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On Safari during the Rainy Season in Uganda-the Pearl of Africa

Africa Blooms during the Rainy Season – Uganda comes Alive

The Best Time of Year – On Safari during the Rainy Season in Uganda

On Safari during the Rainy Season in Uganda – The Musical Group Toto popularized the song “Rains down in Africa” where Africa comes alive as the savannah turns green, wildlife can be more gamely sighted, the forests mushroom overnight, the influence of nature is unchecked

Embarking on a tour during the Rainy Season in Uganda, People Google all day long “Best time to visit Uganda – Rainy Season in Uganda.”

In the minds of many desiring to tour Uganda, the wet season is negative, the vilest period of the year but it just the finest time of the year for those who want a diverse involvement, no masses, spot the Savannah come back to life after the Peak-season, spot the Rain-forest Jungles in full blossom and the Afro-Montane Vegetation of the Rwenzori Mountains (mountains of the Moon) and the Volcanoes, the Mountains that Cook, the Virunga’s sprout forth once again.

Tour Goers Benefit as some high class lodges lower the rate per night and the wet season in Uganda. Wet Season / Low Season may be the finest time of year to tour Uganda.

On Tour during the wet Season in Uganda, the wet Season is a time of uplifting, a time of restoring of nature, even its wildlife, primates and birds. In our minds, one of the finest times to tour and we have never had a customer who protested about the Rains in Africa as they toured Uganda.

On your tour during the Low/wet/ Season in Uganda.  The rains in Africa are simply remarkable, they can reach without much cautionary, revive the soil, wash away the dust from the road.  the rainy seasons are a time for growth, you can spot it anywhere you look.

In the villages, people work hard making & establishing their fields, trying to yoke the gift of rain and to a source of food on hand after harvest for the rest of the year. Children factually take a shower in the rains and relish it, traffic in towns stops ,then as quickly as the rains came, so are they gone – yes, the rains down in Africa. The rains at night are remarkable, often escorted by a stunning Pro-Technic Display of Lightning escorted by Thunder.

The rains are not like the rains in Northern Europe, the UK, the Northwest of the USA where it muzzles all day long and for days to come. Here in Uganda, it is a tropical downpour causing you to reason that should shape a boat or raft, however, women will put out basins, buckets to catch the rain and use it for bathing, washing and so on.

The rains in Africa are a part of the African venture, expectantly it comes at a most suitable time when you are not out on a Game Drive in a park or Gorilla Tracking.  Most times it rains at night/ during early morning hours and by the times the sun rises, the rains have come and gone and you have a plainly sunny day in Uganda.

Uganda has 2 rainy seasons during the year and often people are concerned that they might be coming at a wrong time of the year to Africa for Tours– the truth is this, that even during the wet periods of the year the sun comes out and dries out the rain-soaked soil and a few hours later all is back to normal.

  • Short Rains in Uganda: April – May of the year convoyed by strange downpours.
  • Long Rains in Uganda:  September – November and once again often there is a downpour with it. Normally, it is during the night/ early morning, by 10:00 am the sun is out.

On Tours during the Rainy Season in Uganda – it is the time of the year when at the end of the day sit outside of your deck and relish the godly light-shows. The sunsets seem to blast from the clouds to your eyes. Even the stars gleam more brightly, freed from Africa’s dusty curtain. It is rainy Season, a time where Africa comes alive in Uganda.