be right.  At this time there is the yearly UWA Marathon that aids orphans with schooling.

We in the vocational industry admire and respect the men and women who day to day put their lives on the line in their fight to preserve the Wild of Uganda for ongoing Generations – Some of them paying the eventual rate/ Price solidifying the tenacity of others to pick up their blanket and carry on their work.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers – it is all about your safety.”

Monumental Expeditions Safaris Does Tours in Uganda, and we are indebted to the devoted wardens who have done their part to make our tours harmless, protected and pleasurable for our customers. We are aware of the vibrant part that they play in securing both parks and tourists/travelers. There are several more things that wardens do, but this gives you a wider picture of what is involved.