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Uganda in June

Uganda safari in June

This month of June is among the driest months of the year in the southern of Uganda, but also still the rainy month in the North of the country. This month is noticed as one of the best months for wildlife sighting in the National parks situated in the south of the country, and also an amazing and incredible month for Gorilla tracking. It’s the beginning of the dry season in Uganda, and you are advised to book in advance your Gorilla tracking permits and lodging in famous spots.

In this month(June) to almost September is hardly crowded, but you’ll need to book your gorilla permits prior. Since June is the beginning of the peak season implying all parks are available and reachable permitting you to eye witness everything that this beautiful country has got to present or at your disposal. As it is the dry season, rates will be higher and permits will need to be booked well early enough/ in advance. However, one of the interests of Uganda, as contrasting to some other African places/destinations, is that the National parks hardly feel busy or congested allowing you to fall in love with the Wildlife experience and unforgettable encounters. Most unique and stunning fancy lodges may fill up fast during the dry months/ season so book in advance, to safe your space at your accommodation place of your choice.

The month of June lies within the peak season ,so temperatures are warm with vibrant blue skies making it perfect for both Gorilla Tracking and Game viewing since it turns out to being pleasing/lovely for the afternoons spent at your leisure. It is also certain that there may be some rainfall during your tour as Uganda is known for its Tropical climate, but even still, the majority of your days will be sunny and vibrant.

Uganda is squarely desk bound on the Equator with an altitude range of around/about 1,000 m, which irritates the heat and this implies this really is a year-round destination. March-May and October-November receive the highest rainfall amounts, but mountain Gorillas are still loitering in the fog/mist – although tracking to search for them will be very slippery and slower. However, places where to stay (accommodation) and even Gorilla tracking permits can be much cheaper at this period. So the best time to tour Uganda is June-September, which is the dry season – but Uganda stays happily unconscious to mass tourism and you won’t have to worry about crowds.

June being among the dry months and it is generally dry (though rain can fall at any time unexpectedly), and concur with school vacations. This is the best time to tour Uganda, but book well early enough /in advance, especially if Gorilla Tracking – as permits will sell out months in advance/prior. “The best period/time to transfer in the year would be between the months of January and February then June to September because here the weather is perfect, peak month with little or no rainfall. Wildlife spotting/sighting is better when game is more close set around water sources and tracking these endangered species (Gorillas and Chimpanzees) is much easier when the ground is dry and not damp & muddy.