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Horse safaris Uganda.

Uganda Horse Safaris

Horse riding safari here in Uganda is an interesting activity that most tourists get involved in, through this activity visitor are able to get a chance to discover the banks of River Nile, the longest river in the whole world especially when performed in Jinja town. On /along the way you are able to view the sugar plantations, tea plantations, some animals, hills, birds, to mention but a few. Horse riding safaris in Uganda are being spear headed and run by a company owned by an Australian Expatriate-Nile Horseback safari. This company has gotten healthy, experienced and well trained horses of which each has a mounting block, saddlebag, rain jacket and very much aware of what to do in order to give you a very safe and calm ride basing on your experience level. For the kids ranging in the ages of 4-10 years, it has mounts/steeds for them for  short rides of about 30 minutes, long rides of about 1 hr for the experienced kids.

Uganda Horse safari ranges in 4 forms of sessions that is the morning session which sets off at 10:00 am, afternoon session that starts at 2:00 pm, sunset session at 4;00 pm and the overnight session purposely for experienced riders. The maximum number of riders recommended per session is 6 people and you must be weighing less than 90 kg s to engage in this activity. Like any other activity done both morning and afternoon sessions occur once you have been briefed. Here inexperienced riders are given special training on how to control horse. Just in case you are a beginner/inexperienced dot worry yourself so much because every Horse riding session you are given 2 guides (the one who leads and the other who follows you from behind) so as to ensure your safety and so that you get no difficulty while riding.

Horse riding safari enables you wide view village/community life of the close by surroundings, the hills, tea plantations, sugar plantations, farmlands in the neighborhood, the beautiful River Nile, various bird species, several animals like Antelopes, monkeys, mongoose, etc.

Overnight rides or multi-day horse rides only allows a minimum of 2 people and also requires well experienced riders because riding goes through the vigorous and puzzling tracks.

How to book for a Horse Riding permits.

These permits can be got either through direct contact of the Nile Horseback safaris using Emails/telephone calls or you can book through us the Monumental Expeditions Safaris. You will have to let us know the date, month, age, weight, number of people who are ready to participate in the riding activity, length of the ride and the session for horse riding. We will then check for the permits if they are available, ask you make a deposit, then we shall acquire a Horse riding permit for you. However, these permits should be booked early enough in advance so as to avoid inconveniences and disappointments since they are limited in number.

Horse Riding Costs

These Horse riding rates in Jinja for example keep on varying basing on the duration taken while riding on the Horseback. Watch the rates in the table below

Type of activity Duration Cost Identity
Horse Riding 1 hr $40 adult Per person
Horse Riding 1.5 hrs $50
Horse Riding 2 hrs $60 adult Per person
Horse Riding 3 hrs $90
Overnight Horse Riding 90 mins $60
Pony Riding 30 mins Ugx 70,000 kid Per kid
Pony Riding 1 hr Ugx 120,000 kid Per kid


What should one pack on your Uganda Horse Safari

Like any other safari this also doesn’t differ that much from them. You are recommended to carry with you long sleeved shirts and trousers as usual, pack your comfortable closed shoes, a camera of course because you will need to take photos on your Horse venture/safari. Bottle of drinking water, some body cream to protect your skin from the direct sunshine while Horse riding.

Apart from this activity (Horse activity) what else can you get involved in Jinja.

  • Bungee Jumping

This is an activity where your body or ankle is tied well with your face looking down and then you jump from a raised feature all the way down to the river. This is an exciting activity and recently /newly introduced at River Nile marking it as the only destination for this activity. Age bracket for Bungee jumping is strictly 13 years and above with a minimum weight of 35 kg s & 260 kg s.

  • Quad Biking

This activity is done at the source of the Nile where tourists discover the place while riding a Bike. To embark on this activity, it always starts with briefing and training lessons, teaching you how you will ride while on the road, change the gears and stay on the trails among others. Through this activity you get a chance to discover and wide view forests, tea plantations, sugar plantations, river banks and here you will spot kids swimming. Also tour the local communities, spot various birds, some few animals, etc.

  • Sport fishing

River Nile is the best destination for tourists/travelers to engage themselves in sport fishing. There are sessions in the morning, afternoon & full day. So in case you are getting involved in this activity you are advised to book in advance, while the gears you are to use are provided to you at the site but also allowed to bring your own equipment if you want. During sport fishing you will be able to catch different fish species like Nile perch, catfish, Tilapia, Tiger fish, etc.

There are other more activities one can get involved in apart from Horse Riding like Jet Boating, Swimming, White water Rafting, Kayaking, to mention but a few

Travel options to Jinja for your Uganda Horse Safari

Jinja as a town is situated in the southeastern part of the country, in the east of Uganda ‘s capital city –Kampala. Your drive from Kampala, you will transfer on Jinja highway via Mabira forest to Jinja town for about 2 hrs in case there is no traffic jam. If there is traffic jam it may take you more than 2 hrs.

In conclusion Uganda Horse Safari is one of its kind that you can embark on and never get disappointed, Horse riding in Jinja is such an adventurous and enticing activity that will give you a unique encounter on your safari. So book with us, Monumental Expeditions Safaris in advance and enjoy a memorable experience on your Uganda Horse safari