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Uganda safari destination

Where to go for a safari in Uganda

Monumental Expeditions Safaris does take you to Uganda the Pearl of Africa, for a wonderful expedition, due to existence of several and various safari destinations/terminus, here am convinced that one can have quiet an admirable and an incredible & lifetime experience. Uganda is evolving as the top/prime terminus to tour in Africa. It is named amongst the top 10 in statistics gotten in 2012.With it containing the 10 National Parks, almost half of the mountain Gorillas and reserves offering Wildlife Experience makes it a competitive vacation terminus in Africa. And below is a series of what we have as regards Uganda Safari Destination: –

  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

This National Park shelters almost half of the outstanding mountain Gorillas in the whole world. These endangered species don’t exist /reside in zoos due to the fact that they can’t endure /survive under captivity/detention. And it’s in this same destination where tourist/trekkers engage in activities like Gorilla trekking which allows you spend an hour with the mountain Gorillas at a charge/fee of $600 though it’s to be raised to $700 by July 1st of this year-2020.If you want more time with the gentle giants then you can embark on the extensive Gorilla Habituation Experience where 4 hrs are given for you to spend with the Gorillas and at a rate of $ 1,500.But this is the most unforgettable experience of a life time. What an opportunity that you are able to spot & be in the midst of the oldest forests that have existed for 100 of years, of course with others primates in these forest inclusive.

  • Kibale National Park

It shelters the Tropical rainforest resting between 1,100- 1,600 m above sea-level, it houses a total of various Primates approximately 13 in number but mainly famous of sheltering the endangered species of Chimpanzees. In addition to these mentioned above, it houses other animals like mongooses, African Golden cats, spot warthogs, etc. In this National Park one can get engaged in the principal activity of Chimpanzee trekking that is charged $120 and Chimpanzee Habituation Experience costing $ 200.

  • Murchison Falls National Park

Best destination for wide wildlife view, getting involved in the Boat cruise at a charge of $,Delta cruise of $ 40.You embark on a game drive that offers you an opportunity to wide spot different animals in this park like Elephants, Uganda Kob,lions,etc.Still on a Boat cruise you still can spot various animals like Hippos, Crocodiles to mention but a few and Chimpanzees in Budongo through chimpanzee trekking of rate of $90.For bird lovers there is a chance for you to spot various birds and be able to take photos as well. What an incredible destination.

  • Queen Elizabeth National Park

Searching for a destination in Uganda with quiet an impeccable impression of balance between Geography and chances to spot wildlife, it is this park. Embarking on a tour in Queen Elizabeth National Park is the best ideal due to what it highly offers. Presenting the outstanding Volcanic craters of which some have formed lakes due to the fact that they have been latent/ dormant for long, this reserve will temper the attention of Geologists while they come for tour, they will have abundance at their exposure in their venture . Not only that but a wide view of wildlife in the park through embarking on the Game drives and spotting animals like leopards, elephants, tree climbing lions at the Ishasha section of this park and so many others plus birds inclusive.

  • Kidepo Valley National Park.

This is an infrequently toured park due to first being located very far but yet very rich in Wildlife exposure. It shelters about 77 mammal species like Giraffes, Ostriches, Hartebeests, to mention but a few, about 500 bird species. Get time to interact with the indigenous people and get to know more about their ways, take a trip to the sights of Kanangorok Hot Springs fluting hot temperatures close to 50℃.This could be tough for some tourists to bear but those who can bear will be able to profit from the healing properties.

  • Lake Mburo National Park

This park is positioned in the Western parts of Uganda and offers a wide series of Flora & Fauna to flourish. Considered as the smallest National Park compared to others but shelters a total of about 300 bird species & mammals including Zebras, Impalas, Jackals, etc. It contains the Geographical feature of lake Mburo part of the 50 km long array of wetlands-which draws abundancy of animals year in, year out especially during the Peak season. Perfect destination to spot a wide variety of dissimilar species which consider this park home.

  • Lake Mutanda

This is a trivial lake approximately 1,800 m above sea-level, peaceable to reside while arranging an expedition in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. It offers an opportunity for one to spot and track the Golden monkeys and still involve in the communication with the earliest people-The Batwa (An incredible Safari).

However there is still a lot for one to frequently cross over and transfer to Uganda,have a sight of various interesting and incredible destinations to tour like the various lakes -Lake Edward,Albert,Kyoga ,the salty lake,other more National Parks like Mt. Elgon,Semuliki,the city unique places,to mention but a few.So just organise and prepare when to visit and we will be at your service.

We Monumental Expeditions Safaris do tailor every travel plan to perfect and suit your Budget and preference. We organise Safaris straight from Wildlife Safaris, Cultural Safaris, Chimpanzee Tracking, Gorilla Trekking Safaris, Birding safaris, Rwanda to charming Wildlife tours & Budget Vacations and here you will find an exclusively affordable involvement/experience that we can only offer.