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Uganda safari in May

Uganda in May

May is among the months which exists in the wet/rainy season across Uganda, much as it’s not as wet as the month of April. It’s still in the low season, so you can find discounts on accommodation and Gorilla tracking permits. May- there is more rainfall throughout the country during this month, with a clear top in April in the south. Daytime temperatures are usually about 28°C/82°F and morning temperatures about 16°C/61°F. So it will be a bit colder in the Gorilla parks at high altitudes and quiet warmer in the North. Therefore, rain falling can make transfer more hard since dirty roads and forest tracks used for Gorilla Trekking can become exciting to traverse.
The Uganda Wildlife Authority(UWA), which is authorized to give out Gorilla Tracking permits, presents discounts of up to 25% in May well worth it for those on a budget. Visiting in this month of May (low season) is fine to various travelers since where to stay is cheap to hearten several travelers to transfer even though it’s a rainy period. Touring in this month (May) also means that you will relish the jungle with moderately low crowds. It’s also said that from this month (May) is a good period for a Tour Holiday in Uganda since there are less travelers touring and the lodges are not fully booked compared to the peak/high season and still in this month most of the lodges reduce their charges/prices to attract more travelers to book with them and this is an extra benefit since even the Gorilla permits are reduced to entice more travelers to Uganda.
In this month of May, you will sight the heaviest rainfall in Uganda, with shorter rains in October to November. This doesn’t affect your opportunities of viewing mountain Gorillas, although please get ready and prepared for a Moist, slippery trek. Therefore, gears like Waterproofs jackets, waterproof boots, are indispensable. It’s also assumed that the Gorillas loiter on the warmer, lower slopes during wetter weather, so your trek may be shorter.
In May (rainy season) in Uganda affects people’s transfers but that doesn’t mean that they don’t completely transfer/travel since this period is collective of both rains and sun shine. This implies that the sun comes out as soon as it has just rained and most tour activities are able to be carried out without any disruptions. Mountain Gorilla trekking activity and chimpanzee tracking goes on even during the rainy season and the national parks are fully in function.

May weather and where to go

The long rains in this month of May which makes it to be considered not the best time to travel, but if you’re not too scared about experiencing some rain during your tour it can be a lovely time to discover Uganda. Landscapes will be lush and luxuriant after rain which may make Wildlife more hard to sight, but the vegetation will create spectacular backdrops for photography.
Still the month of May is not the best time to transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for Gorilla tracking as the ground will still be wet making trekking more strenuous. Alternative National parks that are good at this time involve Kibale National Park for chimpanzee tracking and Murchison Falls National Park allowing you to eyewitness the mighty Nile.Some roads and trails may as well be impassable at the start of May basing on the concentration of the rainy season so please ask in advance of booking if there are certain places you would like to transfer to.
Most areas receive between 1000 mm to 2000 mm of rainfall annually. It is therefore recommendable for you to dress up in warm clothes with boots, have long-sleeved shirts and trousers to protect you from mosquitoes and other insect bites.