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Tea safari in Uganda

Uganda tea safari

Regarding the Uganda tourism industry, Uganda Tea safaris has ranked the finest position, turning out to be the prime income engendering venture. This is another safari you can get involved in and relish the pearl of Africa since tourists/travelers flok plantations for expeditions/trips. As regards this safari you get to tour and discover a lot as you dive profoundly into understanding the growing of Tea custom as part of the intact African way of living and still provides you with an eventual Agro-safari packages in Uganda and here you are away from the plentiful of National Parks in the western parts of Uganda. Well commonly it is being noticed and recognized that mountain gorillas, game drives, to mention but a few do take the principal position, conversely, if you are to comprehend Uganda, its better if you get to know about its agriculture which is its backbone for years. Tourism and agriculture are surely attached/intimate and participate much in the development of Uganda, accurately unavoidable.

The Agro-tourism most especially the Tea Estate tours does fit/belong to the exclusive function activity bouncing up in Uganda as part of the full tourism experience/involvement in the country. You can spend the whole day touring the Tea estates plus entering into the Tea processing plants when it comes to this kind of Safari-Uganda Tea safari. Then again Uganda tea safaris can be linked with a diverse of other activities to come up with a beautiful travel plan. These tourists do get and receive the facts/information about the tasteful tea bag you sip every afternoon and evening. The tour to the tea estates in Uganda does provide you with an opportunity to comprehend the livelihood of the people who work in the tea estates and the endurance of the tea out growers close to the tea estates.

With all that is recognized of Uganda like the wealthy wildlife and the natural bequest in the 10 prime national parks all around the country, still it’s evident that this same country (Uganda) is a food basket with fine ventures into the agriculture commercial. Uganda is connecting with several other countries around the world to amalgamate Agro-tourism as a principal part of the tourism industry. As part of the plantation agriculture, Uganda is venturing in both Tea and coffee growing which nourishes Agro-tourism in the pearl of Africa. Now most of these tea farms, plantations, shambas, where travelers do tour and relish are mainly owned by private individuals.

And still furthermore Uganda Tea Safaris does grant a wider chance to travelers to learn more about how tea is grown right from when it is still in the nursery bed to the prime farm & then how it is dried and processed into an evocative tea bag. Not only that but different tea estates in Uganda are a source of income to the farmers and the several workers be it on the farm, plus also source of income to the Ugandan government. Uganda tea safaris are also a dynamic education pieces to the studying children in Uganda and across East Africa. Tea trips can be linked to other Agro-tourism aspects such as coffee trips, cotton tourism, sugarcane plantations, etc.

What do you expect on a Uganda tea safari?

Your excursion to the distant south western tea estates in Uganda, is quiet satisfying, having a view of the gorgeous vegetation cover of the west, the surging hills & highlands of the west join together to provide you with a well-intentioned time of transferring by road. And well once you arrive the tea estates like Manga positioned in the western parts of Uganda you will automatically get and enjoy your trip and have such unforgettable time in Uganda.

Not only that but the guides wholly dressed in white will avail head caps for you to wear in order to avoid of falling of your hair into the tea. Once you arrive at the tea factories you will get to know about the five steps of making tea ready to making a beverage. After nurturing your view to the luxuriant estates of tea in the fields, then you can grab the chance to take photos (tea flowers, leaves, plants) basing on the parts of the estates

Where to visit for the Uganda tea safaris

There are several tea estates existing in areas of central region, far western and a few parts in the eastern region of Uganda. It is through this kind of safari that one can explore the hidden gem of Uganda-the Pearl of Africa. The rolling luxuriant hills covers in tea plants does provide a fine photographic setting, a lessening spot over the surging hills of western side of Uganda.

Uganda tea safari can be changed into a 1 Day expedition of which here you grab a very fine opportunity to tour tea estates along the eastern circuit at Kasaku & Nakigarara tea estates positioned in Kajjansi, etc. Still you can get an opportunity to transfer via the over lands in the west to a lot of dissimilar tea estates there, you can decide to tour more than one tea estates in western Uganda so as to juicy up your Uganda tea safari.

Apart from relishing the boat cruise in Murchison falls National Park, Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park, and so on you could probably relish and engage into Uganda tea safari and touring the factories in the eastern parts of Uganda.