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Kampala safaris

Uganda safari near Kampala

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda, densely populated with various fascinating places /features as we shall see. This safari will involve places like the Ugandan Museum, Kabaka`s Buganda palace, Kasubi tombs (Buganda king`s burial site), Kabaka`s lake (a man-made lake by the king of Buganda) Gloomy protestant and catholic Cathedrals, Namugongo martyrs shrine, the Bahai temple, Gadafi Mosque (Uganda Supreme moslem council), Parliament of Uganda and the central business area. There are 2 divisions in Kampala City (upper and lower). Kampala city centre business place (upper side) contains of the shopping malls, less congested, cleaner, well arranged, also contains commercial Banks, insurance companies, Big Forex bureaus, Casinos, star Hotels and all important Government bodies like the parliament and ministries. The lower Kampala business place consists of the normal income earners like shops, too busy and compacted with cheaper guest houses, Forex bureaus, restaurants and open eating areas, dusty roads, and here you will find the well-known Owino Market a huge 2nd hand clothing market in Africa, the Taxi Park and the centre of the city Transport with several taxes/buses crowding in & out. The Nakasero market mainly selling Food and Vegetables. If transferring to Kampala drive via Wandegeya trading center,via Mulago Hospital and before reaching or heading to Kamwokya town divert to the place with a huge sign post of the Uganda Museum

Uganda Museum

This is the famous and oldest  museum in East Africa having a vast assortment surpassing 1,000,000 samples. The basic of the assortment is ethnography and remnants.

The Kabaka`s Lake

It is the largest man- made lake in Africa formulated by Kabaka Mwanga and was meant to be joined to Lake Victoria as a leakage route for the Kabaka just in case there arose any outbreak to the throne but was not concluded and only stayed as a royal lake close to the palace and at present acting as shelter/home to some birds, considered as a least spot for fishing and a leisure place where to relax for many people.

Kasubi Tombs

This was the largest grass thatched construction and acting as the burial area for many be-fallen/occurred Kings of the Buganda Kingdom. It was a huge heritage site which was inappropriately burnt down in 2010 under the process of renovation and repair was started and once completed to its former splendor, we will put it back on our table of destinations to tour in Kampala.

Makerere University

This is Uganda’s main and most believed, respected, admired among the multinational Universities in Africa with a pleasant history and well informed high class professors who have taught here like Professor. Mazurui, Author Paul Theroux, Nugugu Wa Thiongo,etc. the university‘s old colonial features bonded with the new current ones making it a fine Uganda safari place/ destination well intentioned for touring .

Namirembe Cathedral

One should tour this destiny that was formerly constructed in 1903 by the Buganda Kingdom Craftsmen representing a large Grass thatched cathedral that was earlier hit down by lightning but was later fixed and replaced by the present fate construction. It is part and parcel of Church of Uganda. Anglicans in Uganda in various Anglican Churches are very evangelical unlike in the Western parts of the country. This attractive construction seated on a hill where you can over spot Kampala central presents a fabulous sight for both natives/locals and foreigners/tourists.

 The Baha’i Temple.

This temple is situated on Kikaaya-a hill also protruding through Kampala. It is an attractive park like format with various lovely trees especially fruit tree species and flowers as a green-carpet like grass with clean clear originated paths leading to the destiny. This appearance of this temple (attractive park like format) attracts several people who sit on the grass and have a peaceable time. And this being the only Baha’i Temple in Africa makes Uganda a prime trip and tour destination to several travelers.

Rubaga Catholic Cathedral

This is the oldest Catholic Cathedral in Uganda, same as Namirembe Cathedral oversees the city and is a huge complex that takes in several functions of the church and surrounded by lovely trees & flowers. It is also found on a hill with a great backdrop sight on top of the amazing cathedral feature from here one has a great spot over Kampala town.

Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine

This is a commemorative destination from where 22 Catholic young men/martyrs we formally burnt to ashes after protesting against Kabaka Mwanga when he ordered them to stop worshiping the missionary`s preaching of God. And for this case it is therefore a celebrated day (every 3rd June) the Catholic Church and the Anglican church gather in this place from all over Africa of which most travel by foot to honor this day in admiration of their Religious heroes. Therefore these are some of the safari destinations in and near Kampala that one shouldn’t miss to visit and trust me you will be amazed by their existence and what they have got to offer.