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Uganda safari fees

What is the cost of a Uganda Safari?

This is a commonly asked question that we cannot try to ignore, so in simple terms let’s say that there is no detailed cost of all Uganda Safaris but it all relies on several factors. There is provision of unlimited selection of incomparable tourist activities & attractions in Uganda which all call for a dissimilar fee but providing you with a memorable experience/involvement. These include the endangered wild animals, Bids, welcoming people, lovely landscapes, favor ability of weather and amity in the country (Uganda) making it the uttermost top destination for African safaris.

Monumental Expeditions Safaris is remarkably at your service, we brand for you a Uganda Tour package appropriate enough to meet and please your transfer time & budget. Among the top toured attractions in Uganda we have the mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, local cultures, local cuisine, Birds, Mountains, lakes, historical sites, etc. Therefore, the cost of Uganda Safaris is determined by the following factors: –

Travel Operators mark-up

Apart from purchasing permits and paying park entrance charges, you must pay a transfer operator who helps organise the tour. Each transfer company/ operator will charge you differently reliant on his or her own way of working. Therefore, dissimilar transfer operators charge inversely for the same trip.

The choice of Accommodation

Apart from the activities, your Uganda safari cost will also base on your selection of accommodations. Where to stay (accommodation) in Uganda is branded as Luxury, mid-range & budget each calling from a dissimilar costing. Luxurious places where to stay (accommodations) are the expensive and high class selection for luxury tourists, mid-range goes for a medium amount while the budget is the low priced fit for low-income earners. Good enough every tourism terminus in Uganda has all these levels-luxury, mid-range & budget selection of accommodation for you to book the one fit for your budget.

Furthermore, all accommodations sets/classes provide classic food and sleeping amenities. A team of skilled & welcoming staff at these lodges works hand in hand with each other to guarantee quality and timely amenity distribution system. Luxury lodges in Uganda involve Mweya Safari Lodge, Bwindi Forest Lodge, Apoka game lodge, Mahogany springs Lodge, Mihingo Lodge, Gahinga Lodge, etc.

Tourist Activities in the Travel plan(Itinerary)

More so your Uganda safari cost will base on which tourist activities you propose to get engaged in. Some activities are indisputably exclusive/classy compared to others hence calling for a high cost. Are you preparing to trek mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest or Mgahinga Gorilla National park, you will automatically have a raise in the Uganda safari cost/fees. Apparently Gorilla trekking as an activity is the most expensive tourist activity in Uganda rating $600 and later to be raised to $700 effective 1st July 2020 for a single gorilla permit. You must, therefore, put a location the $600 ($700) for only a permit excluding other costs. In case you desire to go for chimpanzee trekking, the venture calls for $200, lion tracking costs $60, Batwa cultural trail costs $80, golden monkey trekking goes for $100 while entrance charges to all savannah parks (Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo Valley, Lake Mburo National park & Semuliki Valley National parks is $40. Therefore the fee for your safari will base on the kind of activities included in your travel plan (itinerary). All activity fees & park entrance fees are fixed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), a government body accountable for tourism and wildlife preservation in the pearl of Africa. Furthermore, the money for all these activities you get involved in is paid to UWA and is used to fund/aid preservation, defends and upholds/encourages more tourism goods in the pearl of Africa(Uganda).

 The Length of the Safari

Evidently the longer the safari the higher the safari fees, certainly a safari for many days will have a higher fee level compared to a safari of 1-2 Days, other factors held constant of course. A longer safari will of course require several tourist activities & attractions each day paid for. But in case you have a low 3-priced budget then you can embark on a short safari to avoid high charges.

The total of people on a Safari

Group safaris in most cases they are cheap compared to private tours. Travelers in a group share costs of accommodation and transport compared to a private safari where a solo traveler will clear all his bills alone. Also, group calls for reduced room amenities in lodges/hotels, which is not same with a private tourist. Your Uganda safari cost will, therefore, be either high / low reliant on the total of people you will be traveling with.