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How much is a Uganda Safari?

Safaris in Uganda Price

What is usually included in the price of a Uganda safari?

Normally your safari operative (Monumental Expeditions Safaris) will do their best to fit your travel plan in your budget, if it is rational. Here let us start by breaking down some of the things wanted/required and the charges you will incur in order to have a standard tour

  • Transportation 

In Uganda transportation is not that all expensive, and tour operatives normally have gotten company vehicles to transfer you to your several places. Transport rates vary basing on where you are transferring to in Uganda, but they should be the least of your worries. Transport rates/charges involve vehicle, driver/guide, fuel, and boat rides as well

  • Accommodation/Lodging 

Accommodation rates can be quite high basing on how lengthy a period of your stay, and where you decide to stay. Luxury lodges can rate/charge you as much as possible ($1,500) per night and yet some of them could actually cost you a little less say between $750 a night. Modest budget accommodation is not as easy to find especially near to the National parks, and are normally not that fine and in good shape, but they could go for up to $350 a night and budget safari could average about $150 per night. We completely do not advise shoe-string accommodation, since our target is that you relish your tour in Uganda. An African tour costs anywhere between $125 and $1,500 per person per night.

  • Permits 

Both Chimpanzee and Gorilla tracking permits, if these activities are involved on your travel plan, then they should be inclusive in the tour/safari cost. Evidently Uganda Gorilla permits cost $600 each per person and per trek.

  • Entrance Rates 

All entrance fees, involving vehicle entrance fees are also part of tour rates/ costs. Extra personal rates/charges like dry cleaning, laundry, beers, soda, are not inclusive in the tour quotes. Any rates above if not inclusive in your overall tour cost quotation from your tour company of your choice will be paid by you when you reach. A tour, unlike any other safari or a trip to a country is exclusive-Africa is very diverse, daring and almost mystic.

A Uganda tour is a once in a lifetime excursion, you do not want to miss and reduce the mystic of the venture. It would be perfect if you can see and visit every place on your travel plan; visiting national parks, engaging yourself in the game drives, bird watching, mountain climbing or biking, white water rafting, chimpanzee/ gorilla tracking, sighting all the lovely wonders the pearl has to present. We need you to have the full Uganda encounter. That is why we advise you to make some research about your areas/places where to go, rates/ costs on transportation, accommodation, and confirm your searching with a tour company. Some of the prices you could have found in your research could be either too high or too low, but after doing your research and making a choice on what you would like on your travel plan, contact and check with a tour company of your choice, preferably one in Uganda, so you can budget for your Uganda tour properly and accurately.

How can you make effective comparisons between price quotes?

Break down the different presents of each tour company and what their quotes say,

Compare the kind of vehicles.

Vehicles that are not well equipped for tours are often much cheaper compared to the real tour vehicles with pop-up roofs for you to spot the setting/scenery and take some pictures. For instance, a comparison between a Toyota safari van and a Toyota land cruiser, the cruiser will charge more. Varying consumption levels of fuel should also be taken into account.

Location and quality of Accommodation.

This is one major element that causes price variations in tour quotes. Compare where to stay located inside the park and those situated outside the park and how they affect the price of the tour package. In this case lower prices do not necessary mean a real & fine deal, the accommodation could really turn out to be poor and rambling.

What else is included in the price quotation?

-Be certain to get specifics on what the tour quotations include.

-Are meals like lunch, dinner and breakfast taken care of in the quotation?

-Will you be provided with drinking bottled water during the drives?

-And is it a stripped down tour, or an all-inclusive one?

Read the various travel plan carefully and ask such question to direct you as you make a choice
If you going chimpanzee or gorilla tracking, are the permits involved in the tour price quotation? Many tour and travel operatives ignore permit rates from the quotation, and yet they involve the activities in the travel plan. It can be quite hurting and disappointing to find yourself spending a lot more than you expected because you have to pay for permits as well.The best thing to do when booking tours in African countries like Uganda, is proper and concrete information on your destination.

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