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The difference between custom (tailor-made) safaris vs scheduled safaris

The difference between custom (tailor-made) safaris vs scheduled safaris

You may now book a safari using an online booking platform, thanks to the rapid expansion of internet reservations. TripAdvisor offers pre-packaged safaris. SafariBookings sells ready-to-go safaris and excursions. Safari packages or pre-planned safaris are increasingly popular among travelers.

So, what’s the distinction between a pre-planned safari and a customized, handcrafted safari designed by an African Safari Specialist?

Several differences seen between the two types of itineraries are as follows.


Safari Cost

One of the primary reasons people choose a scheduled group safari or tour is that they are typically less expensive. Joining a group might help you save money. Moreover, group excursions frequently employ facilities (hotels, lodges, and campgrounds) from the same lodging network. A discount is sometimes offered for booking two or three places within the same chain of lodging.

But, depending on the time of year you plan to go, the location of these houses may be dubious. For example, if you are planning a Tanzania group safari during migration season, the northern Serengeti National Park is the best place to be. Generally, group safaris do not visit the Northern Serengeti. Instead, these pre-planned itineraries stay in popular regions of the park, such as Seronera.

When it comes to shared costs (road transfers, safari vehicles, and safari guides), the number of individuals sharing them makes a big impact. Joining a small group on a pre-planned trip with defined departure dates can help you save money.

A customized, hand-crafted safari or itinerary for two people is typically more expensive than a pre-planned group safari or tour.

But, just because you have a limited budget does not mean you should just think about low-cost package excursions. If your African Safari specialist is willing to work with any budget, you may still create a personalized safari on a limited budget.

It all depends on your choice of hotel and mode of transportation. But, because the most affordable lodges and camps sometimes sell out months in advance, this is simpler if you plan and reserve ahead of time.


Itinerary Versatility

Another benefit of a personalized safari vacation is adaptability. The itinerary for a scheduled safari or tour package has been determined. That is unchangeable. You cannot adjust the schedule; instead, you must book the itinerary precisely as it is. Further travel can be added before or after the group safari or tour, but the itinerary of the group safari or tour cannot be changed. For example, if you wish to spend more nights in a specific wildlife area, this will not be allowed. You must instead purchase the safari or trip precisely as it is.

When you book a custom safari or vacation, your African safari specialist will discuss your interests and preferences with you. They will provide an itinerary that may be modified and improved with your feedback. This gives you many more choices to travel when and where you wish, as well as incorporate extra activities or excursions.


Individual Preferences

A customized safari allows you to choose specific accommodations, activities, and services connected to the benefit of flexibility. You tell your African Safari professional about your budget, travel dates, likes and dislikes, and needs, and they work with you to create the perfect itinerary.

Maybe you’ve read internet reviews and know exactly where you want to stay. Finally, based on your likes and interests, you may evaluate your African Safari Experts’ recommendations and decide on lodgings and duration of stay.

An African Safari Professional will design your safari to your specific requirements. Of course, this is dependent on the availability of your selected choices! Giraffe Manor in Kenya, for example, can be fully booked up to 12 months in advance. Therefore plan ahead of time and book your bookings as soon as possible.


What are the benefits of a pre-planned or scheduled group safari or tour?

Apart from cost savings, small group safaris and excursions are perfect for couples or single travelers looking to meet and socialize with other like-minded travelers.

You will be able to meet new people and potentially establish new friends. You will also not have to do any research or offer much feedback because the itinerary is pre-packaged. If you like the sound of the group safari or trip, you may simply book it.