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Uganda Bike safaris


Well, touring Uganda is very exciting and stimulating, so most times it is good to make memories by doing breathtaking, exceptional, and unanticipated effects/things. This system of being taken around the place while seated in safari Vehicles/having safari walks is very odd now & common, you need a change once in a while like taking your safari on or using a bicycle, it’s rare but more exciting. Many safaris like mountain climbing, Gorilla Trekking, and Game spotting are very stimulating because here you are given an opportunity to explore the Ugandan wilderness, yes it’s true, but still, the biking safari especially in Kampala gives you a chance to sight and view totally a diverse side /part of Uganda.

Why should you have a Bike/Bicycle safari added to your itinerary?

Through these kinds of safaris (Bicycle trips), one gets an opportunity to sight/view widely more meaningful places, and settings because you mainly move through the suburbs of Kampala city. You get to spot more and learn more about the country, its culture, and its tendencies as you move through the city.

This safari usually takes 4-5 hours, so it can turn out to be very informative and edifying. Just in case you have timetabled your bike trip during school time, you could tour a school, have some ample time to stay &spend with these children, give them some gifts like books, toys and emptied soccer balls, etc. Well in all spheres children are of great joy, it doesn’t matter where they are /come from/who they are, so who knows you may end up being the one responsible for putting smiles on their faces and in their hearts.

It’s also more exciting if you also rode by the marketplaces and ventured into some Ugandan cultures. Market days in places like Ggaba, Kibuye, Wandegeya for example are so busy and jam-packed with energy you will enjoy discovering and bargaining for fascinating items. You could probably purchase some souvenirs still to take back home for those you left there.

The good bit about these bike safaris (touring while using a bicycle is that they are not under pressure/rushed. You can do anything you feel at your own pace and as long as it benefits you like can stop for refreshments, take pictures with people in the city who by then are considered strangers to you, and so on. From the beginning to the end, it is just awesome, all the new and exhilarating sights and sounds of Uganda, in other-wards the enjoyment & exploration are in the expedition.

How are the tours designed/organized?

All the necessary equipment is usually provided by the Bicycle safari trip operators like bicycles, helmets, etc. A group can contain up to a total of eight members/individuals.Uganda Bike safaris

Tours usually and at all times made in Uganda vividly have full and wide-ranging itineraries/ travel plans though a bicycle safari trip in Kampala is one activity/item you want to add, it is adventurous, edifying, and full of fun.

You can still confirm with your safari operator/company in case you want/planning to try the Bicycle safari trip in Uganda. You can talk to your chosen safari operator to include it in your itinerary and make all the arrangements.

How do you book a Uganda Bike Safari?

It’s very simple first contact your preferred Uganda Bicycle Safaris operators like Monumental Expeditions Safaris, this way it will be up to them to plan and make sure you will be fixed in your tour to Uganda. Still, in this case, you just have to sit back and relax because in most cases it’s this same Bicycle safaris operator you booked with who will provide you with every item you will need for your tour to use like the bicycles, helmets,etc.