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Horse riding safari in Lake Mburo national park

Uganda safari-horseback safari in Lake Mburo

Lake Mburo National Park is recognized as one of the most trivial National Park among the 10 National Parks in Uganda but wealthy in bio-diversity, it is in the western region of Uganda where this spectacular park is positioned, seated on an area of 260 km 2.This park was 1st established as a restrained hunting place in 1933, then later on recognized as a game reserve in 1963 and finally remodeled by the government into a National Park in the year 1986.This park is a territory of wildlife species involving a total of about 350 bird species, wandering and widely spread birds like African Harrier hawk, brown & banded snake eagles, martial eagles, red faced barbet, black cuckoo shrike, spur winged plover, African darter, pied & malachite kingfisher, plus animals including hyenas,leopards,zebras,elands,buffalos,Hippos,jackal,waterbucks,impalas,topi,etc.

Horse riding in Lake Mburo National Park.

This is an incomparable and exclusive activity in this park that travelers must make sure to get engaged in once on a safari in Lake Mburo National Park. Horse riding as an activity does take 4-5 hrs as you ride via the savannah vegetation and most timers this activity is organised by secluded/private organisation which is Mihingo safari lodge positioned near the park border. Since 2008, Mihingo safari lodge has been conducting the Horse riding activity when by then were still carried outside the park but then in the month of November 2009, they began to carry out the activity inside the park. Apparently Mihingo safari lodge does contain 7 horses,4 ponies that are obtainable every day for travelers/tourists who want to engage in horse riding and discover more about the park (Lake Mburo National Park). Now evidently most of these horses in Lake Mburo National Park can’t transfer/convey more than 85 kg, so then travelers who desire to engage in the activity should have a maximum weight of 100 kg.In that case travelers/visitors are ever weighed prior the activity of horse riding in order to certify and warrant that these horses don’t get dented/impaired by lifting people who are too weighty/hefty.

Now horse riding in Lake Mburo National Park is usually conducted /done in 2 sessions, one which begins in the morning at 10:00 am and the afternoon session which pushes on at 2:00 pm and each horse riding session is permitted to have a maximum of 6 individuals of which 2 skilled professional guides will ride along with them, this is so because the horses are attuned basing on your riding speed. Take a look at this, in case you are just learning you will be recommended to walk instead and once experienced, you will ride 4-5 hrs via the grass of warukiri hill in the center of the park with sights of the adjacent hills,valleys,animals such as buffalos, some of the 12 lakes adjacent to the park and so on.

This National Park also has gotten overnight tours/trips where you will be able to discover the park especially in the night but on a horse back which does come with an alternative of camping on the peak of the hills inside the park or do camp in the inclined tents at the shores of Lake Mburo. Overnight horse riding will enable you relish the stillness in the park, have sights of the nocturnal animals plus more animals which will be sleeping /latent. After all is done you will relish a 3 course menu for your dinner and then wake up will have a heavy morning breakfast.

Best time to go for a Horse back safari in Lake Mburo National Park

Year in and year out one can engage in the horseback riding in Lake Mburo National Park but then the best time is the rainy season which involves months of March-May, October-November. This is so because during this season there are huge amounts of rain in the park which chains vegetation growth therefore the savannah grassland & woodland will be green, animals in the park like Zebras, giraffes, impala, elands, warthogs, to mention but a few will feed in the open savannah plains which aids you a clear sight, so in that case you will ride for a short interval.

But then horse riding activity can still be done in the peak season. In this season when riding you will be able to ride through the water bodies where you will sight huge absorption of animals along the banks which will be quenching their thirst.

Horse riding rates are designed basing on the duration you spend with the horse in the wilds (1 hr ride,4 hrs ride with picnic breakfast & full day horse riding with picnic breakfast & lunch). You can either book riding permits straight by contacting Mihingo safari lodge via Email/telephone calls/booking through Monumental Expeditions Safaris. Remember you are always recommended to book in advance before the eventual date, this is because there exists few horses and ponies so as to avoid inconveniences.

Lake Mburo National Park provides other exhilarating activities like boat cruise along Lake Mburo, game drives in the park, nature walk, birding, cultural tours, night game drive, etc.

Travel options to Lake Mburo National Park

This park is well located (western Uganda), but also closest from Kampala which can be reached by both road and air means of transport. You can either use public /self-drive/safari company vehicle when transferring to Lake Mburo National Park. Lake Mburo National Park has gotten 2 gates-the Sanga gate (37 km) east of Mbarara can easily be retrieved when transferring from south-western Uganda and Nshara gate (20 km) from Lyantonde and 50 km to Mbarara and this gate is quickly retrieved by tourists transferring from Kampala by transferring through Masaka-Mbarara road of which it can take 4 hrs.

Now when you use public means, you will have to board a bus from Kampala to Sanga town and then lease a secluded/private taxi /motorcycle at a cheap rate to the park head offices. But then public means in most cases is not advisable due to the fact that roads to the park are not well preserved.

Air means of transport is another one can use. Flights made to the park do depart from Entebbe at 10:15 am and then reach/arrive at 11:00 am at Mbarara Airstrip then depart from Mbarara airstrip at 12:45 pm and then reach at 13:30 pm in Entebbe.

What to wear during Horse riding activity?

You are advised to wear long trousers, strong shoes that can reach and cover more so the ankles and with a low heel so as to prevent your feet from slipping via the strap. Also Mihingo safari lodge does offer adjustable helmets of all sizes, riding chaps, English style sandals since after all it is the lodge that conducts this activity. Horse riding is a very exciting and venturous activity that is only conducted in one National Park in Uganda and that is Lake Mburo National Park, as well on River Nile (longest river in the whole world) positioned in Jinja, so then if desiring to engage in the activity you can book a 3 Day Lake Mburo Safari which will provide you a stimulating experience of a lifetime.