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Uganda Safari tours and Holidays

Pearl of Africa, that is Uganda, Yes, you know why, it’s simple, because of its distinctiveness & attractiveness, yet still being un-explored by many. Take a look at the Eastern part of Africa, there lies Uganda is a country blessed with fascinating beauty, attached with rich beautiful settings, wonderful vegetation, waters, mountains and lovely fauna. So tell me with all that how you can even try to think about missing out a safari/tour in Uganda? Remember having a safari in Uganda prizes you the most illusory lifetime experience for anyone who discovers his/her way into this African pearl.

With the fact that Uganda shelters more than half of the world’s outstanding mountain gorillas, this implies only one thing that gorilla tracking tours have become high spots of any/every Uganda safari in the National park of Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga gorilla national park inclusive and this is sweetened  with a wide series of lovely flora and fauna, and a captivating experience with friendly people and culture. Man this is not only so educative but also completed with a lot of fun.

The distinctive primate safaris/tours taking place in Uganda like Gorilla trekking and Chimpanzee tracking holidays which mainly occur in the tropical rain forests which are apparently rainy almost all the time year in, year out, whereas the dry Savannah National parks entice a wide series of safari activities like the Game drives, backdrop spotting, birding safaris, to mention but a few.

A distinctive wildlife safari in Uganda which is mainly done in National parks like Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls, Lake Mburo, Kidepo valley. Other tours in Uganda array from touring interesting cultural and traditional sites, historical monuments, and religious sites. Uganda is furthermore an ideal destination for cultural trips and tours because of the plentiful of tribes whose culture and traditions vary.

Why you must visit Uganda for a safari?

Uganda is generally a unique country, unlike many other African destinations and shelters many iconic structures of world importance. Uganda shelters Africa’s biggest fresh water lake that is lake Victoria which also pairs as the only true source of River Nile– the world’s longest river with a distance coverage of over 5,100 miles from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean Sea in North Africa.

Lake Victoria being surrounded with sparkling islands, is a fine source of exploration and relaxation along its wide ranging sand beaches. After a long day/trip one can lessen up from any of these beaches, be able to feel the breath of life straight from this lake.

Right in the city of Kampala, the capital of Uganda there lies Africa’s only Bahai Temple, this is mainly for those interested in knowing more about the Bahai’ history and beliefs. This temple is situated on Kikaaya-a hill also protruding through Kampala. It is an attractive park like format with various lovely trees especially fruit tree species and flowers as a green-carpet like grass with clean clear originated paths leading to the destiny. This appearance of this temple (attractive park like format) attracts several people who sit on the grass and have a peaceable time. And this being the only Baha’i Temple in Africa makes Uganda a prime trip and tour destination to several travelers.

Not only that but the existence of the pointy snow-capped Rwenzori mountains(mountains of the moon) located in the far south west parts of the country is just a right spot to test your passion for adventure. This is Uganda’s tallest mountain and East Africa’s largest block mountain and its formation is due to the process of faulting. Regardless of its height, this mountain is covered by snow year in and year out much as it lies along the equator where temperatures are evidently high.

The Islands of Ssese that consists of approximately many islands (84) found along the north-western shore of Lake Victoria. The fabulous white sand beaches make this island a fine place to kick back, lessen to a good book read after your Uganda safari. You can relish a good canoe ride but you are recommended not to swim due to the risks of Bilharzia and the infrequent tours of hippos or crocodiles. Be part of the visitors to engage in such a trip to this wonderful island and trust me you will have a memorable venture in Uganda.

Have a spectacular trip to famous lake Bunyonyi, the most beautiful and highly appreciated lake in Uganda. It has got 29 islands, most of the occupied and joined for agriculture. Relish sighting the paddling of dug-out canoes via the foggy morning as crested cranes fly above in the morning.

Where to stay 

There exists places where to stay in various tourist destinations,like in National parks themselves,city places as well,etc. And for cases like National Parks there are rate levels of Luxury, Budget and Mid-range,still applies to the city lodges and hotels. Just a matter of fitting in your financial bracket. Not only that but Uganda as a country has gotten both in and outside the city places to accommodate tourists/visitors and with a lot of safety and comfort-ability. Here is a collection of lodges under different rates but mainly in the National Parks surroundings- bracket of budget/cheap like Heritage safari lodge/Red chilli rest camp(MFNP), Simba safari lodge/Elephant Hub(QENP), Chimpanzee forest guest house(KNP), Trekkers Tavern/Rushaga gorilla haven/Buhoma Community(BINP), Mpogo lodge/Eagles Nest Lodge(LMNP).Luxury contains lodges like Mweya safari lodge in Queen Elizabeth,Paraa safari lodge in Murchison falls,Primates lodge in Kibale park,etc. Of course the midrange like Bunyonyi resort,Rwakobo Rock and others in case of the city like Serene Hotel,Protea hotel,Arcadia cottages, etc. plus many more in and outside the city.

There is more to it when you talk about the spectacular safari tours and holidays in Uganda, with services offered to you by Monumental Expeditions Safaris, embark on a wonderful safari in Uganda and have an exciting story to tell even after ages & shifting of generations. You know why? The reason is simple due to the beauty of Uganda (simply original and authentic).