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A Uganda safari in January

May be a slight sneak in/ at the average weather in this month of January in Kampala city of Uganda. Around 81°F is the daily high temperatures, infrequently falling below 75°F or beyond 87°F. Its daily low temperatures are about 64°F, infrequently falling below 61°F or beyond 67°F.

January  weather and where to go

This month (January) lies in the tiny peak period of Uganda’s seasons implying it is a crazy/fanciful time for both activities like Gorilla Tracking and Game viewing/Spotting. Parched/dry ground underfoot tends to ease walking and regardless of being one of the hottest months of the year, Gorilla Tracking activity in Bwindi Impenetrable forest can be relaxed and at ease due to the altitude offering cooler temperatures. Since the Climate of Uganda is Tropical it is promising that there will be existence of some Rainfall, but these are improbable to disturb and upset your Game activities and Gorilla Tracking activity will still be commenced. With day time temperatures climaxing in the high 20 s in the South it is good time to do Gorilla Tracking and also transfer and tour National Parks situated in the South of Uganda. The Equatorial temperatures of Uganda generally array from 17-28℃ year in and year out but numbers in the mountainous sections and during the evenings may drip/fall to about 13℃.However its instead too hot and very dusty in the North of Uganda since the day time temperatures climax in the 30 s, therefore not an ideal time or period to tour National Parks in the North Like Kidepo Valley National Park.

Therefore, several camps will be quieter in the month of January than in the month of December thanks to school vacations having finished and the festive season of Christmas and New Year period being concluded or over, however, as it is still a famous time to transfer, rates will continue being fixed in the dry/peak seasons. Not only that but wandering/Migratory birds are still present throughout Uganda until April so this can be a good period to transfer, sight a number of various bird species.

What to wear in this season/ month(January)? & activities therein

You are advised to wear lightweight /loose clothes with a warm cover-up bearing in mind that you will need them for the chilly evenings. Long sleeves will protect you from red soil dust, mosquitoes and colder evenings. Have a pair of good walking shoes or boots with you for forest tracking. If you’re preparing to go to mountainous areas, be aware and do take warm clothing, as temperatures drop significantly. White clothes won’t stay white for long with Uganda’s red dust roads, so it’s far much better if you go for darker colors. Don’t forget to use sunscreen to protect your skin. Tourists can also pick up bargains at second-hand clothes markets in Kampala, Jinja and Fort Portal, which sell trousers, boots and fleeces. So if you asked me, the best period for sighting Wildlife I would tell you that at the end of the peak season since animals closet on water points. Gorilla Tracking is also at its finest during the peak/dry season of which the month of January is inclusive.