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Affordable Uganda Safaris, Budget Gorilla trekking and Wildlife safaris

Affordable Uganda Safaris, Budget Gorilla trekking and Wildlife safaris

When you talk about the Uganda Safari Budget, then think about the most capable company to understand you better, and this is none other than Monumental Expeditions Safaris. We have an experienced team arranging and organizing private tours directed by professional tour guides of quality. Our safaris rank and report the top adventures in Uganda involving wildlife safaris, mountaineering, gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking, game drives, and boat launches, to mention but a few.

Through years of experience, we have chosen a good assortment of budget safari lodges & camp sites where you can relish an overnight stay during your safari in Uganda. Most of these safari destinations have gotten hotels and lodges at a very pocket-friendly price. For example, take a look at Bwindi Impenetrable National itself, which has gotten hotels, lodges, guest houses, and camps where you can stay when on your budget Uganda safari. These range from budget ($50-$70), mid-range ($80-$120) and luxury ($250), characterized by meal offers of either full board or half board.

Let’s bear this in mind: most times, going cheap doesn’t imply you are going to have the worst encounter not matching your expectations. No, actually, most tourists get it wrong, and yet not all tour operators/companies are able to arrange comfortable experiences for you. When you do your booking for a budget Uganda Safari with Monumental Expeditions, we definitely deliver to you mid-range accommodation amenities, all meals inclusive and most of our budget Uganda Safari tourists involved stay and sleep comfortably and safely.

Our budget Uganda safaris take you on a trip or an excursion of the soul to search for and finally meet these gentle giants (mountain gorillas) in their natural habitats and relish wildlife tours involving the big five animals (elephants, lions, rhinos, Leopards & buffaloes) in different Ugandan national parks. Have a trip and tour Uganda’s National parks, including the ancient Rwenzori Mountains and the world’s heritage sites, Bwindi Impenetrable national park amongst the National Parks, well known and prominent for gorilla tracking, Kidepo valley national Park, referred to as the only place in Uganda where you can sight the cheetah, Kibale National Park for Chimpanzee tracking, etc.

What can you expect from your affordable Uganda safaris?

Discover Uganda and its fullness—the vibrant inconsistencies and unadorned loveliness where surging scenery flips. It is a country of distinctions and contains assorted scenery, exclusive people, giant views, plenty of sunshine and a reasonable and considerable amount of wildlife. These assorted scenes present a remarkable wilderness backdrop and a logic of complete seclusion.

Year in, year out, this country (Uganda) is considered to be a year-round terminus. The wonderful and enjoyable climate makes the transfer much easier all throughout the year. But, you should also keep in mind that there is a dry season and a wet season; therefore, deciding the finest time to transfer depends on what you are coming to spot & get involved in as far as activities are concerned, be it gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking, game drives, or birding, to mention but a few. Therefore, do book with us at Monumental Expeditions Safaris for quality, affordable and pocket-friendly tours involving gorilla tracking safaris, wildlife tours, bird-watching safaris, and other directed safaris at very reasonable rates. Get in touch with our team and get started with preparing your dream holiday .We promise you a lifetime of unforgettable tours and safaris,  just for you.